Ahriman's role in Mithraism

I had been researching all I could on Mithras and the initiatory mystery traditions surrounding hia worship as the unconquered sun. (Sol Invictus) it is well known that Sol Invictus was the state sun cult Later Rome and was the public system of worship to Mithras, who has been analyzed as either the initiatory circle of Sol Invictus, or something totally separate as a whole. Not much information is known on the cult except that the symbolism used in its many traditiona were obviously commonly related to the Persian Paradigm. This would include the Lion-headed figure being Ahriman identified as “He of Boundless time”.

I have read Michael w. Ford’s book Drauga and he points out how modern day scholars are focusing too much on simply the astrological language of this cult but overlook the spiritual correlations between neighboring cultures showing similar figures being revered by traveling peoples. This would include the deva-worshipping, bull sacrificing mayrannu tribes who migrated West and came in contact with the Romans. Thus introducing the concept of Zurvanism and worship of the “counter creation” to ultimately destroy the established order of their target, and thusly their kingdom.

I was wondering what role Ahriman really plays in the Mysteries of Mithras. Is this what the Romans sought to do revering the Adversary of Ohrmazd, using Ahriman as the source of occultic knowledge and Mithras to conquer the Persians? This seems similar to what the Jews are doing with the Kabbala, directing the energies of the “adversary” world by way of their own gods power to construct their “New Jerusalem”.


(just for your Attention)

indeed, you pointed that down very clearly.

it is even more then that.

all religions, counter-create, towards the other religions.

As certain deitys, are brought back to light,
out of the depth of the Nexus itself,

one is able to use These energys.

the use of These energys,
however, is also aligned with all other beings, and deitys.

If it wasn’t, the entanglement, and all “false gods” and opressors of humanity, would be stopped.


But again, i’m going to hear,
that those recieving the words,
felt unready.

that Feeling, Needs to be expressed.

It’s importend, to gain readyness,
on personal Level.


Kindest Regards,


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So true about ‘counter-creating’ and in fact sometimes just straight up stealing deities from other religions and making them ‘their own’. Sometimes in the form of ‘new’ gods and sometimes they get a heck of an ‘Evil Makeover’…

Which then makes in difficult for us to then try to read the stories and figure out who is who and who WAS who and to try to de-tangle it all…

For example I remember reading ‘Metamorphosis’ by Ovid and marveling at how much it reads like the Xian bible…

Seriously the depictions of Zeus are SO similar to the god of Abraham - tall, old white guy with a beard like Gandalf’s who lives up in a palace up in the clouds somewhere in a palace (that looks pretty Grecian) who wields lightning…

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in the similaritys, and differences, selfes are molded and become. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or as a local comedian once said:

it ain’t bad to talk to yourself.

But when you learn something new from your answers, you may be a Little crazy.

(which sadly, is a General dis-empowerment, for anyone, truely trusting into himself)

So therefore, i don’t want to leave you with this Statement.

Rather take this one:

In German Eigenschaft can be seperated like this:


which translates:
Egg, Genetic, Creation.

The original word, Eigenschaft translates into Property.


for, persons, thank you.


Kindest Regards,


Hi there! This is a very good question which I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability. However I need to bring up a few things before I do so, so bear with me. I have not nor will I ever integrate Mithra or any of Mithraic ideologies into the Path of Smoke. It is not because I am not interested, but rather because the Adversarial spirits would not allow it. This current maintains a laser like focus within a specific period in history for very practical purposes.

  1. The focus within the specific period of time and culture maintains great power because of this. The current itself will accumulate power because of this focus. This is part of the science taught to me by Ahriman. (Through backward knowledge I was able to see many weaknesses and strategies used by modern occult authors as well.) Many occultists will mix shit together like gumbo and as a result their is an “energetic bleed-over” which compromises potency. This was what Ahriman told me as I tried to approach these forces as a modern ceremonial magickian, and so I am sure that is what also applies here conceptually.
  2. This specific period in time is when the political control through religion gained the strongest foothold and began to accumulate momentum toward the enslavement of mankind. This control is exactly what Ahriman seeks to abolish through this sorcerous and alchemical current. I have yet to speak of this element of the grimoire to the public. Its many alchemical operations are severely empowering and this power can be used toward many purposes, however they are empowering the individual for Rites of Infernal Spiritual warfare against the origin of the false God of false light.

It is true that cultures always borrowed from other religions through iconography or attribution. Lets face it… “Might was right” as it still is today regarding religion. If a province was overtaken the first thing changed was the religion because religion reflects the government. These two seemingly unrelated things are actually mutually dependent.

