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As a matter of fact Ive had a few good experiences. It started when I began looking into lucid dreaming and applying it to sleep paralysis.
I started using music as a way to sort of “change the vibe” during an episode and it makes me very much in control of the situation. I just think of a very motivating or powerful song with meaning to me. Then I begin imagining it empowering me.

Met one of my guides this way as well :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


May 14th 2016

I wasn’t quite sure if the ritual of initiation i did with Hecate in the living room was heard or working or if it was even real so I decided to just sit and pray or think to Hecate before going to bed that I was very serious and would appreciate a sign of some sorts. AAAAAnd believe me when I say I got one.
I awoke in the usual manner. pins and needles, fear and paralyzed. However there was this BOOOMING presence stronger than anything I had experienced in sleep paralysis to date. A tall, pointy, rock shaped silhouette manifested at the foot of my bed to the sound of a thousand deathly moans. It was like I could hear the gates of hell opening and the souls of the dammed shouting and twisting. Then it kind of fluttered and I thought, “omg just my luck… a f***ing ring wraith from lord of the rings or some shiiiiit???”
But wait… it had cleavage?!? then lifted its face to show a pale, young, female face keeping her eyes covered by the shade of a hood. And there was this lowwwww humming sound like an electric generator the size of NYC was vibrating my room. I thought in my head, “Is this you? Are you Hecate?” and after a pause she gave a slight nod of affirmation. I asked in my head If she required anything from me and she didn’t respond… she literally just stood there very seriously with her energy humming and vibrating the whole room. Again I thought in my head, “Do I need to do anything??? is there anything you have for me or need…???” She immediately vanished and reappeared on the side of my bed but the side that my boyfriend was sleeping on. Then shifted her gaze from me immediately down to him as if she was annoyed, angry, or expecting me to be get rid of him!!! Then dissappeared. She didn’t say anything, but the vibe I got was that she wasn’t pleased with the fact that I had let him into my life.
Shortly after my current relationship started showing its true colors. My boyfriend remained jobless, began racking up debt barrowing money from everyone and cheating people out of deals. After creating an army of enemies I had to disassociate from his friends because they would all come to me with his problems. I was left to provide for both of us by myself as he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. This made him mentally and physically abusive slowly chipping away at my self value, self esteem and ability to validate myself through my own mind. He made me feel unworthy, worthless, yet he would play the victim of life or circumstances with no ability to provide for himself. Mind you I was 22 years old at the time and he was 40.
Hecate literally remained silent and invisible throughout this time period like she had vanished without a trace. No interaction, no appearance, no attempts to communicate. Then I pleaded with her to give me some sort of sign or direction (annoyingly to im sure as she had already given me all the instruction I needed). But boy did she give me what I wanted. I fell into another sleep paralysis spell almost immediately after falling asleep and she appeared much in the same manner. Booming vibration, hooded, and hearing cries and moans as she manifested at the foot of my bed.
Being unable to speak as usual in sleep paralysis, (and probably too scared to do so anyways from her presence even if I wasn’t) I started trying to initiate my question again telepathically:

     "Im stuck, Im lost. I think I know you want me to get out of my current relationship predicament..... but Hecate, what if I need it????" I thought to her, "To feel a sense of belonging, to have someone there even if its not healthy for me, why don't I have the balls to do something???? I need to know for sure Hecate, Is this what I need to do for you? To better myself?? Is this what I NEED???!!!!"

Immediately and almost in response to my thoughts she began morphing into something. She was growling and snarling and her eyes turned a luminescent red. Her teeth began Growing and her face elongated into a snout. Once she was done she was no longer a light skinned maiden in a dark hooded robe… But a Large, black and angry hell hound, nashing its teeth and roaring at me while I lay helpless in bed. I literally began announcing in my head, “IM SORRY, IM SORRY, IM SORRY, I GET IT, ILL DO IT, ILL GET RID OF HIM AND DO IT FOR MYSELF TOO, I CANT BELIEVE I DIDN’T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY, DON’T EAT ME, DON’T EAT ME, DON’T EAT ME!!!”

and she vanished.

