Advice needed - who do I call next after King Paimon?

I called King Paimon recently but wasn’t sure he came. More to do with my undeveloped energy body and being new to calling spirits than anything else. King Paimon first contact - was he here?

This is what I called him for:
I have a longstanding friendship. I agreed to carry out 2 days of work for a friend and her husband in return for work to be carried out for me by her husband. If it was not possible for her husband to do the work, the deal she would pay me a discounted payment for the work I did. 7 years later after many hints, I mention direclty it in person, email her afterwards and no response. I then call upon King Paimon and ask him to influence my friend to settle her her debt “gladly”. (Because I didn’t want to lose the friendship).

Hail King Paimon! Today I receive an email stating she is going to pay me. No monies yet however. The email is very shitty. So not quite “gladly”. Still I think he has worked his magic.

I have responded to the email very pleasantly, sticking to the facts of our agreement and expressing gratitude she is going to pay me. I couldn’t let this agreement slide. It’s less about the money now, but more about standing up for myself.

Our kids are good friends and mine would be heartbroken not to see hers again. Also it’s a friendship of 38 years and our fathers went to university together. I’m happy to overlook her shittiness as a one off kneejerk reaction at being called out.

Who can I follow up with to preserve the friendship?
Duke Dantalion or Duke Sallos?

Thank you in advance.


I would continue to work with King Paimon and see how it works it out. In my experience if there is a task or they think something else is better suited for the job they will let you know.


Laying foundations is essential. Ask for his help to develop your psychic facilities.


I agree with @Brand_New and @anon88526866

Since you started working on it with King Paimon, maybe give it more time, work with him further on it, ask him about future moves. I think that’s the best way to go about it.