Altar pets !?!

Is it a good idea to have a altar pet even if there isn’t much functionality to it I would kind of like a Altar pet something like a betta bettas aren’t very symbolic of anything demonic but a snake would be to big for my altar and I already have a large wolf spider but don’t see her much any opinions on having a altar pet are welcome and any altar pet suggestions would be appreciated thank you

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For whom is the alter? It doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not big on alters anyway.

What would this pet do for the altar that a non-living representation (plastic, wood, metal, etc…) couldn’t? Sure, there could be some reasons for it, but that would be up to who the pet is for. Did they asked you for it?

^ That. The alter is not for you, it’s to honor the entity. So if you want a pet just because you think it’s cool without regard to the entity or entities that the alter is for.

Alters can also change as your relationship with the entity changes, which could mean you still have a pet to take care of that you got for an alter that you don’t use it for.

I’m also concerned what the energy of the alter would have on a non-consenting animal. Unless you’re planning to sacrifice it fairly quickly, people do do that after all. (Not me, I think it’s obsolete energy and thus magically worthless in 2020, but that’s my opinion.)


Yeah this is very true. Off to go delete now…:running_man:

Good point

Not a good idea

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From what I’ve heard I agree

Cats love altars, especially black ones. They are protectors of a home and can eat parasites. Cats are cool

I actually have a full black cat she does visit my altar occasionally especially soon after I have done something like a ritual by it not every time does she come but sometimes