Advice on how to completely destroy this relationship?

Hi there, I’m going to sum this up as quick as possible because it’s a long, complicated story with a lot of elements. So long story short here it is…

I wasted years of my life with this man who ended up betraying me cruelly in many ways. Luckily I am only 25. Cursing him for revenge would be pointless because, he is set to inherit hundreds of millions, he barely has friends, he’s a narcissist, and he is already a drug addict (weed, stimulants, and possibly other drugs). So there’s not much to destroy there. His wealth is too strong, and he’s already ruining himself with drugs.

Anyway, he lied to me about this girl he hung out with frequently. For years he told me she was just a friend. I ended up finding out they were more when she texted me from his phone calling me a side chick. I freaked the fuck out lol because first of all she’s a washed up 30 year old who isn’t even attractive and has nothing going for her- I’m better than her in so many ways and have been seeing him longer, so the fact she said that was hilarious. Long story short I called her the fuck out and put her in her place.

He refused to explain what happened and why she contacted me so I cursed him out really bad, like said fuck you, you are a terrible person, your standards are disgustingly low, you are a liar. I don’t think I’ve ever been so cruel to someone but he actually deserved it. He didn’t do anything except text me “sorry”. No explanation, NO NOTHING. After FOUR years of seeing him and sleeping with him he couldn’t give me an explanation. Prior to this blowout, I had done some demon ritual with the intent to end their relationship, I’m guessing this was the outcome (her going through his phone, texting other girls).

Here is the problem…I thought this ritual would finally separate them however 1 month later I saw on social media she had posted a picture at his apartment. She deleted it but I saw it. I should clarify, this girl is obsessed with him and has no life, almost every time she hangs out with him she posts something on her story. Upon seeing this I did more break up demon work. I’m not specifying which demons because praise is part of the offering if they deliver.

I couldn’t believe they actually hung out again. Him and I haven’t spoken since this whole explosion.

Anyway… a few days ago she posted another picture at his apartment complex. Immediately the rage came back and I took out the rage by doing more break up rituals with demons (I use magick as therapy in a way). I am also angry at this girl because she said extremely rude things when she texted me, and also she knows when she posts I can see her profile.

Anyway, some of the phrasings of the spells were:

“The life of N (her name) is painfully destroyed and ruined, so that N is never spending time with HIM again.”

“N” (her name), is completely destroyed and hurt, so that “N” (her name) is never spending time with HIM again"

“The relationship between “N” (her name) and HIM is completely destroyed and terminated, so that HE is permanently never spending time with “N” (her name) again”.

Do you think my phrasing is good? I understand magick takes time, but if their relationship is already weakened, I would think just permanently ending the relationship would be easy for the demons. A problem I think is this girl is extremely pathetic and will put up with any of his behavior, even after she saw him texting and pursuing multiple other women she is STILL sleeping with him, despite the fact she is 30 and knows she is totally wasting her time. She is the type to probably stick around and give him sex no matter what he does, so it seems, HE would have to end the relationship. I am just guessing here. I truly need their relationship to end for peace of mind. After what they both did to me, they don’t deserve to hangout with each other.

You might be asking what my end goal is here. No, I don’t see myself dating him. But I DO want to see him one more time for closure, because I never received it and we ended on bad terms. And I DO want both him and her to suffer, and their relationship to end, for peace of mind. I think cursing truly is about the caster, giving them a sense of justice. I want them both to suffer 10 times harder than I have.

This girl’s life seems like it already sucks. She is 30 and single, has a shitty job and lives in a shitty area, is sleeping with someone who doesn’t care about her and sees other people, and is not attractive. So I feel her life will self destruct anyway, I don’t think I care enough to do a full blown curse on her since her life is already shit, I just need her relationship with him to end.

Sorry that was long winded. Anyway, is there any advice you have on how to get these 2 people to finally separate?

Also I want him to see me again one more time but I’m so scared that he’s mad at me for swearing at him, saying fuck you, ect., that he will tell me to leave him alone if I text him. I move to his neighborhood in our city in a few weeks, so I thought that would be a good time to just text him that I moved there and that I’m past everything that happened between us.

Also… apart from the demon break up rituals, I have done a few rituals from Angels of Wrath. I have done the Force Exile ritual many times, to force her to leave his life. Also I have done the ritual to destroy her with wrath and bring grief to her.

Any advice/feedback is appreciated. Like specific spirits to work with, wording, spells. Thank you!

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Well, as I was reading your post a few things came to mind, the most prominent is that you should consider a chthonic Deity and ask that the spirits from the underworld be sent to torment him.

Why? Because it sounds like he can afford significant healthcare, so illnesses (outside of his addiction), may not ruin him enough. Having your life force siphoned out of you? Well, I haven’t heard of a successful hospital treatment for that, but admit I don’t work in healthcare.

