Advice for magickal murder

I intend to kill a girl that has caused me great pain over the years. My first kill. I have already begun. The sigils of lucifer, andras, eurynomos, pazuzu and garadaera have been drawn, opened and i have given them blood. I have looked at the picture of her and have a “fetish item” to slice, stab, step on, throw and spit on. My anger is being placed on the fetish item and in the process was completely synchroniced to the belief that it was her. Any advice further as i intend to do this over multiple days as both ascending and releasing anger and pain


It’s a complicated way to do it, but if it works for you then go for it. Make sure you release all hatred, anger, rage, fear, etc as part of the process. You need to get yourself to the point of forgiveness. This way, you’ve won, anf gotten true justice by freeing yourself of these painful emotions. If you don’t do this, you’ll find that you’re holding yourself back in various ways in life. Make sure you clear yourself of any guilt regarding sorcerous murder too. Fully heal yourself so that you can truly move on.

And damn her soul to destroy her false self. It is her false self who harmed you. Trust me on that one. To damn her soul, summon Azazel (or Belial, Amaymon, or Abaddon) and command them to send her soul to the Lake of Fire and damn her in it, and to do this as soon as she physically dies. This way, her false self won’t continue to haunt or otherwise harm you. :wink:

Were you baptised at any point in your life? If so, damn yourself in the Lake of Fire. Until then, call on Cohzier to protect you against the troll god known as Yahweh and all who serve him. He will cause you major problems if you were baptised. Info about Cohzier can be found on this forum. Damnation will free you from Yahweh’s grasp.


Enjoy your life and anytime you experience a drop of thought about her - just smile and be satisfied as if she’s already death. Soon you’ll hear the news.


Do different rituals one each month .some can take years .or do minor damage I have to do 1 evey keep it going.

Curse the target every day choosing the hour of Saturn or Mars. You can see in your astrochart which is more powerful so start using that energy to attack a victim :wink:



Bael Said to me that multiple curses everyday don’t change this

What change is to empower the first curse that You do, for exemple If You have a voodoo Doll, You can put sulfur powder And increase the pain of thebtarget And as long as the day pass incrrasing more malicious thingd

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Call the Dragon of Death to mark your target:
Tohu Tehom Theli Tan Leviathan Taniniver Taninsam

To cancel the targets sephirot protection call Beelzebub and extra with mantra:
Tohu Bohu Chasek