Absolutely new to magic-Need help to make my ex love me again

Hi everyone. My name is Eric and I’m new to the forum, and new to magic. Here’s a short version of my story with my ex.
We met last year. I played hard to catch and ended up dating her like 4 months after we met. The fact that I played hard to catch and acted a bit cocky when we met (that kind of behaviour make a girl fall for you, trust me) make her really insecure about me. She told me she wasn’t a jelous or insecure person but with me she was quite the opossite, she was always thinking I was cheating on her.
Here’s the thing: when we met, she was dating someone else. It wasn’t serious, the guy wanted to go serious but she didn’t, she wasn’t that much into the guy.
After about a month of seeing each other we started dating. She dumped the guy for me and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. But the guy was always around, always texting her, always calling her. Anyways, I wasn’t the best boyfriend she could have. I wasn’t jealous or anything like that, I was quite the oppossite. I took her for granted, after 6 months of being together she got tired of that and after about a month of breaking up and getting back together we broke up for good. I talked to her about a week later and she told me she wants to be with her ex again, since he gave her more security than me and she wants a guy like that. The guy lives in another town and apparently he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, so they’re not together… but she wants to be with him someday.

I know I can change and I know I can be the guy she deserves. I just need another chance. I need spells to make her love me and only me and forget about her ex for good, and to make for forget and forgive all the times I was a dick.

Can anyone help me?

use the search function and type “love spell” you’ll get more than 2 pages of love spells


Yeah I did but I couldn’t understand anything lol. I need spells step by step



Check this out:


There are much great info allready provided here and understand that it takes alot of work.
A tip not related to magic is changes on yourself that will hopefully help her to stay.
Playing hard to get sure i believe thats much of what ”The game” talks about but the seldom endes good.
By playin that roll is a little to behave like a douche and If you brought that into the relationship which i sense you did thats the source of the problem so ditch that and only be your best self.
If you dont change then she might not stay even If you get her back.


There’s so much to learn and practice. Being so new I don’t know that I’d recommend a magic route. A mundane route I would recommend with a little magick principle mixed in is this:

You sound like you have a tendency to step on your own dick like most people do xD. In magickal practice “lust for result” has the same effect.

Let your lust for result go, but keep taking action anyway. Let your desire “be like the furniture in the background of the house that is your mind,” or whatever xD

She is not going to want to feel any pressuring or manipulation from you, and that’s exactly what it sounds like you were trying before that drove her away.

So right now, be her friend. The best relationships have a strong foundation of friendship. Try to make her give you a chance purely as a friend with no pressure, and honestly be a real friend to her and treat her as you would a close dude friend. Care for her that way and earn her trust back that way. If you treat her well on that level, I promise you she will fall for you again all on her own with no magickal assistance. Because she will feel safe. She says secure. She means safe I promise. There is nothing that makes a lot of women melt like feeling safe and emotionally and physically protected. Especially emotionally protected. It seduces our minds which melts the heart I swear. And if you goof up and don’t ignore your desire or lust for result in your mind during, you lose focus or your feelings get in the way of your focus… you can just correct yourself. Your whole, otherwise, first timer magickal working won’t backfire on you. Win win. (You always want to pick situations you’re not see deeply invested in or that are so serious to you for your first runs with rituals and spells anyway. It helps your mind so much).

Not to mention, her feelings will be genuine. The only time I’ve ever used magick for love, was a sigil created with the intent to place desires in the person’s mind to spend time with me and consider me as a partner. I personally prefer not to encroach on free will and I like my feels genuine :slight_smile: I don’t judge otherwise though. Just all things to consider.

Best wishes

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Hey everyone, thanks for your replies. I’ve been reading almost every entry related to love spells and I found this post in which it recomeds calling demons to help me. It sounds kind of creepy but I’ll do it if you guys think it can’t harm me or her. I just don’t know how to call a demon… can you help me with that?

Have you tried searching for ”how to evoke a demon”