Alternative names for demons

Here’s my point, what do you call demons? I tend to say beings, or deities, if I’m in a large group, use the term entities, but I try to go out of my way to avoid that term of demon. what are you guys think?


Demons, Gods, Spirits. I don’t avoid the term Demons, I avoid the people who think a Demon is something bad.


I don’t view the term demon as a bad thing but generally I think of most of them as the ancient gods and goddesses before they were shit all over.


Demons, atleast for me, means Divine beings so why avoid it!

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I find that I only refer to them as ‘demons’ when talking to other people. That’s just for the sake of clarity, usually!
I, personally, call them spirits.

(But there are some that I might call ‘friends’ :heart:)


The word “Demon” works fine for me. That’s what they are :man_shrugging:

In my experience, there is a distinct energetic feel to each type of being I work with. Demons feel different from angels, angels feel different from demons, and they both feel much different than gods.

I got over the “demons = bad” schtick many years ago.


I find that I call them entities or the “Ancient Ones” because I grew up christian, and was taught daemons were bad, but I did get over the schtick as did @DarkestKnight and started working with them as soon as I did, and I have only been doing this for a couple months but I have already changed my thinking on who they are and what they are more specifically

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I usually say Deities. Simply because Demon is a christian word placed on them around the 7th century (at least in England anyway). In the times of the birth of anglo-saxon magick (the second wave after the dark ages not the original druids of Albion). The pope wrote to the arch bishop at the time and decreed that all “Devils” be removed from the pagan temples but the temples themselves may remain as places of power with Christian alters laid over them. Hence the church building their places of worship over old pagan sites and accosting all pagan holidays and adding in christian ones instead. Some hundred years or so after this Demon began to replace devils as the Christian faith took hold of religion and spirituality.
There is some research on Baal actually originally being depicted as Ishtar who was once depicted as Astarte & Inanna in their respective countries. A lot people think that the church needed to “Demonise” these pagan deities as most of them sounded far more benevolent than the christian saints. The abolition of the feminine divine in main stream religion may also be why female deities became male demons.
Either way, I see Demons as genderless beings who simply do not care what gender they are depicted as given that they contain a balance of both. Also I think the great wisdom of these deities means that they don’t care if you think of them as demon, spirit, being or deity. How you relate to them is how they relate to you I guess.


Gods or beings.

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I prefer the Terms Ancient Gods, Daemons, Guardians as that’s what I feel from Bune.

Ever since I started working with Bune. I get tingles on my left side (sometimes right also). When I call her (She interacts with me as a female energy or entity) When I’m very sad or depressed she also comes around. I also get these tingles some times when I feel something is true or maybe I need to pay attention to something. It the past it was rare but it;s every day now since I started working with Bune.

I had some fear of working with Daemons/Demons but as soon as I started working with I shed layers of fear.

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Daemons, entities, spirits, beings. Sometimes gods, deities.

Why would I use the politically-loaded words of a religion for which I have nothing but contempt? I try not to support the notions they created in any way. I’ve backed off the word angel for the same reason,

To me, whether it’s Azazel, Samael, Lucifuge or Raphael, Prometheus or Dra’talon they feel like exactly the same kind of being anyway, making demon/angel meaningful only in a contextual way, like tory/labour - but party alignment doesn’t matter when you’re having dinner talking about 6 other things than politics.

The ones that do feel different are, the Devas, the fae - entities that are of the Earth basically, things like leviathan - that’s a whole other thing, ascended masters are different, I imagine the djinn would be when I get around to working with them proper - the smaller one I know is very fae like… rambling now. :slight_smile:


If a entity is known as a demon and doesn’t express a desire not to be called such I will refer to them as a demon. If I am either unsure what they are or I’m referring to a group with multiple different kinds I use either entity or spirit

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I refer to them by giving them titles such as Lord/Lady. I don’t wish to disrespect any of them.

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According to an author, they may be magickally called “black angels” or “dark entities”.
When they surely originated from divine figures, indeed it’s better to recognize them as Gods; here 1 or 2 classic problems resurface, i.e. are the “demons” one with the corresponding pagan gods, or did eggregores form as well? By chance, are all the entities eggregores?

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I personally am not bothered calling them daemons, or demons but ultimately whatever gets the point across to your audience is what’s best, whether it be angels, fallen angels, entities, divine entities, I teligent forces of nature, cosmic beings, thrones, principalities, energies, etc. I am however uncomfortable calling them gods or goddesses in the sense of anything more than thier own personal pronoun as I worship no being or thing. If you want to get creative or live somewhere you might want to avoid persecution over what you write you can can always employ isopsephy or gematria and just type the numerical value of the word. For example if you use the Greek word for daemon δαίμονας you use the number 182. There are really tons of options. The important thing is that the people who you want to understand what your talking about understand you.

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