Am new here, and I want to know how does demons consultation works

Am new here can someone tell me how I should get in touch with the demons (Lucifer)

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Is this an introduction?

Please tell us a bit more about yourself and any experience in magic you may have. Knowing your experience level will help us direct you to the proper resources.

I am DANOLD ARINGA from northern Uganda in Africa
I here by introduce my self to become a living GOD forum but as per now I am really new here and I still don’t know anything but I believe that with all you support I will become what and who I want to be
I respect the rules of this forum and I promise never to disrespect the order


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for expanding a bit upon your introduction.

Welcome. We have many great beginner resources that can help you :slight_smile:


Thank you

So what gave you this interest in contacting Lucifer May I ask?:slight_smile:

Have you had any previous experiences/ curiousities you want to share?

Not really,
But my fellow humans are the ones making my life miserable for me and my family members, so I decided to contact Lucifer and ask for his help, protection and guidance.
Actually I ask Lucifer our Lord for wealth and some unique powers.