King Paimon first contact - was he here?

A few days ago I had everything ready to make contact with King Paimon but at the last minute didn’t go ahead. Since then he’s been on my mind constantly.

Yesterday I went for it. I’m very new to magick. I started off small and made a petition and contacted him through his sigil using the Galley of Magick method. I wasn’t scared thanks to the various positive posts about King Paimon on here, but respectful and took my time so I didn’t make mistakes as far as I know.

I didn’t see anything but when I was burning my petition (which took so long to turn to ash), there was ringing in my left ear, a loud whistling from the flame which was enormous, and then it felt like there was music coming from the flame unless I was imagining it, punctuated by more whistling. Writing it down, it sounds crazy. I wish I’d recorded it!

I felt very calm but it didn’t get any messages or communication in the form of thoughts in my head.

I felt less anxious about the issue I contact him about this morning. I look forward to the results. I’m guessing though that first contact has been made and my petition heard?

I’d be grateful for any thoughts.


Seems to be that he manifested but your senses are weak. Would recommend working on your chakras. Mainly the crown,Root and Third eye


Thank you @MorpheusDarkson. I am working on strengthening my third eye and it’s not fully open and definitely the other senses.

I’m actually hoping to build a relationship with King Paimon so he can assist me with these things while I work on them myself.

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I have a ritual called Azazel’s Eye of infernal flames ritual which empowers the person the magician desires. Its unfortunately made so that only another mage can do it.

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King Paimon always comes when summoned, even if you don’t feel anything. That calmness and the sound you heard, could be signs


King Paimon is known for manifesting through music. He was definitely there. You don’t need a physical evocation or an words from the demon to know your petition was received. If he was there, which he was, he heard you.


I eventually came to the conclusion he was there too. Not because I doubted King Paimon, more a lack of experience, not knowing what to expect and doubting my abilities.
I’ve since contacted him again and the experience was different, but the energy, the same and the results, as rapid. I’m grateful for King Paimon’s patience and assistance.

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I just heard in my head "hes on the right path " after reading what you had to say and i’ll leave it at that


That’s good to know @DonaldJames616.
I’ve just discovered your channeling sessions - I am off to peruse now!

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Greatly appreciated. Let your passion fly.


I have earlier suggested a friend of mine to contact the King… I honestly don’t know why I did, I knew somehow they would be good together.
I told her how to approach the King, always refere to him as a King, make offerings, respect, respect and respect ecc…
The strange thing is that her offering was candied fruit, arabian food… this coincidence made me think.
When she called the King, she suddenly started to hear laughter in the distance… it was Him.
And I didn’t tell her anything about His laughter.

When it was me to trying to contact him, at least the first time (I stopped magick for a while), I was hearing whistling from a ear to ear… it scared the freak out of me.