Advice on relations with Buer and Bune

In 2021 I contacted Bune, receiving clear signals of his presence, which I have testified in this forum. I received nothing in return due to health problems … which forced me to turn to Buer. I come in contact with a doctor, I hope it is the right one, in the hope that the meeting was propitiated by Buer. He diagnoses me with a disabling bladder disease that I have not been able to live for years, spending part of the day … and especially the night in the bathroom. I spend thousands of euros for the operation, but the doctor proves to be a scoundrel, and I have been living with the same symptoms for over a year despite the operation! Recently, the head of that urologist (a very well established and respected doctor) has me re-checked, and he shows me that his colleague only removed a small part of the obstruction … so I will have to undergo a new surgery ! (This time I would not pay for the operation as there is public health in Italy, and the private sector is used only for emergencies such as the pandemic).

I am shocked by my situation! The medium through which I came into contact with Buer, told me that Buer had also foreseen the cheating doctor (in this forum I had read that Buer helped to get in touch with a good specialist immediately!) And that this scoundrel served me to solve my karmic problems, according to his suppositions, not supported by divination!
That being the case, I would be led to conclude that it could all be due to chance. I have developed a certain mistrust, since for years I have been offering incense to both Buer and Bune (to which I have dedicated two altars, and I always carry their seals with me), but without results. The medium in question suggested that I continue with the offer of incense, but I am struggling about what to do as I fear it is only a self-deception, that Bune and Buer do not want to help me, etc.
I would like to leave the altars, continue to carry the seals with me (made by the medium) and suspend the incense … waiting to see the results of the bladder operation, and then after healing … or at least after those improvements I’ve never seen!

I wanted to contact a medium to contact Buer but, not working due to health problems, I can’t afford the $ 150 for the service!

Thank you very much for any suggestions, and sorry for the English and the prolixity!


Oooh good word! I had to look it up and that doesn’t happen very often. I love words, this one is great. I don’t think that was too much though. :slight_smile:

I agree with your feeling here, it’s time to move on, that these spirits have had their chance, even if you had impostors involved, in 2 years I would expect they knew something. There’s that old adage about repeating the same effort and expecting different results.
But also, now bridges are broken regaining that trust to do the work is difficult, and I don’t see there being any contact from their side to help, meaning the doubt will kill anyting that was working anyway.

I pulled a Quariea Deck card and got “Seclusion”: which represents the need to withdraw and heal.

I’m glad he deck is implying that healing is on the cards (literally!) and I’m reading this as withdrawing from this episode with Buer and Bune. There are other entities better known for their healing that are worth working with. I would also advise dropping the “worshipful” style to the energy in carrying sigils and making offerings.

Making an offering in gratitude that it worked not as some kind of payment is ideal, imo. Lots of free energy payments can attract parasites looking to take advantage (like this incompetent doctor maybe?) as well as the unseen kind.
The energy of gratitude alone is stronger energy, as it’s related to love, which is the strongest energy and flows the best.

So working with an entity that has healing as a speciality can also bring you inspiration about actions you can take to help heal yourself or mitigate the problem. While you are researching you will come across a chain of info, one thing leading to the next that gives you new ideas and understanding. Things like this are usually multifaceted and you can make a few changes in lifestyle and diet that help, reducing inflammation and scarring or feeding a healthy biome that all add up to helping a little in different ways.

The top names for healing are Raphael, Marbas and Ebuhuel (from Angels of Omnipotence). I’ve worked with Raphael and Ebuhuel, and I like Ebuhuel a lot, he feels more powerful even without Raphael’s popularity. These are a level of entity that do not need human attention to be strong and want to help because that’s what they do, and their agenda is human ascension. It’s hard to focus on your energy work and ascending when your body is not well. So, no offerings are needed for these either.


Thank you so much for the reply and the reassurances!

The medium I contacted also works with angels, planetary spirits and other entities. I trust you that I have always feared that it was infested with astral larvae (he explained to me that the material he provided me for the evocations was a pre-ritual … therefore, the fear is that he transferred those low entities to me), if only because he insisted ( unlike what you do) on the need to make offers, she instilled in me (probably involuntarily) feelings of guilt because I did not express gratitude, and she justified the scoundrel doctor (sin is a “managing doctor”, recommended to my father by one specialist who successfully operated on him. I’m afraid he has changed over the years due to psychological problems. From the way we expressed ourselves, I looked like the doctor and he the patient …) telling me it was a Buer’s tool to unlock my energy sexual. She works a lot with the ouija board (which I also used to contact Bune (who answered three of my questions) and Buer). My fear is that, when she used Travis’ tarot cards, instead of getting answers from Buer … the answers if she gave them alone. So, at best, it was self-deception.
In 2021 she had given me a consultation from which it emerged that in the middle of the year I would have started a job, and that the next one I would have worked professionally … needless to tell you that the disease prevented this from happening. The medium explained to me that “times are indicative” … it is a pity that about the incompetent doctor she told me that Buer, knowing past, present and future, was obviously aware of that experience …

