Alphabet of desire - more than one?

Hey guys, I’m just getting back into magick and have successfully completed the design of an alphabet of desire, where each letter of the English alphabet is rendered into my own personal glyph. I’ve since become aware of another type of AOD where each glyph is represented by a certain concept, or quality associated with oneself. Is it a viable option to utilise two separate AODs, one for specific magickal statements of intent; the other for more more generalised workings? Or even both at once? I’m kind of reluctant to combine the two in order to avoid confusion.

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If you want a usable glyph system, I would suggest you take a look at Petrucelly’s “The Black Witch”. It has a great glyph system that you are encouraged to morph to suit you as you use it.

I would go with the more traditional Austin Osman Spare version but thats just me and there is really no wrong way to do it. Also here is a meme I made. With AOS you can have and use when you like . its not directed at you Lol but its a good one you can use when you need it.