In the following days I packed up and ran away out of state cutting all ties to him as he angrily and begrudgingly did everything in his power to find me. I knew he would. But I blocked all his lines of communication. and when he would create another number or profile I would block it too. His responses went from false love attestations to anger, back to love and apologies, and then again back to anger and threats. But I was not going to let him find me or touch me again and I never responded.

Once I settled down out of state my first dream was of Hecate embracing and holding me as I laid in bed crying my eyes out. Emotions flooded me with sweet relief and a mix of sorrow, confusion, self hatred and self appreciation.


This Is now on my Altar for Hecate as I find It to be closest to the vibes I got from my experience. I hope people who associate with her find it useful as well. She will always be a part of my life now.


Alright, on to the next entry lol

After the first Hecate experience, but before I got the balls to leave my abusive boyfriend at the time, I began dabbling in different vibes of witchcraft including joining a wiccan coven (much to the annoyance of that abusive boyfriend).
Sad to say though the wiccan path was a little too… hmmm fluffy bunny I guess for me. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed having a safe space away from my current predicament at the time, and they were very supportive. But it felt more like just another organized religion. Not to mention it was very heteronormative. Me being a gay male found it not very inclusive especially regarding the certain obvious rites, ceremonies and it left me longing for a different set of mysteries.
Those that I knew in the Asatru realm were very much on the toxic masculinity side at the time and my abusive boyfriend claimed to be from a druidic order that mainly consisted of his friends and family, (they were not like any “REAL” druidic order, but consisted mostly of self absorbed larpers giving me a huge misrepresentation of druidism at the time. I however had no way of knowing and simply turned away from anything related to druidism until much later when I discovered a much larger pagan community and proper representation of their system). Then I found EA Koettings channel on youtube.
Around this time I came across the Video “why “god hates you”” on the “become a living god” channel, and it spoke to me. Like REALLY spoke to me. I mean I typically frowned upon anything related to luciferianism, or satanism. Mostly from knowing plenty of “Reverse Christians” at the time who just replaced god with satan. However I had recently exchanged harsh words with Jehova witnesses at my door so I was a little more than curious I guess lol. So I began delving a little deeper in to the Goetian side of magic. Thats when I ran into Asmodeus.

June 17th 2016
My First Gatekeeper experience

I had started using lucid dreaming techniques and applied it to sleep paralysis at this time. This allowed me to control my fear during sleep paralysis. The shadow people and the like always manifested out of my fear and the less of it I fed them, the harder it was for them to appear. If however they managed to psych me enough to get passed that I also toyed with manifesting weapons or since I was paralyzed, imaginary limbs to fight them off, although this was less successful. My go to was pincers that came out of my back and would stab at them keeping them at bay, sort of like Marcus’s vampire wings in underworld evolution.
Anyways I awoke on my stomach and therefore unable to see sh** but some one was breathing down my neck. Then a very deep voice whispered in my ear, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. Quickly I manifested my imaginary appendage out of my back but the presence disappeared with lightning fast reflexes. Stuck on my stomach and not sensing anything else I fell back asleep. I awoke again very quickly to the same presence chocking me and squeezing my neck, growling: “What are you doing here”… I tried wiggling my fingers enough to wake up and then as I came to it was gone again.
I felt more like this entity was trying to work with me but at the time I let my fear get the better of me and it responded in anger. I still don’t quite understand to this day what he meant by “what are you doing here” but after meditating on the spirit for awhile and asking for signs, Asmodeus’s name started popping up everywhere. He has never again approached me in sleep paralysis to this date, but shortly after I began having clairaudient experiences with him. This typicall is regarding advice, path workings and even full on apparitions of familiars he’s given me to work with.
I now use this to establish a connection with him and i feel we have a great working relationship.


Here is the closest thing to my hat man experience. Found this online because I find the drawings lacking. But it was blur, the only thing missing is his staff.

21febuary 2016 citrona Odin

I can’t confirm this either no matter how hard ive tried… but the vibes I got were eerily similar to the History vikings series odin when he first appeared in episode one… Like I said tho these are just vibes and I havn’t seen him since.