In any case, sharing your reasoning, on the occasion of the offerings of incense, I have always expressed gratitude, in order to purify myself, even before pleasing the entities … or avoiding retaliation on their part. So, I definitely take your advice to make one last offer. In this regard, can I ask you if I can eat the oranges and honey offered to Bune, and if I can recover the yellow (synthetic) sapphire bracelet that I had given her? In any removals, I will always have to take everything with me (consecrated material such as altar seals, candles, metal seals, etc) or I can leave them somewhere … or I might try to contact them again in the future, in case could I find “safe channels” to get in touch with them?

Could I work with Raphael or Ebuhuel by invoking their names using youtube videos with their enns / mantras?

I have many incense charcoals, sandalwood incense and orange candles. Do you think I could use them to make offerings to Raphael or Ebuhuel?

Thanks for the diet tips! “Thanks” to the incompetent doctor I did the cholesterol tests … which turned out to be very high, because I was following a diet rich in eggs and dairy products. I corrected it, and within a few months the total cholesterol dropped by over 90 points! I now follow a plant-based diet with fruits, vegetables and legumes. But I plan to switch to a “flexitarian” diet, in order to avoid the b12 supplement and to satisfy the need for nutrients found only in animal proteins and fats.

Thank you very much for your advice! I feel so much freer!


Ah, yeah, Ouija boards are notorious for a reason, experienced occultists use them sparingly and for very specific purposes, not real readings, because they are so unreliable, or rather, reliably contact random impostors that play mind games with you. They’re real, but they’re too open and blash a hole through all your wards. Getting “Zozo” (a prankster, an egregore some say is derived from Pazuzu, it’s at the level of the teens that larp with it, since imo they created it) is somewhat expected but nothing actually intelligent, connected or helpful. They’re basically a childish game for spooky entertainment, and useless for anything serious. They’re designed that way, that’s their entire intent and its very strongly imprinted by millions of human players, and hence very hard to overcome with your own. Intent is everything.

That does sound likely. Use of the Ouija regularly would increase his likelihood of being heavily infested. You want to put extra effort in cleansing and banishing after Ouija board use because if it’s openness to random riff raff.
It sound like this practitioner maybe didn’t know to do that, or know much about spiritual hygiene at all. :joy:

Unfortunately, the one thing parasites want is to feed, and they can get very clever about saying what someone wants to hear to get access to them. That’s the one thing the Christian based demon scare mongering movies are right about: they lie, and they come up with any old crap to get to you mentally. What those movies them miss is the logical conclusion that… they lie! They claim to be big named entities that they’re not. They’re never “Beelzebub” or “the devil”.

This practitioner sounds like they could be at the point where they have become a mouthpiece for parasites. They’re in a really bad position if that’s the case, and it explains why they are sympathetic to other parasites not the victims. Pretty dark stuff.

I don’t really have much confidence the Buer was involved at all at this point, and zero that this practitioner had that much communication and wasn’t making assumptions, which are inventions of the mind, ie fiction or LARPing… the Ouija board could have brought anything through. Did you summon Buer yourself and ask Buer if it was him and get him to show you his sigil? That’s the common way to check for impostors: they can’t show the right sigil in telepathic communication. Doesn’t sound like this person did that.

It’s something to constantly check for, even, or maybe especially, for experienced mages, until you get so familiar with a spirit that it’s like recognising an impressionist vs the one being impersonated: not always easy still but easier than it used to be.

Good call. Raising your vibrations also makes them less attractive to the kinds of parasites that like to eat negative energy. You can get to where they can’t even see you and you can’t see them. They might as well not exist in your universe, and nobody had to get into a fight to get there. :slight_smile:

Yes, they might not be that nourishing in terms of qi if an entity actually accepted the offering, but in India they always feast on the offerings after they’ve been out for a while. Religious Taoists also eat the offerings of oranges they make. So it’s a matter of preference. The calories, nutrients and taste will be fine for the body, if you’re very energy sensitive they might feel a bit ‘flat’ in spirit is all.

