Am I transforming my spirit into something much darker and sinister? Or magnet for dark energy?

Ok so for the few days. I have been working on getting an ability to help me throughout my life. Learning how to manipulate energy. And so far I can feel dark and I feel dead when I am using this ability. I don’t have full control over it. But this new ability grants me the ability to.

1.Counter the effects of Benadryl and melatonin. And it gives me the ability to not get sick as far as I remember when I used this ability in the past I never got sick. It gives me the ability to not be tricked by emotions such as anxiety, and it helps me stand up for myself. And it also gives me the ability to move faster like on my feel or open door or pick things up faster and easier.
And it give me the ability to stay up all night without feeling tired. And then I go to sleep later in the morning. My buddy said it’s demonic energy. But I’m not sure. I saw my aura in my mirror and my face was black and I saw a a darkness a shadow moving on its own on my face started getting covered in the shadow And I can see better in the dark. And I’ve always had the ability to just look at someone and give off this leave me alone vibe or something bad will happen. And I’ve noticed it opens my third eye faster… And since using the energy source I created or transformed into my own source of power. I have had the ability to have very vivid dreams that seem real. And when I have dreams that are like real life. I can even see in detail and live out desires I want to do. I can force people to not leave the room in my dream. And I even feel like they want to leave. But in my dream I don’t allow her to leave until she felt what it’s like to be trapped unable to leave forced to stay. JuSt like I have been forced to be someone trapped unable to leave forced against my will. I used to not be able to make Dream characters feel unsafe. But I’m gaining the ability to force my dream characters to do what I have been through held against my will. And my face looks different. (An evil look) Am I somehow transforming my spirit into something much more. Also I am not lucid in my dreams. I just know how to do things in my dreams I never knew how to do in my dreams.

Also I’m getting more control over the new ability. And I’m gonna go to bed early tonight. So it only lets me fall asleep if I don’t let too much dark energy in my aura

My new ability has downsides to it too.

Low motivation
Drains my energy if I let too much dark energy in me.
Makes me feel dead like im not alive.
Also it’s not depression.

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Demonic energy is just dark elemental energy, however, from what I have experienced at one point in my life is when I was all the “dark energy oooo” phase that a handful of people go through I went to Nyx’s realm and in her realm she has this lake of pure liquid dark energy and while in a projection I continuously drank from it.

Over time my soul was altered as well as my energy body, chakras, etc. In a way I became “corrupted” by that I mean it literally did what it was meant to do, corrupt. My ‘spirit’ became something of a shadow being. Of course I had Nyx help in reversing it which took a while because while I did enjoy the experience I became focused on my true self without the alterations.


That’s awesome!!! Also I can’t take a shower without feeling like. I’m gonna fall down and die if I stay in the shower too long. Also I didn’t mention this but my eyes glow white in the light! Like I’ll be in complete darkness with only my Apple device. Sitting on the table and my eyes with have a white glow to my eyes! And what was the shadow being you became?

Do you think I’m becoming something else entirely a shadow being?

Or something different?

And what do you mean corrupt? How did it feel to be something else a shadowy being? Like more powerful and your chakras got stronger and your aura got stronger?

So is that demonic juice you drank. am I drinking the same juice different method of drinking it. by letting myself feel dark and letting demonic energy come onto me. Instead of drinking from a lake of demonic juice

I’m not sure, the dark energy from say the infernal is a bit different than what I was taking into myself, which was the primordial dark energy from that place.

However, pulling “demonic” energy to you without specific source I can’t say for sure what will happen to you.

Ok thanks

A friend said that I could become a demon if demons put demonic energy into me over a period of time and my spirit would become a demon instead of what it is now like the demonic energy would eat out my energy and turn it into demonic energy until I was no longer the spirit I am now

And I would have to eat lots of food cause I would need the energy

I sure hope I’m not becoming a demon but if I am then that’s awesome I’ve always thought demons are cool

Well he’s not wrong but you’d be better off having say one of the goetia do such, because if done wrong it can also twist and screw your soul up in a way. It was something I worked on when I use to “work” with the goetia, was in an etheric projection with Baal and he showed me what could happen if done properly and what could happen if done wrong.

It was interesting to say the least, but yes if done properly it basically puts your soul in a type of “ascension” to a demon spiritually. However, it doesn’t need to be done over a period of time unless the demon doesn’t have the energy to do it in one shot.

What happens if done wrong? Also I can sense others fear In my dreams!! I sensed my aunts fear in my dream. I didn’t care that she was fearful. It was a dream or maybe a astral projection?

Also my hair keeps falling out since working with this Dark energy

If done wrong from what I saw, it in a way enhanced a lot of the negative aspects of the human spirit, things associated with depression, fears, etc. While the spirit looked almost twisted and “ill”

What about my hair why does my hair fall out since working with dark energy?

It might not be compatible with you, as much as people think energy is just energy, energy has to be compatible with the individual.

What happens if it’s not compatible? Will it do anything to my spirit?

It basically is like purposely poisoning yourself.

Ok so the body? And what about why do I feel like I’m gonna fall down and die in the shower from water loss. The energy makes me drain my energy faster

Is it possible I am drawing on death energy? I feel dead if I get too much dark energy. And then feel like I’m gonna fall down and die in the shower.

No, death energy and demonic/dark energy isn’t something you confuse the two of, you feel dead because you’re not having a positive reaction to the energy you’re taking into yourself.

And the feeling I get i just don’t feel dead I have this taste in my body like death. Could it be killing my body or me feeling death and Tasting it

Do you know what I can search for on becoming a demon from too much demonic energy

Be a bit more specific?