Alien Experience

September 7, 2020.

I somehow got so into trance that I had connected to an alienistic source. Another planet. This particular date seemed very sci-fi to me as well. 9/7/20. Soon after I had gotten into trance, I had seen an actual alien. It slowly popped up in front of my bed. Not as scary as I would think. It was like evoking a demon but VERY different. Totally different energy. There are many who do not have the consciousness to believe what I say, but I’d rather share my experience and hope for you to expand consciousness yourself. I felt as if I was on DMT. I had not taken any substances. I was completely sober. I was having a conversation with another very spiritual person about aliens.

It started with portals. How breaks in the universe are breaks in space time, which are portals leading to different dimensions, etc. For example, the Bermuda Triangle is a man made portal. The human mind thinks that if they go through that particular area, they will disappear. Same with any other portal, but whatever someone is thinking of, if they slip into a portal at a certain time of a certain thought, for example, a new dimension with that thought is made.

Anyways, I was connected to my home planet the whole time. Of course I had a non-forgettable sense of homesickness. I felt as if I had been taken over and that it wasn’t me writing in my journal. I felt as if they were gathering information from me. A couple days after this happened, I felt a sense of dystopia and feeling as if I was crazy. I’m definitely not though :joy:. Let me tell you. This shit actually happened. This data is real. It was not me writing it. I looked in a mirror and wondered why I was a human. Like- believe me.

Aliens are real. Half of us are already aliens. We all know that though. We are more similar than people think. Close to an type of alien anatomy.

Magic is real obviously. Everything that reaches the mind is real. There is no myth without at least a little bit of truth behind it.

However, what I wrote down was weird.
“Aliens. Are. Real. They possibly created the human race to see if Earth was habitable. Currently it is not. The air has a sort of magnetism. Leaving them unable to breathe. They breathe deeper. Pollution is flooding the world. How are they supposed to live. It would be the same way for us on say, Mars. or Jupiter. The air flow and how air is taken in is different for every species.”

Aliens believe that everything is poison and harshly affected and that they cannot live here. “There needs to be some sort of modification to make planet Earth habitable.” Hence, making people spiritual. Think about it. Healthy ways of living. No more pollution or garbage. Peace. We would allow other species that aren’t already with us to live alongside us. Aliens would live with us. People cannot take that as of now because they are sheep. We need global, deeper awakening, than we have now. Look at the future.

Aliens say “we come in peace,” for multiple reasons. One, so we don’t hurt them and keep them captive, like Area 51. Next, so they can know if we’re spiritual or not. Last, they’re gonna ask something after that in the future… along the lines of “can we live here?” I can see it. Vividly. Aliens and Spirit. Living together. It’s destined to happen.

We all need to wake the fuck up and stop all of this. To stop society. Everything here is nothing. To create something different. Maybe useful. However it is just life and everything we do is to make it shorter and less boring. We need to do it before they arrive. Ex. Society=parents, Us=Children. We need to learn to rebel and nurture the world with our spirit.

More info: I had seen a UFO before. It was very metallic and obviously had the lights around it, and I looked at it like what the fuck. A UFO lmaooo. But that shit turned into an airplane. I saw it go from a complete UFO, into an airplane. However it did make sense, as I was only one with enough belief to see them. The person that was with me was not spiritual. It only let me see it. I told them to turn around cause it’s a UFO and they did and that’s when it turned.

Souls are sent back to their home planet when they die, unless you volunteer to help more or you want to gain more wisdom. It’s your choice. I see a white light. There is nothing. Then something is created. You plan out your whole life in that white light.

Maybe soulmates are people who lived on the same planet as you.

Maybe Twin Flames are the person you were incarnated with. Maybe they aren’t the other half of your soul but the person you’re meant to be with. The person that matches you the most. Because, remember, you are already whole? I remember feeling as if I was looking down on the Earth. Getting ready to fall in. Standing with someone across from me. There was a third person “creating” the whole thing too. Getting ready to incarnate. The other person and I making promises to each other. Then I lose them. I feel homesick. They’re the only one that gives me comfort and makes me feel a sense of home. They help you remember. You eventually always come across and find them. That’s how you just know that it’s them. You’ve seen them before they were incarcerated. You know their soul. You always have a deep love for them.

That is all for now. Y’all can easily energy scan me and see this is my whole truth. I know people might doubt it though. Open yourself up. They want you to know this :eye:. This is what I have experienced, and it is up to you to believe it. I want to share this wisdom with you because I feel a calling to. I honestly don’t want to share this because this is my wisdom. This is my experience. My data. This was all scattered information in my journal that I had quickly wrote down. I was being flooded with information. However, I really do feel the need to. I could delete this all right now, but i’m going to post it :prayer_beads:

Pleaseeee note , if this shit was fake I would not be posting it. I hate not being trusted or believed. It’s a pet peeve.

Any thoughts ? Open to talking about anything more than this. :nazar_amulet:


Honestly alien is just a different word for them I prefer God normally.


Honestly, the fact that you wrote that is sooo weird. I also wrote this in my journal, “there is no ‘god.’ Aliens are our ‘God.’’ Another race. We were thoughtfully created.”

I didn’t have the intention of adding that because I thought no one would believe that part :joy:

Thank you for the clarity :sparkles:


No worries you have been on my wave length for the last 4 hours…it seems to happen randomly in different places.

Or Im in yours…

Not sure if this applies but I’ve been connecting with Enki


I can definitely feel that, but i’m soooo interested, tell me more

but i’m veryyy much like him. everything he does are all my passions. i should talk to him, thank you :joy:

I also just had deja vu. Might have known you in a past life.

