Acquainted with Archangel Micheal

Are there any here who have a very close relationship with arch angel micheal? I would like to ask you about some things.

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ask away! Am sure others will have answers for you

Do you have answers

Ask your questions! No one can answer you before they know your questions!

Can you psychically locate people?

You’re full of love and this website is entrenched with mutual want for learning.

Can you psychically help me find someoen

The site can teach you how to do it yourself, either by locating them with psychic abilities or with communicating with a spirit

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Do you know how

Yes. I won’t do it for you, though. You have to do it.

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You really don’t seem like the person who made this. You should know why. It would be a disservice to you if you were just given a result you could do yourself just fine.


You don’t even know who I’m looking for. Alright nvm

I have heard a magician on YouTube working with vassago on finding missing people! :woman_shrugging: he did gave me accurate dreams but thats not for missing people!

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You don’t need someone to psychically do it for you. Someone will answer your question if they have a relationship with Michael

If you accidentally invoked Shiva through the throat chakra. How would you calm its precise and then in a respectful way. Send it on its wa

Apologize for accidentally calling him and just ask him politely to leave,

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