Ahrimanic yoga

Hello everyone. I have recently started reading Michael W Ford’s work and the concept of Ahrimanic yoga caught my attention. Ahrimanic yoga is essentially kundalini yoga, but with different names and chants ( instead of the traditional lam, vam, ram etc, you vibrate the name of a Persian demon corresponding to each chakra) for the chakras and, according to the author, different purpose. Michael W Ford suggests that Ahrimanic yoga aims to raise one’s personal energy levels and ultimately commune with the personal daemon, higher self or whatever you want to call it, instead of seeking union with the source. The author suggests this as a beginner’s practice.
So, has anyone tried this and wants to share his/her experience? I am aware that kundalini can be potentially dangerous, but I’m really curious about the potential of this practice.


It sounds really interesting, and while I didn’t take up this approach, the Ahrimanic force I worked with did enter my spine as a kind of channel, and then later merged into another channel to become a central pillar.

I won’t borrow words from yoga in this case because I’m not sure they exactly describe it, but it seems to suggest that the Ahrimanic force can be worked with in this way. This was an initiarory/gateway experience for me with regards to greater practical (black magick-style) power, prior to that I had worked a lot with healing and related stuff of a more (superfically) altruistic nature, which had created a channel of white light, and this balanced that out and increased my tolerance for heavy magickal work and also, provided a foundation for other things I’ve done since then.

If you work through this and feel so inclined, please let us know how it goes, I’m sure a lot of members will be interested and I know I will.


I would gladly share my experiences if I eventually pick up this practice, but I’m afraid that it will take a significant amount of time. I feel that I should research more into this particullar practice, the kundalini practices in general and ofcourse the Persian mythology, Ahriman and the Archdaevas especially, before I atempt to practice this. I want to have a clearer image of what I’m about to get into. Also, I’m sure that memorising the alternative names and chants for the chakras will be a challenge by itself. I mean, how am I supposed to remember the name Naonghaithya? I cant even pronounce it, lol!

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I’ve read many of micheal W Ford Book that i find Excellent, I also Practiced the Ahrimanic Yoga Technic as he instruct in his Book, Basicly my Experience with those Set of Technic were wonderful, Empowering and sometime, as many Spiritual Experience hard to put in words.

Also for the name and the different Vibration, In my personal Experience you can still use the Original Chakra name and vibration, the Important point is your Mindset, for Instance in Ahrimanic Yoga, instead of ‘‘Uniting with the Divine’’ or lending your Power to another Being or Force, you Keep it for Yourself and Unite with YOUR own Self-Divinity, be it called the HGA, the GodForm etc… Thus the Vibration are Important and can be Useful since the one used by Micheal W Ford are the name of Adverserial Force so it Help achieving that Mindset and Keeping it , but if you already have that ‘‘Mindset’’ of Keeping your own Power, being your Own God, then you can use the Original Chakra name and Vibration that goes with them,

Of course this is only my personal Experience with those thecnic, but it worked well for me.

Best Regards!


Does Michael Ford have any videos where he pronounces these? Might be worth checking, and doing a search for bloggers or forum comments about this on the wider web.

And I make cheat sheets for things, large black Sharpie on A4 cream card, place them where you can see them… when I learned the Stoicheia system (which has numbers as well) I had index cards visible at all 4 points, the floor, and the ones for Jupiter & Saturn on the mantlepiece. If you treat these things like rehearsal for a stage performance or public speaking, you can use the same tricks, and you’ll have them committed to memory in no time. :slight_smile:


@Mephistor: Thank you so much for sharing your experience, much appreciated. I just want to ask one more question, if I may. Did this practice cause any unwanted side effects for you?

@Lady Eva: Thank you once again for your solid advice. I did search the forum for threads about Michael Ford before I open this thread and I also checked youtube last night and it turns out that he does have a channel and a video talking about Ahrimanic yoga. Making notes n stuff is not really my thing, but what you said about treating this like a rehearsal gave me the idea to record the whole thing and make it into a guided meditation of sorts. I’ll also try to add backround ambient music to it, like a pro lol. That way I will be able to chant along and eventually I’ll commit it to memory.

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As for the uwanted side Effect, no i didn’t experienced anythings like that, in the contrary, my Magickal Ability where greatly enchanced sometime after i started the Practice, around one week in a row of practicing it daily, my Spell bear greater Succes, my other Magickal Ability where More also enchanced

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Hey everyone. After practicing Ahrimamanic yoga for about 20 days, I can definitely attest that the exercise produces a very noticable energy surge after completing it and also some really vivid visuals. That’s all well and good, but I have also noticed something a bit disturbing, that I wanted to ask your opinion about.
In the short period of time that I practice this technique daily, I have been sick twice. Nothing alarming, just coughing and sneezing for a 2-3 days. Also, I checked my body temperature today, and if anything it’s a bit lower than it normaly is. What seems so strange to me, is the fact that I got sick twice in such a short amount of time and I havent been sick for at least two years prior to this. I did research about kundalini yoga in general and I found accounts of people saying that physical illness can indeed be a sideffect of this practice, because the body pretty much sees the extra energy as a threat (like a virus for example) and tries to fight back. So, my question is how I can be sure that my sickness is caused by my above mentioned practice and if that is indeed the problem, what can I do about it?