This is what the Path of Smoke capitalizes on however. All of these governmental egregores originate with the God of this time period of the Mazdayasnians/Zarathustrians. So that is what we will destroy upon the spiritual planes. This will weaken the modern pantheons/religions which have evolved from this strategic and progressive methodology of enslavement. As a result (according to Ahriman) the hold world gov is gaining will also weaken because their seed upon the astral plane will be uprooted.

Michael Ford acknowledges the Zurvanite heresy simply because it is a religious heresy, and therefore he feels it is a powerful platform for Adversarial magick. This is not truly the case in the context of this current. Ahriman see’s time as the enemy and it is of the limitations of Ahura Mazda and part of his cage. So therefore Zurvan is not a God whom Ahriman acknowledges, and it certainly not the source for his “evil ways”. According to Akomanah it was a philosophers attempt to consolidate the fact that a perfect God would allow evil into the world. It does indeed sway the righteous from the true path of Ahura Mazda but it also keeps the ignorant from being able to step upon the true Path of Smoke.

In regard to the lion headed statues of Arimanius… Some people actually believed this character to be the very Zurvan I speak of.
"One of the early and important scholars of Mystery religions, Franz Cumont, supported the idea that the leontocephaline figure represented the Mithraic Kronos, whose Iranian form is Zurvan, the God of Time in the Zoroastrian tradition. Some scholars such as G. Widengren, Vermaseren, and Clauss accepted the suggestion that the figure represents Zurvan, the god of eternal time. In this myth, Zurvan became the father of both Ohrmazd (Av. Ahura Mazda “the Wise Lord”), the supreme deity of Zoroastrianism, and Ahriman (Av. Angra Mainiyu), the Evil Spirit and Ohrmazd’s main adversary"
Now let us remember the fact that the lion is usually always depicted as a solar deity and it is continued to be seen in this way today. (LION of Judah) Through my personal gnosis I have found that Ahriman represent dormant power within mankind and the individuals highest potential made manifest. This deals with the subconscious mind (the reptilian brain) and therefore he more “reptilian” in nature. (PLEASE do not bring up reptilian alien shit. Lol! People are just not ready for that)


Now Michael was once my mentor… he approaches things MUCH differently than I do as he does A LOT of etymological research. He can be considered a scholar of sorts in regard to that. I did not do that much research other than to make sure I was staying within the cultural relevance to maintain power and focus to maximize the empowerment of the practitioner and to prevent backlash which I already had suffered to a great extent.I was led by the Gods not my own petty human mind. (when my mind got in the way I paid for it) This is their work and their path.

So in short I do not see Ahriman having any real role in Mithraic lore. I know historically cultures swapped gods like underwear but human history is a platform for many of the lies we are fed. Instead much of MY research was regarding the origins of political and religious tyranny and the gestational process of it. This was because I needed to ensure peoples eyes would open to exactly what we are fighting against. It was a part of my initiation with these ancient dark gods as their voice and prophet. I am sorry I could not answer more effectively but to be honest… I give no fucks. I do care about you but… fuck history. A Priest of Ahriman remains in the eternal moment of Counter Creation.


Thanks a lot. This really cleared some stuff up. And your right. I myself have more or less found history to be a platform for hiding the true nature of these spiritual beings. Finding their origins by human historical record is useless because of Humans’ tendency to “compartmentalize” everything as you say. I was more concerned with the use the Romans had for stealing Persian deities and turning them on their own kingdoms. This seems to be a routine thing not just with the Jews but almost every major conquest of an empire.

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ALL proceeding religions came from Persian deities. The reason is that the Zarathustrian doctrine was a prototype for systematic control. IT ALL began here which is why we are “taking down the tree at the root” through the Path of Smoke.


Even the founding fathers of the United States were influenced by this doctrine. This is where my research was focused. I present much of this within the book including sources. The tyranny is easily traced… the fucking Vatican is influenced by this doctrine. Free Masons… Shit I even found BIBLICAL evidence of this. Lol! It is right in front of our face. The empowerment of evil mind and backward understanding made it quite clear to me and it will be presented to you in this book. :wink:


“The smoke ascends to usurp the throne.” Looking forward to your work.

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I came to think the mysteries of Mithras did not surround the god himself at all.

I’ve got a question regarding duality. You mention on your videos that the gods of light and darkness were compartmentalized as a means of political manipulation. What was the relationship between the gods of light and dark before the Zarathustrian doctrine was forcefully imposed?

