Altar in my bedroom vivid dreams and asral projection?

I have a question
I have an altar in my bedroom, and lately it seems to me when I sleep that I have vivid dreams about how I am in my room near the altar in the evening and I am saying something or planning something with the spirit in question
it happened to me about 4-5 times 1 month
I also think that I also astrally projected myself twice because I saw my body sleeping on the bed
does it have any meaning or is it normal?

The altar is a sacred place and a place of power, if you often perform rituals on it, as a result, it can project its inherent energies into space. It is ok. Moreover, if it is located in the place of your sleep itself, that is, in your bedroom.

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It’s normal, but a problem if you do baneful workings and have that energy floating around you while you sleep.

banish the space well after workings, and maybe add a circle around the altar to keep the energies within. You can do this on the floor, or have a cloth with a circle that you drape over it when not in use. I do the latter, myself, with a small cut-down twin sheet with a circle painted on it in acrylic paint from the craft store.


ok i’m still a bit new to it