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Im going to tag a few peeps I think might find this interesting
@LVX111fer @N.D_Blackwood @Keteriya (something is really tugging me to include you :thinking:) @Tekidor (heres a refresher if you ever wanted to reread some of what I shared)

Indeed, shadows brought me into the situation where I was taught this knowledge. They did not teach it directly, but opened the pathways for me to find it. The actual teachers are… well its complicated, as all things spirits are. Ill say, they were an atavistic presence in our human evolution. Basically, a species extinct that we evolved from long ago. Think like, around the time we started evolving on land and not in the water. There is a but there, because recently I learned how they resemble another classical deity, but I cant share who.

Since these things had no language when they existed, a “medium” needed to be invented to allow me to interact with their knowledge. That medium manifested as a “religion”, which was the main issue with my original post. Im not saying this is all true or that I worship these things, but the concept of “religion” is the vessel used to pass the knowledge on to me.

In short, their primordial brains viewed reality like this:

Their gods were in an eternal war. The large ones for eons preyed on the smaller gods and destroyed them. You see, these gods are always hungry, and other gods are their food. In time, the smaller gods merged or coalesced into each other to rival the larger gods strength with their combined power.

Eventually, an effort to stop the fighting began. From each God a small bit was taken, and that energy was used to create our reality. Biological life is like a tree that produces food for these gods, and after death the fruit sprouts. Each God then moves to the soul and takes from it, in equal proportion to how much they gave for creation.

The creatures from who this come from believed there were two ways to prevent yourself from being eaten (forever) by their gods. In short, mastery of either the predator energy, or the prey energy, would allow you to rival the gods strength after death (since after death you sprout with the energy the gods consume and are made of). (Caveat on this, im told by other spirits this knowledge extends way beyond the predator/prey dichotomy but I have been unsuccessful in separating it from that system, or adding onto it).

The energy in both cases adds extra strength to your spirit/soul. Existence then, is designed to squeeze biological life to constantly create that energy within you. So, the more of this energy you have to deal with, the larger your fruit will be after death.

To correctly use this energy they believed you first had to go through “death while alive”, or as ive found a death-rebirth ritual. This sprouts the fruit that the Gods eat, but since your body is still alive they may not prey on it. You may then work to feed it to literally become a god (or at the very least fend off the gods from eating you forever). This “Golden Death Body”, as they called it, can also steal that energy from others. If you dominate, or submit to someone (nicer way of saying it) in the correct manner, after their passing that energy will flow into your own death body.

To remove ourselves from their beliefs, the predator/prey dichotomy can be seen as a “dark” manifestation of yin/Yang or fem/masc. It also speaks volumes to perspectives on life from very simple creatures. We live lives of relative comfort, our struggles are usually not literally life and death like they were all the time for our ancestors.

Ive also found, on a personal note, ties to Greece and Egypt within this practice.

And again, im not saying “these are my gods” or to go out and harm anyone, just trying to share very powerful information to people who might be receptive too it. My original post had a lot of vocab, instructions on how to contact the specific shadows that brought me to it, as well as a deeper dive into the dichotomy and how it plays out, but I think its better not to share. Anyways, all are welcome to this knowledge, should you so be open to it. The Hidden Ones are ever present (as unknowing is everywhere), so if you are receptive they might reach out.


Did you sign up for the nine gatekeepers ritual? Would you like to? Plz PM me if there are financial obstacles.

sleep paralysis is called Karabasan , and is similar to other stories of demonic visitation during sleep. A supernatural being, commonly known as a jinn ( cin in Turkish), comes to the victim’s room, holds him or her down hard enough not to allow any kind of movement, and starts to strangle the person

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I’ve got to say this right here has been the majority of my experiences, but I wonder really what they mean to do and if a relationship is possible or if I should ignore all the parasitic ones entirely.
I’ve tried communicating with most them to no avail as they seem to only care about holding me down and attacking me before trying to like inhale me or something from me.
The acceptions are the hat man and Hecate I’ve listed above and a few others I haven’t logged yet.
The Asmodeus one maintained communication afterwards and stopped attacking me however there was still the initial attempt.


I am soooo intrigued by this concept and can say im slowly becoming a major fan lol!!! Well… More like tweaking my own beliefs I that direction :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Thanks. Positive feedback is always nice, especially since I got a lot of negative responses last time.


Alright finally back to the entrees.

I can’t quite remember the Time for this one
It was sometime in 2016 I believe when my sissy and I started a witchy Facebook group.

All I remember is walking up in my room to a flutter and being paralyzed again braced for a shadow.