Yes I would keep that stuff. You don’t want other people accidentally messing with enchanted objects linked to your energy. You can disenchant or deconsecrate tem with your will if you like, simply place your dominant hand above them and see the energy draining deep into the ground,and decare firmly out loud “I deconsectae this object, and so it is.” or similar. You can always reconsecrate them later if you like as well.

No, just use Raphael’s “Seal” (Internet Search the Seal), and The sigil of Ebuhel is in the book. Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest (there might be one on here somewhere, not sure.)

Enns are from the religion of “Demonolatry” and I avoid them, but I dislike religious attitudes so that’s me. Mantras are from the religion of Hinduism, and work well with given energy and intents, (raise kundalini etc) but are more generic not specific to any western entity.
Neither are available or what you want for these entities.

Eh, that’s very misleading: there’s no real issue with high cholesterol, it doesn’t cause any issue, the issue is with trans fats, don’t eat those, DO eat eggs those are great for you. New studies show that cholesterol from diet is not a problem. The reason for testing for it, is cholesterol is a marker for cell repair in the heart, meaning, if you have it and you don’t eat much of it, you are producing cholesterol in huge quanities because your heart is damaged. Eating it of course raises your blood levels but isn’t a marker for a heart issue.

If you’re worried about having atherosclerosis, eat no eggs or cheese for a few weeks and THEN do a cholesterol test to get a baseline. Also do NOT do this test within 3 days of a hard workout: the workout also raises levels in a way that is misleading (after excercise your heart cells are supposed to be repairing, this is a good thing).

Most doctors are quite stupid people who swallow the anti nutrition, drug pushing shit they are fed in colleges without question and don’t follow the current data on these things. They also don’t know why they are doing the tests they do, and it matters a lot what the tests really mean. You have to learn it for yourself. I’ve had to deal with these ignorant fools my entire life and I’m sick of them pompously wasting my time. Use them to get tests done, figure it out yourself and find a good one you can work with who isn’t so self important he’ll actually listen to you and use what he’s learned usefully.

Bottom line: never ever give your power away. Everybody can give advice but it’s just thier opinion in the end, it’s not truth, and they are only as good as what they have experienced. Which usually isn’t as much as they think, sadly. :slight_smile:

No, get out of that mindset. They don’t need offerings. They don’t ask for them. Just reach out for help and they’ll be there. :slight_smile:

I would say, take the lovely incense that smells so nice, make it part of a preparation ritual for yourself that calms you and gets you into a meditative state. A you keep doing this you will condition yourself so that these things help you get into the state easier and easier. Sit comfortably and serenely, then place your magickal gaze on the sigil (as in that tutorial I liked above). Incense is great for this, but not if that’s not a thing for you. In that case it just helps drive off unwanted spirits.

If you get into evocation, incense will be a “manifestation base” where the spirit’s body can be seen in the smoke. That’s it’s practical purpose.

Beef liver. Look that up it’s a well known secret in the longevity community, though Dr Sinclair is vegetarian as well. Highest amount of b12 and other nutrients and you only need a tiny bit, it’s ridiculously nutritious, but go for grass fed and grass finished only, cows are not supposed to eat corn. An ounce a day or maybe 4oz a week unless you work out a lot. Then you don’t really need so much meat if you’re trying to avoid it.

Hope that helps, glad you’re feeling better! :smiley:


I must point out that the medium (indeed, they claimed to be two. Perhaps the other was limited to making the ritual material, since she always replied the same) were very helpful, they sold their products and services at more than accessible prices (from some months they removed the link to the page from which they were making sales). I was amazed at her detachment. He always used her (in Italian the most formal way of relating), he never called me by name or surname (despite having to use paypal and receiving the packages with his address, I used my official email and also knew his name and surname). This all seemed very strange to me.
Over a year ago they published an article in which they explain that Gaap would be placed, together with other Goetic demons, in the “low astral”, as they tell how he would have been in a bad position towards them. After a while they publish another article in which they claim to be wrong about Gaap … in reality he is a good spirit! So on Satan. On the site they claim that he does not exist … to me they write that the demons claim to be submissive to him.
Good girls but confused … the fear is that this confusion is also attributable to the astral larvae mentioned above …
I bought the ouija board from them, and was told that Bune herself chose the stone with which to make the pendulum to communicate.
Speaking of Bune, I remember trying to contact her with the psychionically charged metal seal and a candle, reciting her nn … and immediately I felt a presence, Bune (or an astral larva?) manifested itself in a dream. From what appeared to be flames, a brunette girl took shape who kissed me on the lips as I lay on the bed, reassuring me that she would be close to me. After evoking it with the medium’s material, I (along with my family members) smelled a perfume for many days in my room. During the first invocation, I had asked her to manifest through cats … and on the day appointed for the summoning I was approached by an orange cat, three days earlier by one half orange and half white … which I felt had come to prepare me. to evocation. I wonder and I ask you: is it possible that astral larvae can use the name of a demon up to this point to harm us?

