Abrahamic egregores

Only now am I noticing that the three plagues of earth ( Catholicism, Islam and Judaism ).

They are starting to use their manmade troll gods, whether it’s Yahweh, Allah etc.

Even to the point that prophets such as Muhammad and Christ are being used.

It must be understood these egregores are appearing as beauty, peace, love and purity, but rip away the mirage that the believes gave to this being.

Three symbols / sigils / seals, then three religions, three egregore gods. ( * cough *cough even though they are basically the same religion )

This is the exact way man made spirits are created, plus their building up in energy and power, by worship, praise, song, scripture etc.

It’s getting to the point where these beings are interrupting our road of magick and ascent.

I’m coming up with a huge HUGE ritual with the nine demonic kings and the four gatekeepers to destroy these gods.

It was bad enough that mundane people fell for the bullshit they sprout.

Look this isn’t coming from a anti-religion Athiest hate driven satanist, this is coming from ten years of extensive research and practice of worldly religions.

A sacrifice must be set forth upon the infernal altar, I will be the living sacrifice.

( this doesn’t mean I’m selling my soul
like some idiot ).

The only way to fight man-made power, is to combat it with REAL ANCIENT FORBIDDEN POWERS.

I have pushed the sick and twisted abrahamic egregores away from my life and I have destroyed them when they become a road block.

But like all self created beings they can be destroyed permanently.

Sincerely yours

Conner Kendall


Two things: Firstly, Islam doesn’t have a symbol that represents it in the same way that Judaism and Christianity do. And so, I object to the idea that the Star and Crescent is a sigil.

The Star and Crescent for example, was originally the flag of the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The First Kalima is also a very common symbol, it’s a calligraphic representation of the Arabic words which mean, “There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

Second, @Lady_Eva already killed God, and so you should talk with her about that.

I’m also stealing Jesus soon. :wink:


I never stated that this the star and crescent is THEE symbol of Islam, but Islam did adopt it after the Ottoman Empire, plus my friend who’s a Muslim also said while the star and the crescent isn’t actually a our symbol it is a symbol that we associate with our belief.

Plus symbols / sigils can represent more than two things it can represent the many things, the star and crescent is also a part of the coat of arms of the ottomans.

Once again I never stated it was a sigil I believe that the cross is a symbol that the Christians or Catholics stole and they use at as their own sigil / symbol.

Same goes for the Star of David since it is a hexagram that was used in magick they also stole that.

This why I wrote sigil / symbol / seal because the symbolism can’t be ruled as one thing perhaps it’s a mixture of all of them.

Just wanted to clear that up :slightly_smiling_face:.


Theft and appropriation is a hallmark of the troll god’s faiths, for sure. :thumbsup:

Even its earliest name “the” Aten, was originally a title of the solar god Ra, who was one god amongst a pantheon of many - when “the” Aten appropriated it, it set about the first recorded attempt to remove all worship and all KNOWLEDGE of any other gods, which is stage one to cutting mankind off, entirely, from direct personal spiritual contact with anything except itself. :thinking:


Strange that you mention this a week ago i did a working with Ra and he referred to the Aten and how to use it.

To bring his solar power and essence into the world, ah I love synchronisity.


Not trying to sound pessimistic, but won’t they just be created again?

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Sept 23rd is being hyped a lot as a big deal, I am doing a working based on that, I’ll post more tomorrow or Monday when I have all the details.


I was raised catholic… When I rejected that garbage religion “yahweh” never followed me or tried to interfere with me. I never felt him in the first place. I think most of his “power” is simply the power of people manipulating other people, using him as an idol.

What does the abrahamic god actually do against us?


Taught people they will face eternal torment in hell for doing the magickal acts of direct spirit contact and soul travel, reading signs and omens, which it is the human birthright, regardless of sex, race, or IQ, to do.

Tried to suck up all the energy by denying our ancestral gods their due atttention and respect, later saying they were all evil demons, denied people contact with ancestral spirits (another global human phenomenon).

Cultural genocide of Europeans via Xianity, internecine war over factions within the same faith causing mass slaughter of more Europeansd and plenty of other people as well, created mass genocides in the format of Islam and bolshevism, whose believers also turn on their own factions, and kill even more.

Nice buildings though, I’ll give 'em that! :laughing:


I see your point but is it really the egregore doing that? Or just people.
I agree the religion should be destroyed.

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Also are we sure these are egregores as opposed to actual entities? Not that it matters, but how are we so sure of the fact that they are egregores?

