Alternatives to a cross roads

Hi all hope everyone is well i have a question i need to do a ritual which requires a crossroad or grave yard .
The place i live is close to a city centre and there are not really any isolated places everywhere is busy all the time are there any alternatives to a cross roads or a grave yard the ritual will take a bit of time and i know ill get caught any help would be greatly appreciated

Not a joke: build your own. I mean crossroads, not a graveyard haha! Though the crossroads is often a metaphor to designate a state of mind sometimes you really need one, so either paint a cross over the floor and step around it, not on the lines, or put four L shapes simulating the shapes of one. I did mine with Jenga blocks and worked just fine!


Yes there is. Go to a place that you usually won’t visit. I’m sure there is a place in the city that you probably won’t visit for a while or don’t usually go there …

Find a tree that you won’t be able to easily recognize. And take some dirt from around that tree or bury the spell there if you need to bury it.

The condition of the tree should match your desire. If you’re doing white magick then it should be in good condition. If you’re doing black magick then it should be in bad condition, almost dead.

That’s the most effective and practical solution I found when I had the same problem.

Hope that helps,


I live in a fairly crowded city and sometimes I put offerings on the busy crossroad-intersections and leave it there and commence my ritual somewhere else.

Another user posted their exp with Hecate so I thought I’d give it a go, turns out I really like Hecate, she’s good. Soon to come I’ll do my full proper invocation at the cross roads in the reserve.

But you can honestly find one somewhere if you there’s a whole heap of reserve or forests within the area, I’m lucky enough to be both surrounded by beaches and mountains locally (Australia!)

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