The medium reports on the site testimonies of works with spirits who have completed their work more than admirably.
The improvement in my sister’s health conditions (for which I thanked Buer here) and the fact that I came into contact with the second most important doctor (who will operate on me in a few months) in the city where I live (one of the most important in northern Italy for health), led me to believe that, albeit after the traumatic experience of the previous urologist, Buer had helped me to reach the goal.

I come to the diet and doctors talk. Over the years I too have developed a great distrust of doctors. The incompetent doctor also turned out to be rude. After the operation, he assured me that I would be cured after 1 month and a half … then 2 … then the months would become 4 … 6 … a year … in the end he liquidated me saying that "piss hurt for 40 years "… because according to urology I was born with a bladder obstruction, which becomes more and more problematic over the years. However, unlike others who are followed by the urologist from a very young age, I had problems with urination only after 36 … and they became serious only after 39. I would not want urologists to be like diabetologists, who they believe that type 2 diabetes cannot be cured, while we know that with a healthy diet you can cure type 2 diabetes, and manage type 1 better!

Thanks again with all my heart for the advice! I love liver and have a trusted butcher to buy it from! I don’t know where you come from, but here they sell eggs from free-to-scratch hens … listening to CLASSICAL MUSIC :sweat_smile:! They are fantastic!

May I ask you how do you rate Marbas, compared to Raphael and Buer (the “sorcerer” from whom I bought the Buer seal, who also sold me the Bune seal, also works with Raphael)?

Thanks also to my parents who, despite being consecrated lay people to a Catholic monastic community, have tolerated the altars in Bune and Buer, and who will now feel relieved! I think it reassured them that I spend many hours reading books ranging from various themes, and the letter of compliments to myself from their monastic superior.


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One correction. In the last sentence I wanted to say that my parents would thank you too, who they never thought well of the two altars.

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Bune communicates through colors and cats. Generally the orange is about things that are a poor fit for you, because you took the whole idea of “union of opposites” a little too far. The white is actually one of the colors of the philosophers stone when it goes through a certain stage. You have to understand something about Bune, she is actually an underworld deity and if you have made the philosophers stone on a larger scale, then you can make it on a smaller scale (that is making money.)

The big problem is sometimes people go after money in a non-energetically balanced way, hence the health issue. People don’t like to look at this and think they can just do any old thing to make money instead of doing what their body is trying to tell them, hence your problems.

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Yeah. Bune appears as a brunette, gorgeous, attractive young woman. That’s her, all right. When I said something similar in a group on Facebook, I received a disgusting comment (something about a “waifu pillow”). So, I can only continue to comment on my personal experience.

Hail Bune!


My health problems are due to a bladder neck obstruction, which is something you are born with. It’s not about “looking for money in an unbalanced way”. We will see how it goes after the operation, which I should do within the year.

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Your ads are the ones that have contributed more than others to inducing me to invoke Bune. I appreciate it. I think that the love for Africa, along with the desire to marry an Afro-descendant woman, came to me from her. I have read the few books on the work of Prof. Cheikh Anta Diop translated into Italian. I have been Italian for generations, and from a DNA test I discovered that I have Sudanese ancestors, and perhaps Bune is trying to reconnect with these African roots. I “feel” that Prince Sitri would also like to manifest himself in order to help me pursue this goal.
While waiting for the recovery, I dedicate myself to reading books against racism and Afrocentrism, I promote the purchase of them by public libraries (they almost always buy them!), In the hope that in Italy and in Europe it will soon come back to cover. an important role for Africa!


Hi man… I have the same problem… Have you ever tried taking Tamsulosin just for some months? I think it could help!

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A few months after the operation, the urologist, based on my symptoms and clinical history, prescribed Kentera, a drug/patch based on the active ingredient oxybutynin. I started about a week ago, I already notice small improvements. which I hope will lead to healing in the next 3 months (this is the duration of the drug treatment).
I hope Tamsulosin helps you to heal permanently!
I noticed that we have to do part of the work, avoiding to respond immediately to the persistent stimulus, forcing ourselves to urinate, as I believe the cure serves to re-educate the body to no longer use the abdominal press to urinate.

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