Advice for someone who doesnt know what theyre doing?

hi, im new to this site and to the occult in general. im unfamiliar with basically everything here, and dont know where to start. should i keep reading stuff on here to learn more or are there other sites/books i should look at? i know that theres different “religions” or beliefs but i dont know how many there are or what they are. how do i find which one fits me best? i know im interested in demonology, but not much more than that. i know everyone is probably tired of dumb questions like this from newbies on here, so sorry about that.


Religions and beliefs mean almost nothing here i’m afraid, this forum is more about practical spirituality. So with that in mind let’s look at what E.A. Koetting has called the 3 godlike powers of magick.

  • Divination

  • Evocation

  • Soul travel

Now which one of these little slices of forbidden fruit would You like to bite into first? When you know that then we can move to something a bit more specific, but until then by all means read everything you can on here (ignore the cheese) and anywhere else you can find and begin doing this or something like it everyday.


Welcome to the forum. Everyone is a beginner at first. Don’t feel bad about it. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Here is my thread and I hope you may get something from it.


This is the video that started me back on the path and interested in what BALG had to offer.


Welcome! It can be very overwhelming to begin your journey into the occult but don’t stress yourself about choosing perfect path. I find the best way to start is slowly. Read a book or two before you do anything because rushing into magick can have big consequences.

I am biased but I found a great introduction to magick through Phil Hine’s book Condensed Chaos. Chaos magick is a very practical, no nonsense, everyday approach to magick. Hine’s book is short, very effectively and concisely outlines the basic tenants of Chaos Magick and gets you doing basic magick pretty quickly. I would also recommend Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman. Chapman presents an even more bare bones persepective than Hine and the book is presented as a practical workbook with easy to follow instructions and a basic run down of Chaos philosophy. If you want to start right away and don’t want to pay anything to do so, I would recommend the free, online, and illustrated Psychonaut Field Manual. It is like a graphic novel for magick.

Most of all have fun! If you aren’t enjoying yourself, take a step back and re-evaluate your approach. And personally, I would also recommend avoiding any system that gets you bogged down in heavy dogma and strict rules, unless you like that kind of thing.


thank you, ill be sure to look in to it!


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thanks, this is really helpful!

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ah okay. thank you!

Here is something to help better your time on the forum as you will be sitting on here a lot from what I am guessing.

Quote things by highlighting so people know the context of what you are saying.

Looks like this.

You can also @ people like this @.no11 without the period.
Lastly, make your writing break up into paragraphs like what I did. It makes it a ton easier to read, in which a big word wall will probably drive some people away from reading.

But if it means anything I jumped into the thing I was most interested in which were succubi. Then learned the basics. But it is not the wisest decision to do your research and prepare.

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