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There was an entity, it got wacked multiple times last year, egregores and various fellow paraistes are still being cleaned up. That’s my UPG and that of a few people I work with anyway.


I’ve heard that demons (not that this is a demon, but it may be a similar entity) can come back even after being destroyed. Are we sure the entity is gone for good?

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I am sure though I don’t expect you to believe me, this wasn’t a few magicians chanting, this was a literal string of gods, demonic Kings, ancestors, it was a complex and multi-layered operation.


Forgive slightly updated copy-pasta from an earlier reply I did on why that specific mindset induced by that force was so dangerous:

Obviously the key issue here is spiritual slavery, and the kinds of restrictions and outright pathologies that develop when EVERYONE is a slave.

So it’s that I want to address: why do these desert cults have such toxic power compared to the types of magico-religious societies, and beliefs, of the other pantheons (Norse, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Aztec, etc)?

Simple answer – the statement that there is only one god.

Once you have that in place, you open up a small but critical need for believers to start thought-policing themselves and others, and to start limiting spiritual exploration and experiences, because you cut out the possibility of calling on ANY other entity, which slowly becomes the ancestors, nature spirits, you also get to create social and later, religious/criminal crimes to prosecute anyone whose actual experience is that other spirits exist.

It’s like 2 people trying to hike and follow compass bearings, a teeny 2 degree difference doesn’t seem huge at first, but go 10, 20, 50 miles and you’ve diverged so far that you’re visibly on a different route.

Cut out ancestors, and you replace the sense of identity with that of the Church, its esteemed figures, and the clergy, which – well, we’ve seen how that worked out for the Catholics, and it happens elsewhere even with married clergy.

Remove the right to contact the dead at all, you have people left in dread and fear, which then means you can drive in the wedge of saying “you MUST comply with these rules about everything, or you will burn for all eternity in hellfire and damnation.”

Remove the chance to call on other spirits, suddenly there’s only one go-to god for all your needs, and of course, by this stage you’re happy to burn anyone who does magick, has different beliefs, or sees spirits.

One god means justification for imposing a pre-set belief structure with multiple limitations, ALL of which are disempowering and spiritually enslaving.

Introduce blasphemy and heresy laws, so there’s not only ONE god, but people must believe in “Him” in the exact same way and perform the exact same observances - and bam, you’ve created an immediate justification for killing people you don’t like, something that happens with the (almost always FALSE) accusations against people for dishonouring the Qu’ran in many countries right now, and which led to the deaths of millions across European history.

It also leads to the creation of the concept of thought-crimes, which were more or less unknown prior to this (people were judged on their actions, not for having incorrect beliefs), then you also get the concept found in these religions that all humans are EQUAL, which again looks nice on paper, because who wants to think someone might be better than them, right?

But then you get marxism, the next mutation, which is REALLY big in thoughtcrimes and on violence and brutal mass murder of those who dare believe a different system may be better.

So again, you take something that may, to a starving peasant, look reasonable enough, and you end up with over 100 million dead, for having the wrong type of beliefs, a concept that began with the Abrahamic faiths and the steadily tightening noose which it creates through the insistence, and this isn’t a mistranslation, that (first) only one god could be worshipped, and which later became the statement that there is only one god, period.

And of course, this one “God” smiling merrily on its faithful still creates various requirements to convert or kill those filth who fail to see The Truth™ - something that has gone on forever and been rekindled with more zeal thanks to islam, possibly the nuttiest interpretation of the "there is only one ‘God’ and you must worship him as I do” because, of course, along with jihad in infidel nations, Muslims do also like to kill different kinds of Muslims quite enthusiastically, which is why they then have to flee Muslim nations in such great numbers.

Finally, that people will act in previously unthinkably inhumane ways when they feel the have the sanction of authority was demonstrated in both the Milgram experiment, which was duplicated with similar results on several different occasions, and also the Stanford Prison experiment.

What higher authority can there be than “God” and all the writings and teachings in a society that strives to worship “Him” with the utmost devotion and fervency, in order to avoid eternal torment?

While all societies and belief systems may at times veer into this murky territory, the Abrahamic faiths which rest on having doctrines in a Book which can never be altered, and a whole invested structure to enforce compliance of thought, belief, and practice, open this up to be a normal manner of proceeding in society, instead of a temporary aberration.

This isn’t a “slippery slope” fallacy or warning of something that I fear may happen, but which seems unlikely – this is recorded human history for the last two millenia, and the present day’s main source of political tensions, and in parts of western Europe, massive social upheaval.

