Always Trust Yourself

Okay, so I decided to make this topic about me and a friend’s own experience with a channeller. I’m not dumbing down channellers at all, saying all of them are wrong, or even saying this particular one was lying. Just please think about it before asking anybody or paying anybody in fact to do this for you.

So I met someone through a friend who was in the LHP community. I didn’t exactly call the person a friend, more of an acquaintance but I spoke to them nonetheless. So they charged for any channelings and readings they did, which by all means do that if you want to.

Anyway, said person claimed they could channel all types of entities from King Belial to Archangel Michael and so on. They could even communicate with entities they have had no experience with. However, they asked if I had ever communicated with another entity, as they felt pulled to and if I ever felt a type of pain after researching them.

To me and my friend, that set off red flags. I know what some will say, “That doesn’t mean they’re lying.” No, it doesn’t. I didn’t say they were. However, for someone that is meant to be experienced, and knew how to communicate with well known entities, doesn’t it kind of set alarm bells off?

Plus if someone’s asking this, yet is charging money for entity channelings, can you really trust that’s the entity and not an imposter?

Anyway, I looked through my own (surprisingly did it free for me and my friend), and I noticed something. Give them information about an experience or a dream you had, give you enough time to “forget” by talking about something else, then relay the same information in another wording.

TL;DR: Be careful before paying anyone or asking anyone to channel. It’s best to trust yourself, approach the entity yourself and rid of any self doubt you have. Not saying to avoid them in general, but ALWAYS read reviews if hiring a channeller, even the bad ones.


Here’s a thing that some people experimented with.

They created a “perfect” facebook profile for themselves, very believable, but with some wrong information about things like where they have been, where they studied and so on. And visited a handful divinators, who knew before, they would visit.

Well, two of them told them the stuff they wrote in these intentionally faked profiles, just completely differently worded. A gullible person would have been amazed by them knowing such details. Give them enough time to use internet…

Am I saying, that some of them may research the persons to learn some things about them previously? No, I’m not. Think what you want! :smiley:


I’ve paid mages for info, but I consider, I’m not paying for a result, I’m paying for thier time and effort, no more no less.

What I want to do with the info they give me, is entirely up to me, not them. In no way would I recommend paying any mage, if your assumption going in is that they will be “right”.

That’s just not the right attitude imo and if you have that, just leave the channellers alone and don’t deal with anyone who claims they can get it right 100% anyway. That’s not how magik works. It’s all relative and subjective.

This is why I don’t participate in scan threads and usually decline asks. I don’t actually believe in it as a useful technique for casual use.
I reserve it for an all-out no-stone unturned approach for big problems. In this case, I’ll gather as much info as I can from every source I can get my hands on, and then other people’s channeling can give me useful leads, or eliminate possibilities if nothing else.


Reminds me of a video I once saw about an experiment done on a handful of chosen psychic mediums on a made up story about a haunted building. They relayed the fake information, which they googled, and the presenter told them they was wrong, and it wasn’t haunted at all.

However, like I said in the post I’m not accusing everyone of lying, not even the person. This wasn’t intended to be malicious in nature, it is good to do research of a chosen channeller , reader, psychic, anyone. Just in case.

Cautioness is important. Especially in a time, where so many try to profit from what’s trendy in so many endless ways, not caring of the damage they may be doing, or the disservice to others, but only about how much they can gain for themselves.

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i feel like mediums who do things right usually do not charge anything, I mean, I personally wouldnt feel right charging money

I can see where you’re coming from, but even a good medium can charge. I think it’s just down to their own preference to be honest.

20 bucks sure, but im not too trustful of those who charge big imo

There’s another type of medium, which hasn’t been mentioned here, that I know from a good friend about.

That type is very rare and they’re quite good at their craft. (or so it seems). They know and learn things without being consulted and then do like the “reverse type” thing, having a way to approach these people, helping them and when they are done so, they say “Now I want from you 1000USD… oh don’t worry, it’s not for myself, it’s just to buy and burn some incense in your favour”.

Happened to a friend. He got helped with a situation he was in, yes. She knew, that someone did magick to him, that he were struggling with a specific situation in life and where something was buried and how he could get rid of that spell again. It was all correct. And his problem was fixed. But then, she asked for this money afterwards, once all was done. He was surprised, didn’t expect that, nor was it mentioned before. And he felt, he must pay it.

That must be a lot of incense for that money…

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Sorry I don’t quite see what you mean?

From what I can gather, yeah maybe some mediums come across as scams but aren’t. However, I’m only advising people be careful when asking for channelings of entities. Not avoid, but question it. If something doesn’t feel right, trust it. You’ll find answers yourself, so best to speak to the entity first.

hes saying that according to him, there are also mediums who, while good at what they do, are still going to corner you into paying money

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