Am I under a spell?

Can someone unconsciously place a spell on another person? I literally can’t stop thinking of a girl who I very much like. This isn’t just some random girl, I’ve known her my whole life and she is a good friend, but I can’t stop thinking about her. Her and I have many of the same problems and can relate to each other, like literally we’re almost the same person. Anyways I asked her out and told her straight up how I felt, nothing cringey or sappy. While on the date I told her and she said no, and that was that. She has feelings, but I feel she is fighting them. Next two days were fucked up, and THOUGHT I got over her, but nope. I can’t stop dreaming about this girl, I don’t even have to see her in person. As a matter of fact she posted a picture online about an hour ago I saw it and instantly got weak in the knees and felt like I was going to fall down, I was sitting down too. I start getting panic attacks and my palms start sweating. As I am typing this I feel like I’m about to die. The thought of her being with someone else kills me, and I’d rather see her alone if she is not with me. I’m willing to sell my soul, do a ritual, hurt myself, whatever it takes to get this girl. For the BEST and the WORST she is the only person I want. I tried to move on and talk to other girls, but nope .Fuck all the other girls I don’t want them. I don’t want money, fame fuck all that, I want her. I’m not the most mentally stable person, and probably never will be, but even I can tell this is becoming an obsession and might end in a very bad way. Her life and my life are forever intertwined and connected, if she is not with me I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that I don’t have to suffer anymore. Can someone please help me. I’m not the one to beg for help or for people to pity me, but please can someone help me. I’ve tried therapy and moving on. I think I’m cursed.

No, it’s not a spell. What you’re going through is normal. It’s called “having a crush”.


From here what do I do?

That depends, what do you want to do?

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What I want is her. No one will treat her like how I will. How could they?

try this.

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Dude, go jerk off, get yourself a different chick, and drive on.

Studies have shown that almost 99% of women have vaginas. Studies also show that over 91% of women have breasts, and my personal studies show that over 50% of them I’d like to motorboat.

Studies also show that women make up a slight majority over males, so you’ve got a pretty good shot at getting with a really nice chick.

In other words, stop stalking her, and get your head on straight.

Statistics made up on the spot by me.


ok you have to take a hold of those feelings ok hold them as long as you can(meaning hold back) calm down take breaths dont obbsess you can have the assisstance of a demon it will help open the door for you spells re tricky n if not done right can cause a disaster now heres the trick women are more likely to gp for some one who is around them younger girls typiclly like the aggresive ones and older like reserved men with their head scrwed on straight n life together stay in the zone for awhile give adventure as a gift take her where she hasnt been bfore have a good time as friends and build up on it work p the latter while your doin this improve your self along the way job career house get it stablity and groundedness is a great thing to have since she isnt the he’s broken i can fix him kinda girl im sure i dont et that vibe but things change (we think we can make any men change but ppl dont always change for the one they love) if you work with a love demon you will get what you want in the end but your intent has to be more then cause you want her both spell work and demon work it has to be stronger if all you can think of is i just want her nothing will work if i can take care of her better comes to mind it also wont work if you are in true love with her ca see a life with her then that right there is key and if all elses fails she isnt your soul mate and the real one tends to be waiting she may just be a twin flame we typically get stuck on them a game of cat n mouse chsing never ending if this happens dont throw your life away you have opions.

give those feelings that hurt the struggle every sadness you feel trad that for your soul mate i did it im going to meet him soon well cards say that but til then im focused on me nmy kids n i havent been happier i was in your shoes i know what its like pm me if you want to id love to hear updates

That was probably the best love advice I’ve ever read.