Ahrimanic yoga

it certainly does.

I’m fascinated.

I also like a lot, the Prfile Picture of yours.

Seems you found a middle path, didn’t you? xD



Wow, my old thread is suddenly on fire! Thanks for your input Kurtis, even though to be honest I’ve stopped practicing Ahrimanic Yoga months ago. I couldn’t really understand how it’s different from other types of kundalini yoga and as a result why should someone practice it instead of practicing more well-known methods of raising kundalini. Ofcourse, chances are that I simply dont get it. I’ ve watched your interview with E.A. a few days ago and I’ ve read your comments here, but I can’t really say that I fully understand what are you talking about. I guess that stems from my lack of knowledge on the subject or perhaps it’s something that has to be experienced and is not easily put in words, like so many things about magick are. Anyway, can we expect more info on kunda yoga in a video or newsletter, or are you saving it all for your upcoming book?

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I just posted a video in my “category” regarding the current in a nutshell. More to come on Kunda Yoga and other aspects of the current. In my category all videos will be posted to open things up for discussions and all specific questions can be asked there.


What is currently upcoming so far is the Vampyric teachings of Az-Jahi, The Temple of Blackened Fire, and Evocation upon the Path of Smoke and Kunda Yoga. Much more to come however.


Hi…until recently i owned and loved reading my copy of the RigVeda…what im confused about is this “blackening”…or the lhp correlation of the Vedic deities…Am i missing something?..in my studies of the Rig Veda…Indra. Akoman.Agni…are very rhp deities…i just cant make the connections that Michael W Ford or Curtis Joseph are making…I know …i know. Zoroaster and such…But the vedic system has nothing to do with zarathustras rambling…just looking for a little clarification…C.joseph if you read this…love your vids on your previous channel…so much great material

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oh you believed you live on a own private Little planet, where no one around you is also capable of affecting Reality?

Sorry to hear about that.

Welcome to reality, tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha. :wink:

If you Need help,
let me make that clear for you,
quickly. :wink:

You’re Alive.
You’re inside of your Body.
If you’re unsure about it, feel your Pulse.
It should be a pumping Sensation. :wink:

Reality - is really Real.

Magick - Really Exists.

Any further Questions? :wink:




Ok…you lost me with the cryptic shit…i asked a simple question about vedic deities…wasnt looking for your personal manifesto…but thanks anyway👍

That’s YB for you. Lots of good stuff comes out of that guy.

I’m looking forward to Mr. Joseph’s book. Gonna be a blast.

Yes definitely…hes really got some interesting stuff

Okay. Buckle your seat belt and hold on for the simplicity of it all! :flushed:
The military arts began in India through the genius of Brahmanic/Hindu spirituality. Zarathustra was likely brought up as a priest of the Brahmans. Issue was that the technology of war developing at the hands of laymen was not a good ideal for the ruling class behind the religion at the time. Though the political foothold did not take place fully before Zarathustrian doctrine it still existed.

So Zarathustra cherry picked certain Gods like Agni (making him Akomana) Indra (making him Andar) and Shiva (making him Sovar) turning aspects of power within humanity into something we shun. However here is where things get interesting. Before these Gods were demonized the Gods were still very much molded perceptions of man. So by presenting them as the more modern “demons” they are free to act beyond manmade spiritual doctrine and they are more authentic regarding the fullness of power because they simply “are”.

I go into this with some depth within the book, but I am sure this helps a bit. This book has been reviewed by Gurus within the Brahmanic faith. I have got more than enough good feedback. A couple even feel that it honors the true essence of their faith. I have conversation set up with an Indian adept which will take place soon. He has actually been a student of my work to a certain degree. It will be interesting I am sure.


Also keep in mind that Zarathustras “rambling” was the start of a very political move against the spiritual autonomy and empowerment of the individual. He demonized specific Gods for specific purposes. When you see that agenda you know that behind that demonic essence fed by the investment of fear are keys to great power through the expansion of consciousness. These Gods are far to powerful to be named in any way. Through these Persian Dark Gods you can meet their true raw primal essence unfettered by the ideals of man. For me it was an awesome opportunity!


Some of the “Litanies” in this work are rather extensive. I will likely put out videos publically to help people with how I allow the dark staot to flow. I do not even know if the planetary Litanies have made it to the public. The words of power within this text must be approached as an art. Working on Book 2 of this current I will say this much…

I have created a 40 bead wrist mala dedicated to Sovar. It is made from Shivas tears. To recite each Litany 40 times is to charge it with magickal use. This is the number of times Litanies should be recited according to Zarathustrian doctrine and the number holds strong alchemical significance. After that the further work with the mala charges it more with Sovar’s essence and aids with memorization.


Fucking hell ('scuse my language) - I just recently in the past week started really wanting to wear my rudraksha mala again, that I bought during my love & light days and never quite got rid of, for absolutely no reason I was aware of.

This is beyond coincidence, way beyond.


Yes the Rudraksha house Sovar’s essence quite well as Sovar is Shiva (though much more NOT), therefore it helps develop the “Evil Speech” or Dark Staot so that they can be better wielded to manifest ones chosen “counter creative” efforts.

All of this will be in the second tome. Many malas are harnessed as practical meditation aids, fetishes, and sorcerous tools through this current. They are fed using the Venoms of the Black Sun presented in BMOA. Crazy shit awaits.


How is this related to kurtis joseph’s “kunda yoga” ? :hushed:

Thank you Kurtis…as always very insightful👍

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This should help you:

What do you reply to those who, explaining how Ahrimanic yoga lacks a millenary tradition such as kundalini yoga, its techniques are not equally effective?