I have heard of this also and as my endeavors have me tied up i have ot yet begun to walk the ahrimanic path. But my friends who do say yes it takes a toll. Bc it is so ancient and powerful. You can eat nuts for energy, excercise and eat better oerhaps than you may had been taking out a lot of the saturated fats that bog you down. I notice too after ooening gates and doing ascension rituals i experience what i consider spiritual lag. Meaning all week ill feel like shit, and also mirror symptoms of being sick. I eat less and more of the right things and just take it as easy as i can and usually by friday my enwrgy levels get back up.

I find that having some coconut oil afterwards really helps with that feeling, that may be different for other people though.

Thanks for you advice Awalter. To be honest with you, I’ve stopped doing this meditation on a daily basis and I only do it twice a week and before doing a ritual, because I can’t afford having this kind of trouble right now in my life. Now, I dont have any unwanted sideffects anymore and I can still reap some of the benefits of the practice. The energy levels that it can produce are actually massive. The last few times I used it, I could actually feels small jolts of electricity running through my body. That was quite startling to me, as I have never practiced any energy work before.

That being said, I am assuming that this is actually part of the problem. I remember watching one of Raven’s videos on yt the other night and she mentioned that if someone has an big enough excess of energy in the body, that can cause all shorts of issues, including physical illness and symptoms of exhaustion. I did try some grounding exercices I found online, with little to no result so far, so begining practicing daily is off the table for now. However, I am quite sure that daily practice as suggested by the author can definitely bring more benefits than simply raising energy. if you can handle it ofc.

Also, I am not sure if you can use this to access the ahrimanic current. I can be very wrong, but I havent noticed anything like that till now. To me it looks like a method of raising energy with a fancy name, but I’m open to the possibility of the arch-daevas entering your life in more subtle ways.

Lastly, I have also noticed that I have began to feel an ever-growing aversion to my bad habbits. They are not completely gone, but I feel the need to indulge in them less and less as time goes by. Ahrimanic yoga can be completely unrelated to that, but I thought I should mention it , because it started happening shortly after I took up this practice.

    AHRIMANIC YOGA is the closest thing to a True Yoga

it can be experienced by a Black Magician if he insists on FEELING the Black Magic.

as the consciousness stays in it’s place Eternaly, so does She, Our Divine Mother, Black Magic Herself eternaly flow.

         if one INSISTS on FEELING the FLOW of Black Magic

and moves himself out of the way, allows the Dark Gods to flow through the Body,

     the body contorts, lovingly, calmly, tensly, violently, gently

                      the face distorts, the voice mutates

               and Knowledge of the Aeons becomes your own


it is a firm GRAB onto the INTENT

with concentration and not-stopping, you elevate your authority (until you get what you want)

and i believe that True Power comes to the individual in the moments of YOGA

And The Worm of Chaos
Will worm Itself out
from every orrifice
every crack
and on to the World

and True Yoga will be Known
When The Old Gods Return

~by Prophet of Madness :slight_smile:


Hi there! I am the author of Black Magick of Ahriman. Here is what I have to say, and this is not to disrespect Michael as I was a student of his years back. The chakras are not associated with the Divs. These are of Ahura Mazda. The Kunda force known traditionally as kundalini is of Ahriman. These things are not mutually dependent. The chakras are represented by colors of the false light spectrum separated from the void of unlimited possibility. These are aspects of consciousness torn apart so that the human being cannot come to their full potential on the corporeal plane.

Can you have what seems to be “enlightening” experience with applying traditional teaching or even Ahrimanic yoga? YES. However it is an illusion. You may move your perception to a higher perception of consciousness but that does not mean you have re-united these torn aspects of internal blackened fire of soul. Seek to re-unite these aspects of consciousness not to merely “raise it” but rather to “EXPAND IT” in alignment with the universe so you can become a microcosmic emanation of the void and unlimited possibility.


:heart: x 1,000 #Antinomian


Uniting these aspects of consciousness is TRUE yoga and all modern applications of this “false yoga” are an avenue through which the purpose and design of ancient wisdom is circumvented to further fuel the religious cages, but also to help substantiate biological mortality and cyclical incarnation.


It might require a very precise and thorough ‘antinomian’ explanation to clarify what you mean. People today have been flooded with generic New Age doctrine about “divine chakras,” etc. from the right hand path perspective.


Yes when the “basic Premise of Kunda Yoga” is released we will post it in the forum and open things up for discussion. :smiley:


I mean, how am I supposed to remember the name Naonghaithya? I cant even pronounce it, lol!
~ These aren’t names of the tounge, but of the Eye. ~

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Naikiyas is the epithet of Naonghaithya used in BMOA. I must be honest and say that spirituality is work. Put forth effort and you get result. Do not let mere pronunciation discourage you. The pronunciation will engage the left side of the brain and the utilization of ancient languages will engage the right, and create a union in the hemispheres of the physical brain further opening the mind to expansion of perception which will open you up to spiritual experience beyond the physical plane. :wink: You CAN remember. I was once seeking to become a pastor and we were forced to memorize HUGE amounts of scripture so 5 syllables should not stop you.


Assuming the Divs are of the chakras is the first reason for the adverse effect. Eating lots of live raw food will help to increase the power of the subtle energy bodies as well as choosing the right kinds of exercise. Isometrics and yogic asana are two which help to accumulate energy in lieu of expending it. Also ground the energy or USE it through evil thought, evil word, and evil deed i.e. simply seeking outlets for antinomian becoming. This will effectively expand ones sphere of influence and prevent excessive personal divine power from becoming stagnant and toxic. I hope this clears things up a bit.