All you need to know about Amaymon

Hello al i worked with amaymon intensily for the last few days and i think it would be helpful to post this thread.


general information

Direction - south
elements - fire and air
Rank - King
Colours - Purple,black,red
Planets - Saturn and the black sun
Incense - dragons lood and frankinice
gems - amethyst citrine obsidian onyx

Titles & what he is

The black sun.
the one that rules over death and decay
The ancient serpent
The serpentine king
the shining black diamond
The priest of the soul
The hidden god
the hidden river
the king of gods
the shadow of the shadow.
The dark alchemist

and a lot more.


The invocation of the serpentine king amaymon

“Rey’ja ramanah ess’valissa amaymon
ranssska’ttaaah yettin o’o’ran amaymon lara’tasa
mahjion dos’das rankta bal’ball rank’tah bay’bah
ohe’nemoth darknta vissio der’valis
Amaymon.serpent king rise from the pit
tenssah yekton dervio malakisss
amaymon core of the black sun rise
amaymon hidden god come
ves’ja kalleh amaymon”

-channeled by me.

Elan reya amaymon - from demonolatry

Rensputtah saka on sant’ah amaymon lassa - channeled

Sah ray’ja amaymon - calling his serpent form

Ves’ja kalleh amaymon - By ea koetting in his lucifer-amaymon compedium


Invocation techique to call upon amaymon

in darkness visualise a sun made of pure darkness that almost appears
that its shining dark light,black light,breath in breath it
breath the darkness and chant
Sah’jarsa amaymon valas’mun kantaa
five to seven imes
see the black sun shining light more and more
focus on it appearing into your physical vision
now,feel and see black sun covering all your chakras and now vibrate amaymon
eleven times.

The litany of the black sun amaymon

here i stand in the mists of darkess waiting for the light of blackness to come the light of darkness that of amaymon,it amaymon who i call for his darkness and light,that is the blacked light,broken from the shells of the qlippoth and sephiroth,
he who comes with with right hand man Respuntzell that guides man into gods in the qlippoth and sephiroth,
i call the blacked master of damntaion the ancient serpent that is amaymon he who shines death and rebirth with his blacked light
shine dark lord amaymon over us and open your gate of transfiugration,
blacked master,dark lord demon king amaymon
Rensputtah saka on sant’ah amaymon lassa
master of the blacked cloth,descended master amaymon
Rensputtah saka on sant’ah amaymon lassa
come to us king amaymon
Rensputtah saka on sant’ah amaymon lassa -
and open your gates of transifuration
come blacked river of the hidden who been called amun
come as the hidden river that passes all worlds and come to me as now i call with your hidden song
Ves’ja kalleh amaymon
ves’ja kalleh amaymon
ves’ja kalleh amaymon
come as the blacked river that manifests into a form that i can understand,into a form that i can see and percieve into a form that i can talk
and sense
ves’ja kalleh amaymon
amaymon,lucifer,amon,amun come !
hidden god hidden river hidden reality come into me!
Amaymon lord of darkness
that lurks through every corner of the mind and worlds
he who teaches the power of power,the wisdom of wisdom and the knowladge of knowladge
blacked lord of the blacked sun that shines its hidden light
lord of darkness amaymon shine your darkness into me!
Rensputtah saka on sant’ah amaymon lassa
master of unseen realities come into me!
Ray’ja kala amaymon tasa
the shadow of the shaodows amaymon shine into me!




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I enjoyed reading your work but I have a few questions. I keep reading warnings about Amaymon, and this next quote is very typical:

“Firstly, the summoner must make sure to wear a silver ring of protection, and hold it close to their face, to protect against Amaymon’s breath (poisonous). Secondly, Amaymon must be treated with the utmost respect and greeted bareheaded, otherwise he will deceive and destroy the summoner. Thirdly, he must be securely bound in a pentacle until a deal is made. Only if these three precautions are taken, may a summoner expect to live through evoking Amaymon.”

Is there any truth to this? Also, why are there so many different sigils for Amaymon? image Thanks!


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Amaymon’s always been super chill with me. It’s been three or four months now of contacting him every other day.
He’ll fuck your world up, but ultimately for the better.

That looks like the Sigil of Aamon or Amon if i’m not mistaken.

Bookmarked!!! I don’t even know Amaymon but damn this is powerful!

This is not his sigil. That sigil belongs to Aamon. They are not the same demons. People keep confusing the two. I was shown a sigil in a dream and this is not it

Our Dark Lord does too, Lucifuge