Am I Stuck In Groundhog Day?

Hail Lady_Eva,
I’d say my spiritual life begins in childhood but it was difficult to ascertain during those period.
I was/am very interested in demonic and spiritual adventure movie like the Supernatural when I was an infant and teenager.
I saw myself flouting on air when I was an infant (I don’t know if it was a dream or reality) and still experience such occasionally (26+ now).

I noticed some recurring stuff which has been happening and I’d be glad if anyone could help in given insight of how to solve this experienced.
I found myself in different kind of circle such as relationship disappointment, having knowledge to make wealth on worldwide invention such as internet and social media but I wouldn’t on some reason unknown to me.
I could remember when the internet was trending on how to take opportunity on web development, blogging, browsing apps, freelancing amongst others but still I’ve not had the opportunity to take advantage of this. Either, there was no gadget to begin with or some other issue will overtake my attention.
On a romantic level, I found my friends dating girls I initially interested in and now my gf of 8years+ have ignored the relationship for no genuine reason. I also find out that most of my projects are always left uncompleted and I’m having this issue to deal with King Paimon fully.
Only and best improvement I’ve had is my major spiritual evolvement since late December, 2018 and it has been loving.
I’ve learnt on major topics like clairvoyance, Clair audience, telepathy, psychic, amongst others and now I’m learning Magick with great BALG community.
I’d love guidance. Thanks

@Lady_Eva, I don’t know if its the right thread to ask the question above but I feel with your write up, I will get more insight about my life event and clarification.

The above quotes and more others triggered me asking the questions includes recurring experience. I faced a lot of shit past years and I need to clear what’s left.
Thanks BALG


I moved these off because my personal Journal isn’t “Lady Eva’s commitment to answer all-comers,” but I gave you a nice catchy title and will try and reply if the muse alights upon me. :+1:

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Thank you. I’m excited!!!

@Lady_Eva I guess you are pretty occupied but just wanna give a kind reminder for this.
Thanks Queen

@Lady_Eva, I just want to remind you of this.
I don’t know if you forgot or you’ve been busy ever since. Please this is a kind remainder.
Your feedback will be appreciated whenever you can. Thank you my Lady

Hi @Lady_Eva, I wanted to ask if there is any insight or answer to this. Just a kind reminder Lady_Eva