Alice in wonderland is a metaphor for soul travel

Think about it?

She uses an astral gateway to go to a world where everyone she knows is basically turned into a creature or being within the realm of wonderland.

Goes on a journey within the second movie to meet father time to restore the balance of everything who is a being of himself able to travel to any point in time with a mechanism thst is his creation.

Food for thought


Oh you’re refering to Burton’s imagination not the books.
Who, I might add, brags about never touching comic rags so I doubt he even read the books. Both films are so far off… fun but a different town to the books.

I’d say the books could be looked at as soul travel as well since she is “technically” asleep under a tree the whole time.

Reminds me of Wizard of Oz.


Well the time travel and transdemensional aspects of everyone in her world being turned into the rabbit, the rose queen, and many other characters tied into her sailor job description mostly for number 2 suggest a lot of the imagination and creationist views in soul travel so it checks out


Oh it does but not sure if it’s intentional from Burton. I just found the films so so and when the idea of Alice in Wonderland comes up for debate I default to the text.

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I honestly never read the books

Well for example the Jaberwalky is a manifestation of Alice’s fears. There is no “magic sword” and the Jaberwalky doesn’t talk nor can it be controlled, she has to overcome it.
I always got the impression it was a lovecraftian horror from her mind.

Everything in the books are metaphors. Some say just about politics of the time but I see so much of the Id and Ego in that story as well as what you see in Burton’s films.


I agree! It is like she’s soul travelling :thinking: I always thought there was something weird about it… I mean… what else could you possibly call that ? :roll_eyes:


Makes me think. :flushed::flushed:

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Lewis Carol was a Christian.

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Or so belived…:wink:
She might have known more then the Christian doctrine.

He had a Christian upbringing and most of the metaphors in “Alice” appear to me to be basically Christian, not least the quest for the father.


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Well I have had a Christian upbringing too. My family (besides my sister) still belives i’m a Christian too.

The way of having some of the metaphors being Christian could be for Lewis to easily get the story out to the public who was generally Christian.


So did Crowley @Sheogorath


Crowley had an extreme form of fundamentalism (the Plymouth Bretheren) - Lewis Carol did not

Just as I thought :face_with_monocle: :joy:

Unlike The Chronicals of Narnia which is painfully Christian, Caroll may have been Christian but the themes he spoke of seemed more phylisophical. Christians of that time did talk about other issues.

I’m sure Christianity is in there but not every breath Alice took was about Christ or Christian dogma like Narnia.


It would be very difficult to interpret it as anything other than the Christian mythos, despite the fact that films like The Matrix have got hold of the “rabbit hole” thing. Yes it is not as blatant as the Narnia chronicles but fundamentally it is a Christian allegory.

The only book that is christian based is the chronicles of narnia