Accelerating karma and make him pay whithout curses

This is a visualization technique to accelerate karma on someone who did harm to you. So he will pay
If you dont want curses, for any reason you have
Or dont want more revenge other than what he or she lets say karmically deserves intead of a choosen punishment
Then try this
First you need to have on your mind something to identificate the person who harmed you. Lets say he always wears the same ring on his finger
Now with your eyes closed you will imagine this object in some way attached to a rat who is drowning in the middle of the ocean with no way out, and struugling in vain. Then open your eyes and close them again now picture the rat already dead and drown. Open your eyes again. And close them one more time to imagine the animal sinking lower and lower in the endless water.
Now everytime you remember this person. Hear him or see him in any way a picture in person etc
Do the excersise.
And if you want faster results do it as often as you can.
This will not have a specific resul you dont choose the outcome
Let say he is on karmic trial and you are just accelerating the prosses but judge karma will chose his pay