Am I working with Lucifer?…having doubts

So, I have a question.
I’ve been having doubts as of late pertaining to the idea that I’m not, in fact, working with Lord Lucifer, and instead a trickster spirit. I need some help to see if it’s him or not, because I don’t know. I recently became a luciferian in late January/ early February, so any information you have on the topic would be very very very much appreciated, as I have not had the time nor energy to dedicate myself to research as much as I would have liked, life has been extremely busy.

So, some things that I have noticed are (and I don’t know if father (what he (?) asked me to call him) is touchy or not) is that he likes to cup my face in his palms (it sounds fucking ridiculous but it’s true) and likes to be touchy, which I have no problem with. He(?) likes me to call him father Morningstar and father, lately “Lover” occasionally, annd I’ve been trying to keep our relationship strictly like father and daughter, as he is my father. and when I was meditating with him, he conveyed altar ideas when I asked. Some were: gold candles, apple, black altar cloth. He (?) has called me “his child” before, and often will watch over me until I fall asleep. He (?) makes the room very warm.

But the reason I’m having doubts is because last night, I was in the space where you just think of random things and ideas and you eventually reach kind of like a meditative, half asleep state. I thought of Lucifer and if I was reaching the real one, he might have been a trickster, i thought. I was actually begin to think that I actually was working with a trickster. Almost immediately after, I was pulled up to Father (?), and he was on a large black throne. He seemed pretty pissed at me, and I could feel his anger. Is this anger normal? Is this a trickster spirit? I need help!

Sounds like a red flag to me.

The real deal shouldn’t get immediately pissed off like that unless it’s because of some kind of failure on your end.

For it to move so quickly in the direction of that kind of familiarity is suspect too, I’d say.


Yeah massive red flag. Abusers never like to be exposed. A higher being like lucifer doesn’t get overemotional and understands what it’s like to be human with the memory wipe and all, and has more respect for the higher being that we are underneath.

An easy test that others have done, is to first ask him to leave telling him you will summon him back via his sigil: refusal to go and getting emotional here is another red flag.

So if he refuses to leave, insist in it: banish and cleanse, remove the presence completely.

Then you carefully summon back using a circle and the sigil, and ask that entity that comes to show you it’s sigil. Notice everything you can about it and how it feels different or not.


  1. If it can show you it accurately and feels the same and acts the same, it’s Lucifer both times.
  2. If it can show you it accurately the new Lucifer acts differently, more mature and less basic thot, you had an impostor and now you have the right one back again.

Impostors can usurp a successful connection as well so it may not have been the whole time. This happened to me with Samael and the difference was really subtle and I missed it: I wasn’t even looking for it tbh. It was as you say, the change in behaviour and getting sexual that was the red flag and made me pay attention.

But it was also good learning for me to get know Samael’s energy signature better and it was almost like a test of my attention to detail, so there is a silver lining. If this was an educating exercise for you I think you passed :smiley:


Thanks! I recently just used sage and a whole ton of willpower to remove the sucker. They got very mad when I said I wanted them to leave, and they refused. When I said I was getting the sage, they got scared but they still wouldn’t leave. A nice sage and some Palo santo later, they were gone. But I do feel very drained, a common feeling that I had when they were still here. I think I’m going to wait on calling the entity. Thank you so much for the help!


Be very careful about believing what you see and hear in direct spiritual experiences such as this. Much of it is false. A great deal will be from your own mind. This is why extensive training is important to obtaining true knowledge from direct spiritual experience, and even then, much caution is advised to not take things as absolute.

You can ask the spirits you contact to make predictions about the future or about topics in their nature (never stray from the fields of knowledge of a particular spirit when dealing with them) and carefully and honestly observe the results to see if everything is true. Ask them what you will recieve from your magick, etc. And observe the results critically.