Actual past life marriages or am I being made a fool of?

Hello, guys! I’m a long time lurker and rare poster.

This time I’m here regarding a common, repeating situation of mine I deal with. I just want to know if I’m being messed around with parasites or if its “normal” (even though nothing with spirit work or the occult is normal hahaha) below will be context:

I’ve been a practicing pagan for a while now, when I was younger (16-18) I met one of my first Greek deity’s and we really bonded. In fact, we bonded so well, he proposed marriage to me once I hit 18 (at least he waited for me to be of age lmao) I was down right perplexed and rejected his offers multiple times. He was adamant in having my hand in spiritual marriage, after endless years of pursuit he succeeded. We’ve been together now for a steady 8-9 years. Of course, at such a young age, I had no understanding as to what it entailed to being married to him and why he pursued me so much. He repeatedly explained to me that I was married to him in a previous life, thus, he was determined to continue our relationship in this life out of his love for me. That we were destined to be with one another.

Super cool, super romantic right? I didn’t experience any sense of draining, no feelings of… parasitical attachments. Nothing. Since I’m older now, I decided to speak to other deities/spirits about what he told me and they all said the same thing: he was married to me previously and were destined to be together in this life. Alright, I guess. I also made sure he was the legit deity and others have confirmed that he was the real deal deity and he absolutely means it, yet, I still have doubt in my head and anxiety creeps up my spine as my brain goes, “okay but what if this is all a trick?” Though, he has proven himself multiple times and has continously comforted me endlessly. So, I caved in and accepted it with the help of another dear deity of mine who helped me find peace in my fated marriage.

Now, this is where my concern appears.

Odin has appeared (or re-appeared because he popped up in my life first when I was 21) and he is also claiming that I am fated to be married to him. I know Odin has the ability to lie and can be quite deceptive, but, I can’t seem to figure out as to why he would trick me into something like this? And because of how intense Odin can be, I am severely concerned as to what he says regarding me being destined to enter a spiritual marriage to me. It feels like I have no say in who I am to marry, just these deities who are spontaneously appearing and going, “rev up those wedding bells because we’re supposed to be married!”

I just need to know if this is normal at all or if I’m being severely fucked with, I do not think I am some big shot nor that I’m this dying beauty where Gods fucking… I don’t know… nut all over the ground for. It baffles me completely. I’m genuinely trying to understand the obsession they have with me and why they’re so determined in continuing this marriage when I don’t know if it even benefits them. I approached Lucifer about it and he even confirmed that, yes, it is apart of my path.

I just… I just can’t stop doubting. I find this unfathomable and need human confirmation.

Tell them to fuck off.

While spiritual marriages are a legitimate thing (shamans generally marry a spirit who then acts as their protector and guide in their work) any connections from a past life have no bearing on your current incarnation. You are not “fated” for anything. It is up to you and you alone to decide if you want to marry one of your imaginary friends or not. Odin, Lucifer, or anyone else have no damn say in the matter. They can’t force you into it against your will so tell them to take a flying fuck through a donut and leave you the hell alone. It’s your life. It’s your ascension. It’s your decision.

Don’t let them push you around. If they won’t respect your boundaries, then get rid of them. You are meant to be the operant power, not them.


Thank you, Lucifer said the same thing to me. Even if it is vital to my path I am the one who says yes or no

I think I\m supposed to be taught some sort of lesson from this, to probably stick up for myself more and not let myself be pushed around. Its very frustrating and I’ve been rejecting Odin for years, I genuinely just want them to quit. Its why I believe that maybe either their a parasite or something else fucky is going on but it also isn’t unheard of that deities can be extremely pushy.

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Quick answer: free will is the golden rule on this planet, so that’s too bad. I second telling him to fuck off.

He didn’t have to get pushy, and what makes him special considering you have probably been incarnate ad married many, many times? What about all the other wives and hubbies (we don’t always incarnate into the same sex). We’re not ‘fated’ to them either. “Till death do us part. is written right into the vows”.

I’m wondering how this worked? Do you mean you were both incarnate as human and married, in which case what marriage is is clearly defined… but if you were both in spirit and married… what does that mean, given marriage is a human thing for protection of property? Or do you mean you were incarnate and he was in spirit and you had a shamanic relationship?

