Adventures with the Lwa

I have decided to open another journal to document my journey with the Lwa. Several months ago, I received a spontaneous visit from Damballah, the serpent god. I rarely have spirits pop up in my life without being called, so needless to say, I found this to be intriguing, and a subsequent evocation revealed their intent to work with me.


I am a Western style ceremonial magician, so please don’t jump into this thread and try to tell me the way I am going about this is wrong. I did not seek the Lwa, they came to me, and they do not seem to have an issue with my approach. I treat them the same as any other entity, though I will admit to having some trepidation with them that I do not have when dealing with angels or demons.

I am treading territory that is very new to me in working with the Lwa. They have not spoken of exclusivity so while I am working with them, I will also be continuing my angelic work, as well as my journeys with the Fae.

It seems 2021 is going to be a year of new magical adventures for me.


I pressed play on an African drum track, settled into my chair, and could already feel a trance coming on. It was a bit disconcerting, as I didn’t actively do anything.

I picked up Papa Legba’s veve, and gazed at it, my vision sinking into its lines. Even before I could speak, I felt a shift in the room.

“Papa Legba, mighty gatekeeper! I call upon you to open the gates to the Lwa, that I may speak to them.”

The beat of the drum echoed inside my head, and I heard laughter. Legba was here.

I then picked up the veve of Damballah, and repeated the gaze. The lines began to waver, and I felt cold eyes staring at me. The serpent god had arrived.

I thanked both for coming.

"Thank you, Papa Legba, and Dambalah, for heeding my call. "

Legba: “We are here. It is time for the work to begin.”

“What do you want of me?”

Legba: “You will learn.”

At this point, I received a telepathic image from Damballah, of me standing, and waving my hand to cause things to move and change.

“How do I begin?”

Legba: “You already have. There is a mighty dragon caged within you. We shall set it free.”

“What must I do?”

Legba: Learn ecstatic trance. Focus your inner power. Do not deplete yourself. You wish to become like God? Then act like it. We have chosen to work with you because we see what you may become with our help. Ask your friend if what we say is true."

Thank you, Papa Legba.

Legba: “We will be working on you. Call us again Friday.”

With that, I was dismissed, and the energy of my room returned to normal. I had a headache.


someone from the forum?

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Legba once told me something along the lines of “we taught people things and now they wanna play church with it.” Just do your thing and don’t worry about folk who want to argue from a standpoint of tradition.


Good luck with all of this. Going into unknown territory is scary, but from what I see of you on this forum, you don’t mess around, and you do your research very well. I’m sure you’ll do fine.


I played the drum track, and settled into my chair. As soon as the candles were lit, I could feel a trance coming on. I took a few deep breaths to centre, and then picked up Legba’s veve.

“Papa Legba, I call upon you to open the gates to the Lwa, that I may speak with them!”

I heard a chuckle. Legba was here.

I picked up Damballah’s veve, and called for him to come forth. I “saw” a blue portal open up and Damballah arrived.

I thanked them for coming.

Legba: “You were thinking of not calling.”


Legba: “Why?”

I get lazy, and I doubt.

Legba: “Do not doubt we are here.”

It’s a struggle, even after all this time.

Before I could hear Legba’s response, I lost the connection, so what I received got a bit jumbled.

Legba: “…learn to let go…you are too stiff, unwieldy in your mind and body. Be flexible… We will teach you.”

Teach me what?

Legba: “The secrets of your heart. But I don’t think you’re ready. You lack focus, commitment. You hold yourself back from freedom, from magick, from Life itself.”

What must I do?

Legba: "You know. Just choose. You live up here - " pointing to my head - “when you should live in here” - pointing to my heart. “Call us when you are ready to commit.”

Commit to what?

Legba: “To life.”

As they turned to leave, I called to Damballah: Are you my met tet?

Legba grinned: “We’ll be waiting for you.”

With that, they departed, and left me with much to think about.


Could you please give us a link to that track?

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Following because I got a recommendation from Lucifer to approach the Lwa, and they accepted me. This was a couple of years ago. I haven’t worked with them that much but my specific relationships are with Marionette and Papa Ghede. They saw my potential and who I am as a person and were happy to accept me. But I admit, I haven’t much of a clue about them.

Like you, I’m a Western witch/sorceress and I don’t practice the Voodoo religion. But unlike you, I’m very comfortable in their presence, which is loving but firm.

Your adventure sounds interesting. :slight_smile:


This is me 100-fucking-%, damn…

Its sucks because we’re all capable of so much but we just get in our own damn way. My mind is where I find comfort, while my heart is neglected and pushed away out of fear. Commitment is also something I struggle with in more areas of my life than I care to count…gdi. I know if I could just stay focused on something enough to see it through I could really find myself, really find my own power, but I just lose interest far too quickly.

I’ll definitely be following you more closely now, and maybe through you, I can learn how best to start changing myself too.
Ive been looking into the Angels of Omnipotence for help because I keep hearing on here how powerful they are, but its been pretty quiet so far…then again its only been 2 weeks. Augh must…keep…going.

Keep it up man!

Your what? I’ve never heard this before.


Met Tet is the Haitian Creole derivative of Maître Tête in French or Master Head. It is a spirit that you feel a connection to and identify with as well. It’s sort of like a guardian angel.

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Huh, TIL. Thanks!

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Go into the magick being open, as if you were a beginner again. You don’t need to doubt, go into it with an open mind, and you don’t need to have faith either. Just go into it with a joy.


I find this interesting as it’s the same thing I realized in my own pathwalking. Do you plan on doing some shadow work to free yourself of this mindset?