So, that’s my analysis of why these faiths are so abhorrent, so opposed to everything magick and ascent stands for, and so fundamentally anti-human from root to tip. :slight_smile:

One thing I want to add, is that I don’t rule out the possibility that the figure we call Jesus was, at first, a person or syncretised group who had taken the high level of magick and what amounted to theogensis (self-identification as not just A god, but THE god - the creative Source) to a point of excellence, which is what the PGM hint at, what can be seen underlying the Mediterranean syncretism that we find in hermetic magick (and explained in full detail in Stephen Flowers’ book of that name, spelled without the K).

So for that reason I don’t find it weird if people want to work with that figure, archetype, whatever.

But the fact his cult became one of the heaviest shackles of oppression, very rapidly, and was the tool by which first Europe and later, other cultures, were culturally genocided and stripped of their native spirituality and ancestral beliefs means I don’t personally want to dabble in it either, because sifting the murk from the entire thing when it has little relevance to my present day life, and when the gods, spirits, and teachings he would have absorbed are available to me in the same way, seems like a regressive step.

But I do grant the possibility of it, based on what I’ve read and on various other patterns that seem to repeath through history, the same way I accept that some of the saints performed miracles, but it’s my contention that they performed them within Xianity because that was literally the only game in town, and NOT because it’s unique in granting powers, especially when you consider that large numbers of Xians on the Protestant side would have been very happy to burn them at the stake, and tear down those who revere them as idolators…


In the oldest sects of Christianity (Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy), they don’t condemn these things ipso facto, but it depends on the source. Many Saints have done things which remind one of Soul Travel; Spirit Contact (with Saints, angels, and souls “in Purgatory”); and while reading signs and omens was frowned upon, but internal forms of prophecy, such as visions and various predictions of the future, are very accepted.

St. Catherine of Siena, T.O.S.D., Doctor of the Church, was a mystic Saint from fourteenth century Italy. She had her first vision of Jesus at the age of 7 and consecrated her virginity to him. In her ecstasies, Jesus brought to her many Saints which taught her about theology. They also taught her to read and to write as women were not educated in fourteenth century Italy.

There’s a story from her life, there was this person who was dying and he was not willing to be reconciled to God. So, the priest, Bl. Raymond of Capua, who was trying to gain his final confession also happened to be St. Catherine’s spiritual director. And so, he went to visit her, but she was in ecstasy, but he nevertheless asked her to pray for the soul of the unrepentant man who lay dying. Then, when he went back to the room where the man was the man gasped in terror and screamed out, “I see Christ and I see the woman called ‘Mantilla’ (one of St. Catherine’s nicknames), she is pleading for my soul before the judge of all mankind!” And then, he promptly made his final confession, received the anointing of the sick, and passed away.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that the Catholic view of reality is correct, but St. Catherine’s soul had traveled to the man, her (false) belief in the supremacy of Christ summoned him, and she made visible only to the man the world of the astral.

She was also given knowledge from the Divine that she could not have possessed otherwise that helped her in the quests Jesus sent her on. One such example is when she was trying to end the Avignon Papacy (a period of time where the popes were in Avignon, France instead of Rome, Italy) and move Pope Gregory XI back to Rome and Jesus told her that he had made a promise to God that if he were elected pope he would move the Papacy back to Rome and end the Avignon Papacy. The pope was shocked as he had not told a soul of this vow, and convinced of St. Catherine’s divine mission he went with her back to Rome.

She is a perfect example of a Bhakta, a practitioner of Bhakti Yoga. As Krishna says, “A bhakta can worship me in any form; whatever form he chooses, I will justify and accept his devotion.”

But, to my knowledge, only Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism have miracles.

Buddhist miracle aren’t meant to be god given though. They are performed by the power of the person performing them and no one else. Also we (the LHP) have miracles, and plenty of them too.


I don’t necessarily mean miracles as intervention of outside deities, because I don’t believe deities exist outside of observation. But, instead, I consider miracles to be the development of the spiritual body to the point where it changes reality. What are called “Charisms” to the Christian, are called “Siddhis” to the Buddhist and the Hindu.

Edit: And yes, the Occult and New Age spirituality has miracles as well, but it’s not really a religion, a religion is defined as a specific way of looking at reality, a religion has a set of beliefs. The Occult and New Age spirituality do not.

Weren’t you a Christian??? That’s what one of your posts seemed to suggest. I think it was called “An Experience with Jesus”.

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