Alice in wonderland is a metaphor for soul travel

It actually might be.

I always thought it was about different states of consciousness, and the perspective of madness (“we’re all mad here” says the Cheshire cat), with Alice being a biproduct of L. Carroll’s attraction to young girls, almost like he is forgiving himself via fable.

But when you consider she was sleeping it definitely suggests astral travel.

Might even be a bit of both.


wonderland is an odd place, to be sure
sips tea

Carroll was not sexually into pre pubescent girls.
He enjoyed children, but he was really into young women.


this tbh, never understood the smears tbh aside from like selling shocking material or something like that. I dont understand those kinds of people, and indeed I find it difficult to recognize them as people.

This has gone way off topic and risks going into politics at this point. I’m closing the thread for this reason now.