Afraid to reach out again. Are Goetia malicious or peaceful?

To answer your question, No they are not inherently malicious or evil. It’s not a pleasant experience to be on thier bad sides though let me just say that.

No they wouldn’t punish you for simply reaching out and asking for help. Contrarily they want to be reached out to because they want to express thier power in our world, if we only ask the right way.


Thank you. I researched those I reached out to first, but it’s so hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. For example, I just read that one person said they got the opposite of what they wanted after reaching out to Asmodai.
I had a failed working with Zagan in regards to my job where a scenario like you suggested wasn’t probable. However.
With this scenario, I reached out to Sitri because I wasn’t looking for love or a relationship. It’s within the realm of possibility that the intensity increased and made them withdraw. Initially the intended became more aggressive the day after the request, and scaled back. They reached out within minutes of connecting to Sitri to refresh the request 4 days later, and nothing after the last.
I am considering reaching out again and wording it so that any concerns or worries are assuaged, but I have concerns about making it worse. I also considered, Lilith, Asmodai or another source instead, but I what I read about the latter, as well as my current fear of backfires makes me hesitate.

I’m unsure if I asked the right way, but the intent was there. Thank you for this. I went from disappointed that things got worse, to being wary that asking for help caused it.

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To be frank I find it highly unlikely that you’re reaching out caused any trouble. They’re not like that. They’re Demonic Royalty, not monsters.

Just having courage to face your fears, a bold heart that will reach out to them for the change you desire and respect for them and thier strength is enough.

I don’t think you did anything wrong. I think you’re in a hard place because you aren’t able to communicate effectively with them yet and you may be having trouble making a solid psychic connection to the spirit when making your request. That’s what I’m inclined to think based on what you posted.

At no point do I think you offended or angered a Goetic spirit.


I would say, if you’re unsure or afraid now, don’t call them. Your own doubts could fuck up the magick. Or you could manifest exactly what you’re afraid of, and that has nothing to do with Goetics being malicious.

Why don’t you change your perspective a bit? Is there any other kind of spirit you feel more comfortable with? Have you ever worked with angels, as many people seem to have less doubts about their good intentions?


@Mars007 if you have Trouble communicating with Spirits maybe try this following method. I just got done with the first three and it was awesome.

If you haven’t gone through @Mike_Bee e-book, I would suggest doing to right away. It’s a literal gold mine and will do your magickal practice a world of good.

I would also go through Mike’s evocation thread to maybe refine your practices and probably find that sweet spot you’re looking for. I use this as a skeletal framework for my evocation process and then added my own elements to make it work for me. Evoke often, meditate everyday and sooner than later you’ll have success.


Whoever told you that, assuming you understood them correctly, is being seriously ignorant.

The Goetia are peaceful and will not punish you for going to them for help. If they were angered or offended, you’d soon be left without any doubt.

What I’m picking up on is your fear and that it possibly runs deeper than you think.

I strongly suggest that you work on your fear to eliminate it before attempting to work with the Goetia again.

To obtain the result you want, and keep it going, you have to have achieved alignment with the essence of your desire. So, if your desire was that this person talked to you, and you got aligned with the essence of that outcome (i.e. you felt good about it, you were clear in your mind and heart that you’d get what you want, etc) but then once you had it, you felt fear, or like you weren’t enough, or something low vibrational like that, then you hadn’t gotten enough vibrational momentum to prevent the result from doing a 180. Once you get the result, you cannot afford to allow yourself to fall out of alignment (e.g. you felt good but then you felt afraid that the person would stop talking to you, or you felt like you weren’t good enough, or you felt like you couldn’t believe you got what you wanted, etc). You’ve got to keep the alignment, you need to continue feeling good, and being clear about it. This isn’t the spirit’s job. It’s your work. Their work was to bring you what you asked for. The rest is up to you. I recommend reading the Abraham Hicks material for a thorough, yet easy way to understand how to control your vibration deliberately.

Not trying to be condescending or patronising. I know this is probably obvious, but in the middle of fear and confusion it can be easy to overlook.