Another reason is that if he’s already that self-centered, then there really isn’t much point in trying to separate them. It would be a shame if he were to become obsessed with her but given the things I’ve read about narcissists around here, this may be a long shot.

I would search for the petition ritual in the tutorials around here. Your wording will be better than ours. I would search for spells on the net and pick the parts you like, tweak them, and make them yours. I would look for Chthonic Gods and Goddesses and if a few of them stand out to you, petition them both.

I realize this isn’t a cut-n-paste answer, but you putting your words, emotion, and will into it is part of what will help it be successful (in my opinion).


I just feel if his health is ruined he will have more of a reason to stay with her because he won’t have the energy to find someone else.

The biggest thing I want is for their relationship to end. I didn’t waste years of my life to see him happily hanging out with the girl he lied was his friend.

He is a drug addict and has cheated in all of his relationships, he is no prize. I don’t even want him anymore I just need their relationship to end for peace of mind and justice.

I’ve cursed him in the past when we got into fights and honestly he was still seeing other girls, smoking weed, it just never had the affect I wanted, so I don’t want to curse him like that.

Do I ask demons to harm her?

If I cursed him and he was still seeing her, I wouldn’t be happy. I realized my main thing is to just have them be over. Do I just work with many many demons and ask them all to end it? Eventually one of the demons will just destroy it right? Now is the time to strike because their relationship is probably still fragile after that whole blowout.


Summon andras to wreck their relationship it will be hectic! Look em up!! :clap::clap:


Thanks, do you have personal experience with him? I’ve never worked with him before. I heard he is totally intense and affects the caster as well though? I don’t want any blowback. If you have other suggestions I would be open to hearing as well. I’m going to look up Andras tonight.

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Also if I work with numerous demons for the same goal is it likely to help the situation? Like I would think the demons would fuck up their life in the process, at least I hope so. Like possibly give one of them an STD, ruin their looks, so no one wants them.

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He’s not as scary to the person summoning him as you may think actually :joy: and as long as you send him to your target(s) and only them you won’t have any bad effects, I know this from experience. He can be a little aggressive with you if your impatient with him but as long as you trust him your will will be done :joy: good luck to ya :clap::fist:t3:

And remember… Have fun with it!! Live your best life boo. :clap::clap: And listen to Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball when you hear them suffering


Of course it will help just do your research on the spirits and make sure their not working with other spirits they don’t like and you’ll be fine!

I literally just listened to “wrecking ball” as I read this :joy::joy:

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Andras will do it :slight_smile: Sitri told me to use him. The woman my ex left me for kicked him out, took money out of his account… The woman he is now living with lost her job and as of today he has no job too. Andras will help you. Treat him with respect and he will help you. I adore him


Lmao what a win for you. They broke up and basically got cursed. What was your phrasing to him? It seems he chose to fuck up their life in the process which is nice. Like if this girl lost her job that would be awesome. She is an actual low life and deserves it. She also did not know who she was messing with :wink: karma needs to teach her a lesson not to piss people off thinking she can get away with it! She is probably surrounding by demons right now and repelling every human.

I’m have a little trouble choosing how I phrase it. Do I just say separate them so they never spend time with each other again? Or do I say wreck and destroy the relationship so they never spend time together again? I want to phrase things slightly different with each demon so they can go at it from different angles but with the same overall goal.

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LOVE THAT!! :joy: :two_hearts: @DarkSide that song Issa total bop :fist:t3: and mood for these kind of situations lol :joy:

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Soo if anyone has advice on phrasing an effective break up spell, let me know :slight_smile: I am working with demons so I need to be super specific!

I asked him to make my ex hurt and suffer like I had to. Physically and Mentally. :slight_smile:
The reason I know about his suffering is that he works, well worked, with my brother in-law :slight_smile:

Thanks. Was your statement that broad, just “let my ex suffer”?

I’m going to do that but say it with her name. I could maybe say she is suffering so that she never spends time with my ex again.

just tell him how you feel and what you want to happen. Take your time with him and don’t rush him away. He likes to hang around a bit.

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I could say she is suffering intense pain and anguish, so that she is completely helpless and alone. That way it also implies she is no longer seeing him. What do you think?

Or just write “she is suffering intense pain and aguish, and is never spending time with my ex again”

you can’t expect a drug addict to have morals ethics. And one that is to inherit millions too. He don’t care for anyone but himself cuz that’s what drug addicts do. Fuk him. Even though his life is mess up, it’s heaven to him in his eyes. Cuz he gots money, he don’t care for ladies. He can buy them easily. It’s of no value to him. Do all kinds of curse on him to mess up his addiction and also his wealth. Take away his addiction and money or anything related to it.

Bring out the big guns!! Go with "Master Curse’. in magickal attack book by gordon winterfield. Or angel of wrath book. Those too very helpful in cursing.

I know, which is why the relationship will eventually self destruct naturally but I want to speed up the process and make it miserable for them both.