Am I going crazy or is this a demon’s sigil?

I walked into my room and my extension wasn’t like this, I’ve never summoned anything on purpose but for days I’ve been researching here

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It looks like a cable. I’m sure it is a cable.

Also, it is clear you have a lot of questions. A LOT…


That’s not a seal, or, at least not one I recognise.

If I were you, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to a supernatural conclusion.


No it’s a cable I knowwwww big yne shape looks weird.

Also sorry :pleading_face: yeah I could ask tons more. I just want one successful spell to show me I can do it

Yeah I just feel awful tonight so my mind is being dumb

Okay, here it is the thing.

Most of us go months and months and months before getting the bare minimum success. So stop jumping to the supernatural as explanation for everyday stuff. The Knight is right in what he told you.


You’re right, I’m not even trying to evoke anything. Im just having a really bad time and it’s just silly idk maybe to distract myself

If you need distraction, focus in any occult-related skill you want to develop. That will work to keep your mind out of whatever is bothering you while being productive and well spent time.


Speak for yourself.


You’re not wrong, crazy or silly to be sensitive to signs in the world. It’s one, very valid way entities can communicate. While you do want to be careful that it’s not your imagination and wishful thinking, I say trust yourself first.
It sounds to me like your first intuition was that there was meaning to this. I would go with that.

Do not ask here or others what it means - they can’t help you as it’s personal to you and your subconscious.
If you want my first thought, that’s a trident, a few people have been seeing tridents around.

But consider you had a pearl here, you threw it before swine and it was trampled, making you doubt yourself. Yeah don’t do that.

These things are between you and the spirits, and in many cases are for your eyes only. You are a god pretending to be human, so you tell us what they mean, you don’t come asking us for validation.


Well it looks like one but idk
Like maubeere said its between you and the spirits
No one can actually guess what it is
Spirits do have a weird way in communication

I agree with Knight, it’s nice to keep an open mind but don’t let your brain fall out or be filled with delusion of grandeur. Question everything when it comes to supernatural phenomenon, more questions can lead you to a better place than just just going “hey that leaf is falling is it an entity?” And someone telling you “only you will know” that’s not how that works. Because when it comes to occult any competent scanner can tell if something is giving off an entity’s energy or just a random occurrence.


It’s very feminine in form and made me think of a cobra snake right away :slight_smile: Look up Astaroth. See if that makes any sense to you!

Exactly. Jimmy Magic will say it’s a sign that Demon X has chosen you (and he’ll probably will want to give you some ‘valuable’ tips via PM)

And there is that side of the coin as well.

I see what you see your not crazy lol granted it is a cord but it’s shape looks like a sigil of a demon i am very positive about that but unsure the name just ask for a sign of whom it is they will show you if one is trying to communicate with u

youre not crazy, but dont jump so quick to a metaphysical significance like Maulbeere said, I always go logical first, unless synchros are so constant that its very probable it is a metaphysical message.

i get what you were going through, i went through it as well to be honest sometimes it just happens its how you handle it. reacting like this is ill advised it shows how immature u r in this field, also how easily u can be manipulated by people and most importantly urself. basicly all am saying is, know ur shit

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