Just because you wanted this person to talk to you, doesn’t necessarily mean this person was interested in talking to you. This isn’t the spirit’s responsibility, nor is it yours. If this is the case, it’s down to you to respect the other person and yourself by accepting their choice and moving on.

On the other hand, relationships take time and work. Maybe this parson has stuff going on that you don’t know about or maybe they need time to warm up to you.

None of this is the spirit’s fault or responsibility.

Lastly, you’re the Operator. These spirits will take you at your word and follow your command to the letter. Whether they have to or not does not come into it.


All entities from Goetia have the potential to be malicious. They are not labeled as demons over nothing.

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Thank you so much. That’s very accurate; I do struggle to make a solid psychic connection, or to be able to communicate effectively. As such, I end up wondering what I’m doing wrong.

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Thank you. I’ll try not to let other people get into my head. I don’t think I felt any hesitation until they said something.
I didn’t have any hesitation or fears, because this person and I have been texting for a while, and sexting for weeks. I was just happy that things were escalating, until all contact just dropped off out of nowhere. I’m not looking for a relationship here, so I reached out to Sitri.
I will readlllook into the material you suggested; is there a specific book? Thank you again!

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I’m not afraid of them, I’m actually more wary of the angels. I just let worry that what the person said might be true creep in.

Thank you! I’m not sure exactly what the above means? I was using the angelic circle from Winterfields books.

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If you make a pact with them, they will only maintain for so long. If you do not define a timeline it is up to them to decide how long to make it last. Also if you promised them something and didn’t pay they will act like any other loan shark out there and get it from you one way or the other. All of this depends on the demon although.


Then you can’t use that with this. It explicitly says no circles with God names, so you’ll have to just cast an energetic circle. I have personally tried this method and I was different for sure. I’ve posted my Day 1 experience on the page, have to share Day 2 and Day 3. Day 3 was intense to say the least.

I would ignore the fearful who cower from the demons. It’s not difficult to find these sorts of opinions floating around, and I believe that is more a testament to the power of the demons than to any unruliness or treachery.

I’ll put it this way. No demon has ever acted against my wishes.

If you were clear in your intention when you made your request, then perhaps you could perform another summoning or evocation and ask for answers. You may not get any immediately in the ritual, but if you open your mind to the demons, they will find a way to communicate with you and make it clear to you how they are responding to your request.

This fear you have been feeling is not uncommon for those who seek demonic power. I experienced similar things myself, and it can still sometimes be unnerving in ways. When a real nasty demon tells you they really don’t care who your enemies are, it reminds you of the nature of these spirits you are inviting into your life. Summon them properly, as befits their nature and the respect the demons’ desire from you, and there will be no problems for you. There will be challenges, perhaps even trials, but there will not be problems.


What page is that? A lot of different links and replies here, sorry. Is there a link to energetic circle the right way?

Do you have any recommended links or literature on pacts?

It’s the last post.

I already shared that in my previous thread by Mike about Prince Orobas.

You have all the resources now to get started.


NEVER make a pact with any spirit that hasn’t helped you several times already.

Kindraathe is right. You have several resources, you have enough to start working. I’ll give you a small bibliography that will be useful for you:

  • The Kybalion (you can read this one in pdf, legally, just google it)
  • The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual (a chaos magick grimoire with the basics for practice, available legally and for free HERE)
  • The magick of angels and demons (buy it, it works)

If you want to give it a shot to visionary magick, visit the blog “The shadowbinder”, where author Jared Tempest has shared (legally and for free, again) some of the pathworkings he had discovered to several angels and demons.

For a complete system of magick (legal and free, blah blah blah) visit Quareia. Is a system developed by McCarthy. While her philosophy is not quite like the philosophy in BALG, the curse has useful exercises and tools.


It’s vital that you protect your ability to know and hear yourself, and that means setting boundaries with other people. I usually keep my dreams, desires, etc to myself until they’ve manifested and then until I’ve gotten myself rock solid in my own vibration about it. Otherwise other people can cause you to become misaligned.

Ask & It Is Given.