No, it’s unusual. It’s more usual to recognise humans that you had past lives with. I have met two and I remember another I only wish I cold see again. All were incarnate with me though. And they are different people, and I am a different person, with different goals and relationships in this life. Sometimes past life relationships as marrieds show us as family in this life.

What’s suspicious to me, is that these relationships are all about different experiences and support, not so much the type of relationship… this entity could have come though claiming to be your brother, but didn’t, why? It seems it’s the one who is not letting go where he needs to, and is trying to recover something past that should probably stay in the past.

THIS. Trust yourself.

Or maybe the entity is the one who you are helping teach a lesson to? :thinking: He doesn’t sounds awfully mature and considerate. His lack of empathy for your situation is really bad. Most humans do better than this.

Sounds like you’re doing good, but might want to allow yourself to push back now and put a stop to the nonsense. You could get them into ritual and tell them your decision is final and you’re going to banish them from your life period if they don’t stop.

They are not entitled to your time and attention … and you have to remember these are people, not above you, they are equals. Be kind, sure, but be firm and enforce your boundaries. You already set clear boundaries and they are being ignored, uncool, so now they need to learn to respect them. Respect them and you. It’s very naughty and childish that they are not.

After that, fate is fake. There’s a difference between strongly probable outcomes, and someone using the concept as a tool for control.

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I do have shamanic ties (this is because of my native heritage) and I know spirit marriages are very important in it - Odin is also a god of shamanism - but I believe you are right. He can’t let go of the past and his urge for marriage became even fiercer when I willingly chose a different deity to embrace in a pact/marriage with since he was very kind, compassionate, and supportive towards me. A lot of it is being done out of jealousy (his sudden resurgence). He just won’t let go and move on.

Regarding the past life spirit marriages, I’m a very big skeptic, I question a lot - especially past life things, but from my own exploring I was a priestess of sorts in a previous life and very devoted. I think the marriages represents devotion and a form of servitude as was in my old life, thus, past life me made some sort of oath I suspect which is to continue in this one or as I said previously they wanted to have me as a devoted worshipper again in this life (I could be right or wrong I don’t fully remember properly and I’m not that big on past lives). That question on if I was incarnate and if it was a shamanic relationship is a good one and I will investigate it too when I get the chance.

Thank you all so much for your advice and wisdom. I’m going to keep firm boundaries and keep standing up for myself. If this is something that is to be beneficial for me then I also have rights too and deserve to be treated with respect.

I found all of your guys responses to be very alleviating, this stuff has been having my anxiety go through the roof as I battle in my head on the best choice. This is approval that I’m doing the right thing on actually questioning it all with not just Odin but anyone else further down the future. I have threatened the lack of contact with him if he keeps up the behaviour and he did actively begin to change, give me more space, and also stop fighting my other spirit husband out of jealousy.

I agree that the fate thing is more than likely a tool he’s trying to use to manipulate and try to control me aka force me to be with him, which is very much an asshole thing to do. None of them have ever told me I’m their “one and only” and I never expect such a thing from them (I’m not that delusional thankfully lol).

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Its Loki. More likely than not Loki. Why? Why not he is an asshole that clearly enjoys fucking with other beings. I don’t support marriage as a concept much less spiritual marriage it is up to you how much you buy into that but to me this just screams Loki being a shapeshifting douche.

Most likely their obsession over you is with any psychic power or latent abilities you possess and they desire to take from you to promote their own growth. Spirits, gods, parasites, only real different I find for the most part is how big they are and how they want to present themselves and how cooperative they are to mutual benefit or learning their place.

When I see all of this experiences with marriage that involves a lot of questionable things, I think about the scam call that one receive at 3am, they tell the same story, the strategy is the same and at the end the intention is to drain.

You can look into all the stories regarding marriage in this place, you’ll find the legit ones and… There’s a lot of people that have been experienced negative things because of parasites and even real entities that just don’t respect us, as the creatures of free will that (sometimes) we are.

They push boundaries, they don’t respect when you say no.

They don’t inform you of the conditions of the pact so now you’re involved in this power dynamic that makes you the weak party because you don’t know what’s going on.

They make up this weird story about a connection that’s has lasted, past lives. Destiny, lots of statements that are determinant and obviously, you don’t have free will let alone space to process what’s happening because you know what? There’s a prophecy of marriage to fullfil.