Am I a threat to other magicians?

Could there be an entity infecting other magicians whom I contact?

A certain amount of energy mingling is normal with humans, but do you think you’re parasitised? Those can hop hosts.


No, why? Cleanse yourself and feel better.


In that case, the best form of defense is a good offence.
Have you seen the Parasites 101 thread? There are many techniques to remove parasites, you can work it out and fix it.


I’ve seen some of his stuff, it’s ok, but not as good as learning the skills to actively sense and target these things. This is unlikely be the last time you have to deal with unwanted energy in your field.


No cleansing is an important part of spiritual hygiene and goes not break existing oacts, workings or petitions.


Yeah sounds like parasites to me. Just do as mulberry said


I try to explain this with my own words:

when you are self sufficient magician, who is not subject of system god, and astral project and associate with other magicians, of both gender, on physical plane (earth), beings that are stuck in matrix (electromagnetic dimensions) are selfless, so they tend to find they feed, by trying to mimic beings that travel and are usually controlled to cause negative effects around your subjects (other magicians you are meeting) because they are not per se “alive”, so you have higher attunement to existence, and possibility to offer them a lever, or level of conciousness transerf which makes them (system-god) useless, so they lose “minion” in regards of following and worship…

which in long run leads to take-over and war, which part humanity, as whole is currently, thats why we have this lockdown protocol, etc, since fuckgods, cannot operate openly with humanity since they know they will lose their “minion” ((source of new experiences)) when they come in contact with actual divines, from physical plane…

you are threat to existing “status quo” or leadership ring of real-estate earth, which could be considered as prima-matra magicians, since you are ALIVE, and have right to make more mistakes without harsh lessons, like its in mechanic kindom and other variations of afterlife and universe.

ask more if you need to explaining, i go buy breakfest


Parasites yes, but as mentioned energy exchange/mingling is normal. Some people are energy vampires (which from my understanding isn’t always ‘fun’) so if you have that issue, then that could be an issue – aka taking energy from others.

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Most of this isn’t relevant could summarize the relevant parts, please?


there was no exact question to so vast topic so i cannot really “summarize” anything…

read the whole sentences, i add these as summarization to first post…

edit: which i couldnt for some reason

tl dr;

most of magicians work under already existing factions and want to deal with you with their “guardian” or “patron” or fuckin “assasin-entity” and spends time co-creating all their stuff with organisations etc…

be self-sufficient and non-dependable about everything, and you become “threat” to “organisations” and “other magician” , become un-buyable, and you dont need to worry, about becoming upfront threatening to anything that crosses your path… you get ?

it’s not criminal, or paratistic to be fashionable, or even posessive to other magicians, the entities between direct contacts are just outcast fuckcriminal stepping-stones to real occultist

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You’re always a threat. Bee stronger! Overtake them and subject them to your whim and will. No kindness until kindness reaps itself! DON’T have a good dat.

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The quality of the subsequent threads here are definitely reinforcing this for me. Like attracts like.

(And I don’t mean @Unknown_Person - they liked this post so I think they know I’m not disparaging them, but the energy that came in here is classic parasitical thinking, so you wonder who’s pulling the strings. )

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