All Your Best PDF Links - IMPORTANT!

Polite reminder that this forum has a rule prohibiting posting links to PDFs, scans, downloads, etc.:

If you know for a fact that a work you’ve found is outside copyright, please include that IN the post, otherwise it will be deleted even if it has replies/likes, because mods are not copyright lawyers and it’s not fair to expect us to go check something after seeing it posted. :slight_smile:

This forum belongs to people who are themselves authors & publishers, so it looks especially seedy if the forum were permitted to slide into being a hotbed of piracy and “scans” of books (often, Google Books exists in a grey area for copyright, as does so please either err on the side of caution, or provide the reason the work is out of copyright, such as a link to the section on the author’s site stating this is free to download - some authors, such as Chuck Cosimano, have made some or all of their work public domain and will have this clearly stated.

But otherwise, PLEASE don’t take the risk , or your thread or reply will just end up getting removed.

Many thanks!


If it was me sorry

If it happens, we remove the thread & PM people, so no paranoia needed! :slight_smile:

This is 99.9% of the time a totally innocent error and not likely to lead to anything except a polite PM and deleted thread, obviously if someone keeps doing it after having been contacted, that would be different - but, this being the forum it is, with plenty of mature and sensible members, the issue hardly ever arises. :heartpulse:

Edit to add, as a post-script to the OP:
Sometimes, a specific edition of a book whose original text is out of copyright due to age will still be covered, because people spent time formatting and typesetting etc., an example would be The Book Of Fate which has an out-of-copyright scan of an ancient version available, and a newer in-copyight version which was freshly typeset and published with contemporary notes & commentary. So, the date of first authorship is no guide.

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