Alien Experience

Your assumptions are kind of exact opposites of actual reality

hope your aliens treat you better than mine would :slight_smile:

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it definitely does
yeah, it might be why some people go crazy🤔
the universe will do anything for that plane to match the situation

exactly . it’s like every time you make a choice, you switch a reality. every time you think something, you switch a reality. we’re always jumping

not really. they line up with everything in a way. some ideas are simply possibilities and thoughts i channeled, and most of them are facts
haha thank you , they definitely do. they’re just different though. they know they’re smarter than us too :joy:

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Which type of “alien” did you see. I mean its cool and all but its not news you’re giving. There’s multiple of alien races and at least coming on here with spicy information can be beneficial. Otherwise all the alien/UFO sightingings is just vague normal talk

You give no description of their appearance. Not the “UFO” you saw. Lol.


Also in your profile picture were you under mild possession?

you are alllll hate lmao… keep the peace .
you never know until you see it . yep I am aware aware of that. i’m just spreading what they told me to spread. simply channeling. i never said it was “news” i was giving. i was sharing my experience… open your mind and expand your consciousness :woman_in_lotus_position:

the alien had beady eyes. they seemed like a void. it slowly blinked. ngl the way it blinked kind of scared me, and i’m like never scared :joy:. it turned it’s head left and right as it gave me information and asked me questions. everything about it was so frail. it’s movements, fingers, and all. it was so detailed. it’s skin looked very old (obviously). it was kind of tan.

i had a like 5-second glimpse of the ufo before it disappeared. as i said it was metal. the lights were bright . it looked kind of the same as people usually say, but more realistic, you know ? hard to bring it to memory. they make you forget things sometimes.

stop reflecting your traumas, thanks :joy:

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I believe in Aliens, and that there different type of aliens out there in the universe. Anyway you scan me and tell me what u see, as I believe I’m a angel, but a fallen angel cause I believe self empowerment, self improvement, sexual freedom, sexual expression, and sexual desires

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of course :slight_smile:

and I’ll pm you :slight_smile:

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If you’re a fallen angel there is a chance that you were killed in the etheric to incarnate in here

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Reflecting my traumas? Sigh. You got me there

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Aw really? why would i be killed in the etheric to incarnate here on Earth? Though I always felt earth weren’t my home, and felt more closer to the unseen realm even the angelic realm and the angels, along with other supernatural beings, but more closer to the angels, but between angels, and fallen angels, i feel closer to fallen angels, espcially since I like Lilith who is a fallen angel to people who follow her, though she is known by other names. But at the end of day she is a fallen angel, like Lucifer

Well there are many reasons why you can be killed in there. Maybe you were a criminal or did stuff that were against the rules of the place you inhabited. If you were in the “angelic realms” maybe you sought out the fallen beings and was executed. But all that is just a maybe

I train my mind to go into the best reality. It is not simple at all though, like one might imagine. You can throw all the law of attraction stuff out the window; it’s not as simple as visualizing the best result. I encourage everyone to watch the secret (movie about law of attraction) just for very basic knowledge, but know that much is wrong about it, e.g., you can use the law of attraction to repel things and you don’t have to worry about every thought and you won’t attract negative things in your life if you think too much about them (like the movie claims).

The real secret is to accept the fact that we cannot always change our reality. I believe that our reaction to reality is what allows changes to happen. For example, haven’t you noticed that when making a decision, solution A will seem obvious, until you choose it. Then, you see obvious reasons why solution B could actually have been the better choice. So, you can change to solution B. But if your mind is not opened nor trained to be able to do such things (through meditations) then a lot of the times, you will not recognize solution B, because for example, you may have anxiety/fear or something over potential problems with the solution. For me, I believe it is good spirits, like angels and God that help tip the scales for/with me for certain solutions to work.

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There is this sect of beings, who died without getting singular, and they are labelled as theocrats, who collect data from other place and go sell it to other place, as their gnosis or knowledge, you might be dealing with them, rather than actual extra or ultra terrestials, but i liked your typing it had some fresh sense in it anyway, have great and safe occult trip, maybe we get to talk one day in astral :wink:

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I believe physical manifestations of aliens are rare , I believe they are able to manipulate their density and frequency greatly to move from one realm to another , manifesting physically On earth would put them at great risk , so if you have clair abilities you’ll be able to see them in a lighter less dense form , just my 2 cents I guess lol

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true. you have to learn to have most control over your mind. what you think you attract, but still, what you push away from your thoughts, you push away from your reality. everything is within, and what’s within is without.

some of it, however, is up to the universe. sometimes we just give up trying to change our reality. change/lessons can’t come into your life if you are always controlling your reality. truth is, you are always going to pick the best thing for yourself. you will only manifest good things. and what good is there without bad? i heard, “the universe takes over everything that needs to be filled in.” that’s how some of those solutions become obvious.

we are never alone.


i see. and ahhh thank you. and haha possiblyy :slight_smile:


they definitely are :slight_smile: . they are way stronger than us and have way more abilities. it’s as if they’ve mastered them. they’re definitely stronger than demons. their aura and energy is just so different. i can’t put words to it. low and high undertones at the same time. but whenever they talk they somehow just meet at the middle.

earth is definitely not one of the main places they want to go at this moment in time. they just need to spread information to get us going, and they visit every once in a while to track our progress.

everybody has them, they just have to open them up. my main one is clairvoyance, seeing.
but everything about them is different. comparing them to demons, they have a way stronger energy


I agree with that , also maybe because archangels for example reside in the fifth dimension , they are both close to us and not close in terms of density , vibration eons higher than average conciousness of earth human lol

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Depends on the race of ET too , idk they are more diverse than humans even because of array of powers each possess

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exactly. they are way ahead of us in everything. they are basically guiding us.

time moves different too. time here is just a concept. there might not be a 12:00 in their realm. we are living on our perspective of how the works works. what if a day was 42 hours ? what is night and day were 2 different days? there’s infinite possibilities. we don’t know their concepts of life, but we know, it’s definitely more accurate and advanced than ours.

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We’re just lowly peasant humans with our sage and crystals while they fly the galaxy in their oval shaped cosmic lambos

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