[Æons Shadowlog]

:left_speech_bubble: Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. — Tony Robbins

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@demon fortune

Am I backed?

:crystal_ball: Outlook good

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May we do great things together

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @demon display help.

Update on the infernal empire. I’m finally studying things I’ve been dreaming of doing and seeing the results of being able to have developed myself.

7 years ago Belial told me it’s time for me to recognize my talents, the mark of who I want to be this earth what I want to achieve. To go to places I have not been before.

And when I’m in my element I Am God!!!

I don’t know how but I’ve made perfect test scores in the biology department. Probably because it’s something I do and study anyways without thinking to much about it. Without having to be paid for it.

And when Im in required subjects that aren’t biology and even subjects I hate like calculus my demons and my family from beyond the veil that I began working with through EAs teachings 5 years ago carry me. Empower me. Force me to succeed and I am eternally greatful!!!

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Continuing my path with the Temple of Ascending Flame, I’ve come to evoke certain powers as a constant in my life. Similar to familiars (but not the same thing I might add)… Im keeping these currents close.
Just as I live and breath magic, I see it in everything I do on a daily instead of just a simple rite I cast in a moment.

Great thanks to these currents. First of Sepheranz, great spider Goddess of the Qliphoth.
Your guidance brings me supernatural awareness as I navigate the mazes and tunnels of your initiation.

Hail Leviathan great winged Serpent and all your kin. Hail my own Kundalini as I exercise my will through you daily and efficiently untill the day my infernal empire reigns eternal.

Hail Girtablullu, guardian of arcane knowledge and forbidden secrets. You companionship and metamorphosis has proved invaluable to me.

And Lastly Hail Sorath, Lord of the Secret Sun, guide to mastering my impulses and controlling my ID to my benefit. I seek not to become you, but to become me, my own sun. And by your example I will give the world all of my self over and over, forever and ever. Tho some may scorn me for being burned by my radiance and some may praise me for shining light and life upon them, I will simply give my gifts and all of who I am to the world.

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“We could go anywhere…
Be anything…
Why do you wait???”


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After this week’s invocation of leviathan and Sorath I’ve been honing my Astral skills. There’s a few shadows who’s unwelcomed presence is now devoured by shifting into astral dragon form with a little help from Lucifer.
Ive accepted them as a sacrifice to my black sun and hopefully this will motivate others to be weary when treading around my temple grounds, although I realize they could not have gained access without my exquisite permission.
Thats the only thing bad about thoughtforms that aren’t serving (procrastinating, doubt, fear) they’re basically an “authorized intruder” that must be dealt with in haste before they fuck up your world.

My black sun grows stronger with each one sacrificed now and I will use this ability to my greatest advantage for the rest of my life. Hail Lucifer and the Temple of Ascending Flame, Hail Tiamat, Leviathan and Sorath. Hail the infernal empire and above all hail myself for having the ability to recognize, and respond with tact.

@Undying.Embers You’re making Interesting progress I look forward to reading more. I like that grey aeon sigil btw.

Now I’m going to ask you something totally out of the blue from left field and you’ll be like wtf but after if you think on it if it’s familiar to you or look it up if it’s not you’ll get why I’m asking this because this is just too damn freaky a coincidence for me not to ask it….

Have you ever listened to foreigner 4?

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OMG :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s too freakin funny
Mabye we channeling something

Yeah I know “jute box hero” and “urgent” from my youth :rofl: took my mom to see them in Austin Texas in 2014 or so I can’t remember :thinking:.

But looking at the album cover i think I get what your saying :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Leviathan has been increasingly helpful in my daily workings. She showed me that envy is just an echo of her true identity. For she’s the hidden gold of longing, belonging and wholeness.
To find this in yourself you must look deeply to see what you truly care about without others influence without murkying the waters.

“Imagine if you will, what would you do if Money wasn’t an issue, better yet what do you already do without getting paid for???”

"I’d just read to tell you the truth. Learn about space and time, write my fantasy novel and study biology. My friends just keep messing it up with their addiction to be social ".

"They envy you Aeon. Your attention to something else means less attention to them. It’s a form of vampirism. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They just have an insidious need they have failed to recognize in themselves. "

“Why can’t I just tell them to grow up? Why is it so hard to explain to them that my studying is what brings me happiness and fulfillment?”

“Because unless they see color for themselves they will truly never know it’s beauty. It’s a process they must grow through on their own…”

Hail Leviathan, hail Tiamat. Nahar, Tietan, Yamm, Rahab, Typhon, Lotan, Dragon, Tannin be praised.


Just finished channeling my darksun and the Sigil for invocation and evocation.

Gonna use this tiny slip for personal things and devices :grin::grin:

Hail Sorath, Hail the infernal empire

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This week’s invocation of Leviathan and Lilith is very revealing.

I’ve been focusing on what exactly the idea is to I need to focus on to build my section of infernal empire.

I keep seeing a bar/casino and hotel run or organized by me as people attend and pay tribute, there’s a dark temple aesthetic, definitely exotic.

Different sections and festivities and I keep seeing signs of the sabbatic goat everywhere in the form of Banebdjedet. Cobras too and many hints of Lilith as well as other entities that have contributed to my accomplishments over the years.

It’s like each one is secretly worshipped by every contribution made by tourists either by them buying drinks, socializing, or simply visiting the hotel.

But this is a bi product I tell Leviathan.

“What do I need to focus on in biology. What is going to provide this. I need a direction and a firmly grounded image of a driving force to motivate me when I lose my way!?!”.

“The breath of life.” She says

“Focus on the breath of life, yearn for it, uncover it’s mysterious ways, use it. Advance and contribute to your society and all will fall into place.”

Literally it all makes sense. Ultimately all my passionate questions in microbiology and cell science that keep me interested and keep me beckoning for more lead back to “what makes something alive”…

(There’s alot more and probably too much science language to go into this but I’ll spare y’all here lol)

Hail Leviathan, hail Lilith, and hail the infernal empire.

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Sorry haven’t posted in awhile

I am literally up to my ears in lab work.
This infernal empire is in the making hardcore.
Got an intern at a research lab and am getting a free ride paid to just be a knowledge sponge.

I’m barely finding time to be booked in the porn industry because of how much work is going into this pathworking of learning parasitology, virology and microbiology.

And although they tell me this is only possible because of myself and mastering there of I feel I must pay my due diligence and say this only has been made possible by those infernal circles who aid me.

Belial, Naamah, Lilith, Leviathan, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Sepheranz, Hecate, Khnum, and all those who have helped in my ascension hail and welcome. May we do great things together.

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