My whole body also just like shook when I read that. Guess it resonated that much

But wow your energy. Ours is very similar. I can see into you wowww. Your energy is very serene. but, have you reached a conclusion? Have you started a new chapter in life? New identity?


I qgree with most of this but i dont agree with the wgole peace concept. Freedom never allows for peace. Rebeling will only cause disruptions and then riots which leads to war. I wont be political as it is against the policies of this forum, but you should understand there are many magick users who dislike freedom and the whole “mother earth” “peace through freedom” thing. Feel free to scan me if you wish to. I do like this topic. Good Gnosis.


I see, that does all make sense. Good point. There are things that are set in place for a reason. Everything’s meant to be. However, I don’t know, maybe some wars do need to be put into place for things to happen. Take all the wars of the past: They needed to do that to make a point. It seems unlikely we will go full-scale war now, but, with the technology we have, you never know what could happen. So I’m completely neutral on this part. Freedom does have costs, but what happens if you pay? You didddd make a good point though, thank you for that :slight_smile:

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No problem. A qoute to think on. “The only way true peace will be achieved is when both sides are run by the same side”

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Interesting. I love that quote. A union. We’re never unionized. We all never can agree on one thing. Some people even try to stop good things for numerous reasons. What if the same side is a higher power ? Because that might take a while to achieve only with us.

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Greetings. Why do they put lights on the outside of the aircraft (ufo). It seems dumb…

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Good question-

Righttt. What if it’s likeee energy. Or just simply lights. Maybe for the same reason we put headlights on a car :woman_shrugging:. Who knowsss

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I just think incarnating is volunteering to be apart of the human experience , sure we’re not as intelligent as them but that’s just because of the extent of these vessels , being human is just a way to experience conciousness and learn things and etc, some of us have been aliens as you mentioned so , idk how I see the whole thing , body’s are just vehicles of consciousness ,


Home sick…Yep, I feel that everyday since I am a kid lol. I have/had so many dreams about UFO’s, or “Aliens” in general, but those dreams are so much different from the other dreams I have usually. It almost looks real it’s crazy, sensations, smells, emotions…
At this point I’m almost sure where I am coming from :laughing:

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definitely. we are light. souls. we wanted to discover deeper things about ourselves and gain wisdom. to see what consciousness is like. a desire for more. that white light i’ve seen, i’ve been in for a while. i felt like there was nothing. there were only my thoughts. eventually i wanted something, and it was created. body’s are definitely vehicles of consciousness. and when you create your life next time- never settle for less. the universe always brings you what you want and more.

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yeah, it hurts.

hm. maybe you’re actually traveling somewhere. shifting your consciousness to another place. are you good at astral traveling?

good. those senses, emotions, and thoughts were to give you a sense of direction. that is your home. i’m glad you found it :slight_smile: you’ll be back soon. when you’re ready. it’s your choice

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I’m not coming back here , this my last rodeo

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Yeah, I thought about that. And no, I am not good at all, or at least not that I know. I started really working on my gifts just recently, but from what someone told me I am evolving really fast, so maybe soon :smiley:

I really hope I will go back there for real on day :relaxed:

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I have only experienced a really evil alien. I knew something was there and invited it in thinking that it was good. I thought it was just afraid. It was a light that went across my room and turned into a portal. I heard a voice that said it was mad at me for changing the light. I felt energy go into my hand. I was afraid and left the room. That was a bad night, because after you’ve opened up a portal like that you have to wait for it to close. My hand continued to tingle. I have been followed by ufos in the sky before: large ones that no one has ever reported before.

iitrista, I can connect with you about that part about the ufo turning into an airplane as your friend became conscious of it. This didn’t happen to me, but I see things in our reality always happening like that. To be more clear, I don’t see them, because you usually can’t, but I can sense them. I will demonstrate my point, because almost no one understands how stuff manifests in our reality. People think that something has always been there when in fact it could have just manifested there with memories in their minds of it always being there. This is a just one example of how things work that people don’t understand. I don’t expect anybody to believe me; you probably have to experience such things for yourself.

False memories always happen in dreams, too.

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Hmm. I’m sorry that happened.

Relate them to demons. Some can be nice to people, while some might get angry for certain things. Changing the light. Might’ve been the portal🤔. I don’t know. Do you know what you did ? The energy part is good, though.

Wow. One of my favorite quotes that the universe brought to me was, “What you believe in will show itself to you.” If you don’t believe, why would it want to reveal itself to you?

True. Like the Mandela Effect. (what if the Mandela Effect is just a switching of universes where it was obviously different.? and certain people remember because those are the people that switched to a parallel universe.)

I believe you. I know what it feels like to tell your full truth and no one believes you but the person it happened with. Things are brought and shown to certain people. They know how to handle the wisdom. At least every person has a certain piece of knowledge that no one else knows and needs to be spread. That’s why spreading wisdom is important.

The Mandela Effect probably has to do with reality switching. If you keep getting more and more information from the person then the reality will switch to the stronger side that’s considered the truth. Excuses will just pop up to excuse the false reality stuff. For example, the person will all the sudden start to “figure” out that their mind was just playing tricks on them, because “yada yada yada”. The past can even be altered for these excuses to work.

The truth is that there are multiple realities, but when our consciousness enters then it has to adhere to the basic rules. For example, someone can manifest in front of you w/o you seeing, but if you look, then reality needs an excuse, so let’s say the person was dropped off in a vehicle. Then, he/she will need an excuse as to why they’re there.

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