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Its interesting to note the Janus face or Roman god Janus was directly linked to Sol Invictus.


He could be used to open your ritual.

Janus had no flamen or specialised priest (sacerdos) assigned to him, but the King of the Sacred Rites (rex sacrorum) himself carried out his ceremonies. Janus had a ubiquitous presence in religious ceremonies throughout the year, and was ritually invoked at the beginning of each one, regardless of the main deity honored on any particular occasion.

On a side note the Greek word for Jesus is Iésous and the Greek for Janus is Iānus which is also Ja comes from which leads onto Jah or Yah, Jah the moon diety, who Janus is also associated.

Modern scholars have conjectured that it derives from the Indo-European root meaning transitional movement (cf. Sanskrit “yana-” or Avestan “yah-”, likewise with Latin “i-” and Greek “ei-”.).[10] Iānus would then be an action name expressing the idea of going, passing, formed on the root *yā- < *y-eð2- theme II of the root *ey- go from which eō, ειμι.[11]

Other modern scholars object to an Indo-European etymology either from Dianus or from root *yā-.[12]

From Ianus derived ianua (“door”),[13] and hence the English word “janitor” (Latin, ianitor).

Oh shut did I just find out Yahweh and his son/sun is actually the Roman God Janus to which he has no Greek equivalent.


God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and ending
Member of Di selecti
statue representing Janus Bifrons in the Vatican Museums

Other names
Ianuspater (“Janus Father”), Ianus Quadrifrons (“Janus Fourfaced”), Ianus Bifrons (“Janus Twofaced”)

at the limits of Earth, at the extremity of Heaven

two faces


None: primordial deity


Canens, Aithex, Olistene, Tiberinus, Fontus

Etruscan equivalent

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus (/ˈdʒeɪnəs/; Latin: Iānus, pronounced [ˈjaː.nus]) is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways,[1] passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. It is conventionally thought that the month of January is named for Janus (Ianuarius),[2] but according to ancient Roman farmers’ almanacs Juno was the tutelary deity of the month.[3]

Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The doors of his temple were open in time of war, and closed to mark the peace. As a god of transitions, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange, and in his association with Portunus, a similar harbor and gateway god, he was concerned with travelling, trading and shipping.

Didn’t the God of Abraham say he was the alpha/beginning and Omega/ending.
"Janus presided over the beginning and ending "

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Their were always Gods of light and darkness within mythologies. However they were all revered and petitioned. People saw them as necessary parts of self and nature. They were considered mutually dependent and not mutually exclusive and so it was not about GOOD and EVIL. Cults of that time were set up to revere all Gods though they may have been set up in different areas. Unlike the period when the political movement began to push out and demonize certain spiritual practices. This is covered thoroughly in the book and I nail the source of the corruption to King Artexerxes of the Bible who is historically proven to be a worshiper of Ahura Mazda, and not of the modern Abrahamic faiths.


Thanks brother your post reminded me of Janus who is also Sol Invitus and is the real Yahweh and Jesus his son/sun. Synchronicity baby, Janus is the god of duality, this plane has two poles, magnetic which gives us positive and negative , duality, it all makes sense.

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Yes our sun is polarized. I am coming to believe that is the source of the density of this plane.


I discovered something last two nights ago, just looking to the night skies as usual, imagining other worlds , when noticing that a crescent moon was out, it was in the same direction i was heading fifteen miles home, now when I got the fifteen miles home the moon was consersiderably larger, now online it says this

384,400 km

Moon, Distance to Earth

Radius: 1,737 km

Age: 4.53 billion years

If this distance was correct how would 15 miles and standing on a mountain make it bigger, lies lies lies, the moon has no backside either, we only ever see one face which revolves. I’m gonna break every lie the masons have been telling humanity watch… This is the aeon of truth and spirit/ether. We’ll see who’s the real Goyim’s /Golems!

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So would the book give instructions on how to contact the original Light beings if the magician so chooses such as Mithra or the creation source Ahura Mazda was based on, or is it strictly the dark alchemy of Ahriman?

Just want to chime in that I had a dream to this effect last week, the exact same concept.

And I also have been waging (along with a few other people) various types of war on “God,” one major working we did as a group involved the Sun, and my part of it involved evoking the Black Sun into the regular Sun.

