Advice for the pact

I can’t kill my time for love spells anymore,give it to your soul let it do it and give it back this is my mentality right now,What entity destroys all the obstacles in front of a person and brings her to me with endless interest and loyalty?

An agreement that will always make him think of me in his mind and heart, that will bring me to himself completely, of course I will detail every detail, I will work on this agreement to avoid chaos for at least 3 days. , I just need to choose the right entity.

I have these 3 names in my mind right now.

And I’d like to point out that I’m very new to the deal, I’m not ready for a lifetime deal. Do you mind if I apply this contract for 1 month?

that is, asmodeus will bring that person to me as I want within 1 month and I will pay what he wants for 1 month. Is it possible to edit it this way?

  1. Nobody needs a pact for this sort of thing. A pact is a persnal relationship and if you can’t get communication from the entity. you can’t know what you’re agreeing to, and you don’t want that.

  2. "and I will pay what he wants for 1 month" … Bad idea. Never sign an open ended deal where you don’t know what your part will be. It’s also ideal to just ask, and offer what you feel is appropriate from a place of gratitude, not payment. The entities are not merchants.

  3. Specifying a time limit can work but tends to fail more often than not. It can bring anxiety as the deadline nears that messes up the energy.

My best advice is run the working on yourself to remove your attachment and stop beating yourself up about it.

That’s the real problem, this obsession of yours, it’s unhealthy, i’s not what makes for good strong relationships, and it’s probably to a fiction of this woman that you have invented in your mind. You’ll get her and find that who she really is isn’t who you thought you wanted anyway. Magick like this can also change people in ways you don’t like.