Am I broken?

You need a much more powerful spell. JS Garrett’s Love spell is really good but it costs $999.00. May be do a short consultation with JS Garrett and get his ideas on how to make your “get my ex back” spell work.

One more thing, Love spells can only persuade they can’t force someone to come back to you.So in addition to a love spell you need to be on top of your game so to speak. A 30 minute consultation with JS Garrett is also expensive at $99 USD for 30 minutes but it might be worth it. He is an expert on Love magic and spells. If a consultation is too expensive review all of his videos on the subject of love spells and you will probably learn how to DIY.

Get a new partner, there are a lot of people out there, surely there is another who is a better fit.

…love spells…ugh…


In all honestly I don’t really want a love spell. More of a reconciliation spell. Seeing how he’s blocked me on everything and ended things on horrible terms. i just want him to reach out to me so it can start a road to a new good relationship (whatever that might be). Whatever spell o try just leaves me feeling sad. As if spells are backfiring… or maybe it’s suppose to be that way?

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So you just want closure?

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I recommend a bit of kitchen witchery - simple and very powerful:
Get amaranth flowers, which have the magikal property of forgetfulness, mixed into a poppet that represents the obsessive part of the relationship. Make the poppet out of edible wax, like white chocolate, lard, or coconut oil if your climate is cool… Bury it, knowing that by the time it’s been degraded or more likely eaten, that link will have gone. As your will so mote it be.

I like to listen to Three Days Grace "I don’t care’, but that’s me, music can help you put the right energy in. Be careful not to overdo it, I’ve cut off more than I intended doing this before… I was upset and the extra emotion did it. (Caveat: I’m very good at suppressing/destroying/sublimating my own emotions, this probably didn’t help.)

Add lavender for healing and any other spices and herbs you feel would help. :slight_smile:
Hope you feel better soon!


Closure is different from reconciliation to me. I could get my own closure because that comes from me saying what I need to say and being good with myself whether he responds or not. I want is him back in my life. He was more than just an ex to me, hard to explain.
I want a chance for something new and to see where it could go.

What would this do? Help me forget him or not think about him? I’m confused :woman_shrugging:t2:

I am going to say this in a general reply and not specifically meant for you, but it really puzzles me how one person can have such a power over another person, that they obsess and focus everything towards the ideal situation that could be but never was. If only he/or she would change, everything would be fine and life would be perfect.

Be the strong independant and most complete authentic version of you that you can possibly be and all the doors to the universe open up to you, but only if you are of clear vision.


Depending on how you charge it, it would remove the feelings you have for him that do not serve you. It dissipates the very energy that preserves the linkage, permanently, so that it doesn’t exist any more.
It can also remove the negative emotions attached to memories of him, so you can remember them and not have them hurt you.

Be specific so you don’t accidentally target the friendship connection, only the infatuation. These are very different energies so it’s easy to keep them clear.


This problem doesn’t require a magical solution.
Here’s a personal experience, when my ex wife up and left our son and I, I didn’t get any reason why. Just a text that said “I’m not happy.” There was no closure. There was no real reasoning aside from that text. It hurt, absolutely soul crushing. I kicked my drinking way up, totalled 2 cars driving drunk, lost my license, etc.
But then I had that moment of clarity you hear old timey boozers talk about.
I realized that my life is MY life. I control it, not my ex wife, or my future ex wife. The only thing that’s important is my son. While the situations are surely different, the point is this; move past it.

shit happens, but you can’t let someone else control your emotions. You are the only being with power over YOU. Only you have the power to let go of people. He isn’t needed in your life.
Stay strong sojourner.


Look up the chaos magick equations for magick. Maybe Ill post them later. Self doubt is a force that must be negated in your mind because it applies a force that counteracts the direction of your spell. You have to just make the spell and let everything go when you are finished.

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it really puzzles me how one person can have such a power over another person

Me too, even though I’ve felt it, and it’s fascinating in it’s way. I think, personally, that romantic love is a form of madness. I really do.
The very instrument you need to make good decisions and act with clarity, your own brain and emotional body, has been compromised. It’s possible to look it it logically and still be unable to stop the emotions. That’s fine if you judge them ‘good’, but when they cause cravings and pain, the same energy becomes toxic, weakens you, hurts you, and it’s hard to take the power to change it.

Another facet that comes into play, is that this specific type of pain is very attractive to negative entities like Archons. They feed on it, and can act on you to make it worse, milking you like a cow.
If this could be an issue, on youtube Enoch Petruchelly has an excellent video ritual you can partake in to remove Archon and controller influence. I used it a lot recently before I decided to just kill every Archon in my reality and have done with them once and for all :slight_smile:

I remembered another technique that’s worked well for me quite recently, which involves transmutation of energy - so it’s basically a type of inner alchemy.
This is a technique I developed from my days as a light worker, as it uses your own mastery over your light (energy) to make change. It does require that you own your full sovereignty over every aspect of yourself.

So, you simply convert the romantic love to unconditional love. Where the first is full of yearning and lack, unconditional love lets go of the judgement, to let someone be as they are without ‘if onlys’ and not wish for them to change.

Bring up the feelings of obsession and infatuation, and then, in parallel to feeling these, smile from your heart (a qigong technique, and as simple as it sounds). Widen the smile to generate as much unconditional love as you can, until your heart center is glowing white-gold with it’s light and you are overwhelmed with serene love. Then realise you have this unconditional love for the person, allow the romantic love and infatuation to be consumed and lifted to convert it to the more rarefied unconditional love.

This can need some repetition at first, and new romantic love gets regenerated constantly, but very quickly just becomes automatic. At least for me :slight_smile:


@Nachtdiegall, why did you break up with him? Did he leave you? Was he a jerk? Did he cheat on you? If so may be the universe is trying to protect you from him… You could ask the angel of deliverance Opfaal to help you forget about him.
Otherwise - if you were the one who wronged him or made a mistake just call him and say “I am sorry, I love you and I want you back”…

It’s quite a messy and long story, my situation. We wronged each other. At this point idk who did more damage. A lot of it I believe was brought on by doing long distance in my opinion. When we were physically together tho. It’s like we were different people and were good together. Regardless not someone i want to lose in general

@Nachtdiegall, well do your rituals and call him and apologize for your part of the mistakes.
There are three expressions that do wonders - thank you, I am sorry and I love you. We often underestimate them.


@Lil trust me I’m all on top of that. Mainly for in case literally no spells or rituals or anything works. Sadly he’s blocked me on everything where I can’t even do that, unless I use an indirect way to contact him, meaning an app he didn’t remember I had or knew I used that I can see he has. Or snail mail. I’m using those resources as a Farwell mainly. But I’m trying to bring him back, not just say goodbye. It feels like either A I need a miracle for him to even hear me, or B a lot of different ritual work

B + C
Do your work and C - forget about it. If you can’t ask other spirits to help you. When being overly obsessed with your target and think about him all the time it interferes the spirits’ work and creates blockages for you as well.

Or C only. If he had blocked you he’s a jerk! Having his own mistakes as you mentioned and cutting the opportunity for contact with you… It happened to me to tell a guy that he was… a whore, faget, male prostitute, hick, idiot, coward and so on and he never blocked me… and I am not talking here of some school boy but a nearly 50yo serious businessman