Afraid of getting spiritually attacked and possession

I’ve been not having spiritual attacks for a while but I keep anticipating it. How do I shut my anticipations down??? I’ve done lesser banishing every day and I still get anxious can someone help me get rid of my anxiousness??? @darkestknight I’m afraid of possession of any spirit and I know I posted this before and panic attacks have got nothing to do with possession. Can someone help me calm down???

DarkestKnight is taking a break these days, so he wont answer.

The way I see it is, banishings keep little nasties away while big ones like a demon could break the banishing with relative ease but lucky for you, they really have no reason to possess anyone unless another practitioner is doing something.


Just know your in full control of what happens with your intention and energy , keep your energy up , if you don’t give it permission or ask it to do something bad , it has a super low probability of happening

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first of all, have no fear

second, you are in control, take back your universe

third, connect to a powerful higher being you feel close to


i will pm you

Know that most banishing actually make the practicioner more visible on the Astral. You better shield as well.

Also make friends in the Spirit world. Any deity who rules over protection can protect you. Finally learn to use astral weapons.


I mean LBRP also shields (at least the way I do it) but yes I forgot that it makes us visible, thanks for reminding me. :+1:

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Thank you little shart you’ve been a great help

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Meditation will help with this, to some extent, for the anxiety.

Concerning possession, it may help to call on a favored Deity/entity and ask them to partially possess you. Make sure they agree to the conditions, such as “I ask that you only possess my left arm for five minutes”. When I allow spirits to consume offerings through me, I say something like “I allow you to come in far enough to taste the food/drink. You must agree to leave when I decided it is finished”.

I have been fully possessed by Belial before, upon my own choosing and he stayed within all of the conditions I set. I typically only allow entities I’ve worked with for a while and trust to do things like this and only Belial has fully possessed me. All of the spirits have respected my wishes and if they didn’t, I would eject them. This is my skin suit, after all.

This made me think a bit. For how long do you remain more visible out on the Astral when performing the LBRP? Like is it temporary? Or?

Am I also correct that any evocation also makes someone more visible on the Astral?

In case of an emergency, use DarkestKnight’s method of protection.

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I’m better now, you are nice and are a big help… wish I could do something back pm me if you need some