All summonings/conjuring/evocation/invocation methods

I’m going to create a list of all methods of summoning entities regarding their types. There are many different topics like “how to summon XXX”, “my work with YYY” and so on. I would like it to summarize them

As following:
XXX. Name of method/ short introduction
Where can be found.
Short description

  1. Name of method/ short introduction : Pathworking
    Where can be found: Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove
    Short description: Using visualisation of different patterns to specific spirit. And breathing out into sigil
    Requirements: None (just a seal and description)

2 Name of method/ short introduction: E.A.'s gazing sigil method
Where can be found: mentioned in his books and lectures
Short description: Place sigil before you and gaze it until lines start flashing
Requirements: Just physical version of seal/sigil

  1. Name of method/ short introduction: Let’s say gazing at custom seal with hebrew letters and speaking some phrases
    Where can be found: “Demons of Magick”, “Archangels of Magick” just books that belong to “Gallery of Magick” series
    Short description: gaze at patterns in special order in the seal.
    Requirements: just a custom seal from those books. It’s more practical to have a physical copy (or digital if you have device with enough large screen)

Let me know if you know other types. Please add a source if possible. If I find something more, I update it.


Well … don’t forger the Mastery Evocation Course of EA Koetting.

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I didn’t enroll it yet, so currently I don’t have anything to write about it.


Then you have the excellent post :

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According to the italian author Rendhell, in Orthodox Magic the operator use(d) to evoke spirits by putting on the ritual robe, activating a magical space formed by the circle etc, then calling the 4 elements and using the correct planetary tablet; in Scientific Magic, starting from an entity’s name it’s possible to find another one which would be the secret name and also a sigil which would be the structure of the spirit, and may be plane or built in 3D. The operator proceeds to make this structure spin (thanks to some engine) in front of a mirror, while vibrating the entity’s secret name; the mirror would eventually project the spirit inside a Triangle, before the magician.