However what I saw was my ceiling was gone and Instead there was a pale skinned woman, dressed in black with dark hair suspended in the sky.
She was surrounded by a flurry of ravens flying in a circle around her making tons of gawks, caws and flutters. She was smiling and I got very good vibes from it despite the key factor of her being her raven’s … Not to sure what to think of this one as it was a very short and one time experience.
The encounter lasted roughly a few seconds and then my ceiling closed and I was still stuck in my sleep paralysis state. With nothing else to do and no presence I literally laid in my bed until I finally feel back asleep. No idea who she was.


may 29th 2017

I was spending my last night in the navy barracks, (I was a Marine but as a none commissioned officer I was given a room to myself vs the typical 30 men barracks. And I was relieved. I was getting out of the Marines and ad re obtained my freedom, my dignity and my sense of self value.
However a few nights before signing my dd214 I awoke paralyzed again to a laugh echoing down the hall. I thought maybe some one had brought a child on base however it stopped and there was never any sound of doors opening or closing.
I hate when I awake in sleep paralysis, and it’s more annoying when it’s induced by people and I’m forced to lay in this sick position until I go back to sleep. But this quite drastically changed from the hallway to my bathroom which had an open door aimed at the foot of my bed.
Unable to move my head I looked down as far as I could to see what appeared to be a silhouette of a small girl in my restroom mirror just tall enough for her chin to be above the sink.
It was hard to tell as I couldn’t quite stare directly at her but I’m almost certain her eyes were black ed out or missing. Her skin was so pale she almost looked as white as her dress and her hair was a dark brown.
After a few moments she giggled and ran into the wall passing through it and never saying a single word. But this would not be my last encounter with her. Not even close…


@Undying.Embers @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog as you guys know already I believe every fucking word you have said on here…just want to show support on this sensitive but realistic subject basically im showing some love…keep it up don’t let no one stop or shut this believe there’s so much more behind the shadow people than meets the eye per say soon the mystery will be unlock.
Thanks for sharing…:slightly_smiling_face:


@anon39079500 i think you might find this interesting "shadow people "


Thanks. It’s on my list to read, but I haven’t gotten to it yet :slight_smile:


@anon39079500 no worries we’ll be here just follow the white rabbit :rabbit2:


So after all these years Im finding that though shadow people are the majority of experiences during sleep paralysis, I don’t believe they are the only alternative beings that can be experienced in this state, (although they are the majority).
Also, I’ve found what happens in waking life and day to day life influences how much they bother you. For example trauma or toxic energy in real life can create a sort of “bleeding” effect on your psychi that attracts these bastards. Even years after trauma simply returning to places or people that are associated with said trauma can attract parasitic shadows.
I find myself rushed by the more hostile type of shadows when I’m surrounded by my family, the marine corps or when I travel back to texas (where my family resides and I was raised)
So far the most effective way for me to repel these attacks is by removing myself from those places or people completely and remaining vigilant by setting intention after falling asleep.
It doesn’t stop them entirely but I’m finding fun and interesting ways to “attack” them or make it not worth their time while in sleep paralysis. The hardest part is manifesting these experimental weapons or methods while in the state of perpetual fear, and impending sense of Doom that sleep paralysis triggers.


I don’t get many shadow people honestly. There was one time I literally got attacked during a sleep paralysis by a woman, she had really dark long hair, with a red dress, I remember it clearly, and when I managed to come out of it (came out of my body) I literally jumped on her, telling her how I was going to kill her. She got so scared, probably didn’t expect that. Even myself, when I “woke up” I was like “What the fuck happened”…
But like, she seemed upset at me for some reason, no idea why though.


Yo no lie I’ve tried so hard to get out of my body to only 2 successful attempts. Once was by accident and the other was finally figuring out I needed to visualize somewhere I’m house and then begin touching details so I sort of just appear there
Normally I’m too scared during an episode or to self doubting to do it successfully but initially there would always be resistance or a negative entity there lol. I tried The imagine I’m floating out, I tried the imagine using a ladder or being pulled by a rope but I still have alot of practice before I can do it on purpose.
And I just gotta say the fact that you were able to use it to come out and attack am entity is some gangsta ass shit. I wish I could’ve seen their face. That is assuming they had one. Sometimes I can’t see features