I’ll be lazy and paste what happened below rather than paraphrasing:

[quote=“Lady_Eva, post:6, topic:8508”]In the afternoon, the group worked to evoke into me, as medium, the combined energies of the sigil Claidheam created, as an aspect of the Spear Gungnir wielded only by Óðinn, and also various other spirits and forces, this time not as kind of “frog in a basket” guests, but as aspects of my own soul that were personifying these gods, as one with them in undifferentiated union of our sources.

This kind of work, of summoning the gods and then identifying with/as them, is covered in the PGM and I had previously practised being a vessel for the evoked form of Lilith, working with Succupedia from this forum (and which account I have yet to type up, mainly because the working hasn’t really ended!).

Outdoors, and in this intensified and amplified form, wearing a black blindfold for protection, I/We then evoked forth the Black Sun, using this image as its sigil (which this represents is something people will probably have to find out for themselves).

It was well past noon, the Sun was falling lower into the sky, and the time was pre-chosen by us as significant.

Instead of structuring the Black Sun in the sky, I invoked it into the physical Sun, as spirit into idol, in order to end any remaining association between the now-annihilated troll god and the physically present star.

What I Saw

The Black Sun manifested for me behind (on the far side of?) the physical Sun at first, as though some kind of force was repelling it – it felt slick, like two magnets placed with repelling poles that slide by each other.

I closed down the structure, dug deep, and then with a lot more force, evoked the heart of the Black Sun directly into the centre of our domestic Sun, this time keeping my focus fixed – arms outstretched, band protecting my eyes, and visualising this clearly through my spirit-enhanced clear vision.

I held the Black Sun inside our Sun and watched the entire sky turn to silver and then darken to black, and the combined SunDisk turn into liquid mercury

  • and then in an instant, some kind of moment of crisis passed, and the Black Sun, and the soul of our Sun, collapsed into each other and created a shining white diamond in the centre.

Later, D & M both confirmed that they had seen the same shape, and although they were supporting me and not (obviously) staring directly at the Sun, they reported retinal after-images of this same diamond.

Finally, the diamond shattered (but far more like dandelion seeds than like breaking) and I invoked it down into humanity, commanding it to take root as it willed, in the hearts of the worthy, of those who desired it (or ever had, or ever would) and that it would reveal itself when the time is right.

I know you’re way beyond the stage of needing “proof” or confirmation of what you see, as am I, but the similarity between our experiences, and the fact I also worked with Ahriman some 3 years back (in my case, a relatively short-term stop-over on the way to some other personal work, not the in-depth work you’re performing) seem to have somewhat led us along similar lines, similar experiences, and similar beliefs, and I think this is interesting enough to mention! :slight_smile:

Something definitely shifted for me as a result of the overall working that was a part of (described here) - the ability to enter places that are totally physical in lucid dreams has continued, and I’ve been having prophetic dreams as well which seem to be linked to this.

I also understand time as a constraint on consciousness, that’s more of a personal project I’ve been working on, intermittantly, and have only touched on a few times, I found this interesting:

“If time is really like space, as suggested in §1, and if the way time and space are perceived depends on the physical constitution of the perceiving cognitive agent (if made of mainly mass, then time flows and space is; if made of mainly energy, then space flows and time is), then the picture of the universe that emerges is one of a “frozen” world, which some scientists have dubbed, appropriately, “block world” (e.g., Dickson[3] pp. 165 – 174). In such a world, every event that happened or could possibly happen is already there, laid out in the four-dimensional space-time continuum.” (My emphasis) Source

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@XxMxX the goal of this work transcends choosing light or darkness. It is to become the very God I was seeking at the very beginning of this text. The God which is beyond duality. It is all in the book my friend. This is not a text of created rituals. This was for the most part coming forth through my own awakening and application of the powers of the Divs… the emanations of the Black Sun.

It is to become a microcosmic avatar of the void. Instead of enlightenment, this is “endarkenment”. This is very complex so if you have not read the sample or you are just not picking up on it… read it again.This is about becoming a living nexion of the powers of nothing which is all. If Ahura Mazda the God of light is knowledge then darkness would be the questions which precede that knowledge. The void is unlimited potential and is not a synthesis of light and dark but rather the source of them both. The Zanda seeks to unite with the darkness (the “dark matter” which permeates all. It is the clay of reality) of the black sun and become aligned with the void by directly consuming the egregores of the false light of Ahura Mazda. Returning the light to man is the objective of these rites of spiritual warfare. This is complex. Read the sample and see if you can connect some dots. Then if you have further questions get back to me here and I will help you to understand.

The Black Sun is the way to the nothing which is all… no external god. It is rather to get back to where we should be regarding the evolutionary process.