Abrahamic egregores

Specific groups within the LHP definitely do. There are all sorts of self proclaimed religions: Satanists, Luciferians, Various Neo Pagan groups etc. With there own beliefs and pantheons.

I was, and now I am not. It’s a very simple concept.

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Oh okay.

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Yes, but they all sit under the umbrella of the Occult and New Age spirituality. In the same way that I don’t list the specific denominations of Christianity which experience miracles.

And I wouldn’t consider neo-Paganism as LHP in the slightest. Most of them are quite RHP.

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I suppose they are.

There are many ancient Roman shrines all over Europe given as thanks for a request met, there’s a whole thread on here of varying degrees of “wow” (but all important to the person leaving the thanks)… I’ve done stuff that could be classed as miraculous, under other circs, like saved people and animals from illnesses that they had been told would be fatal, manifested items from thin air occasionally, foreseen the future with absolute clarity and without using tools, those things are pretty everyday events around here. :thumbsup:

The “dangerously distracting siddhis” I learned and performed after studying RHP (mainly Hindu-based) are evidently a normal byproduct of their metaphysics, which remained relatively untainted, otherwise so many books on yoga and vedanta wouldn’t need to warn people against getting caught up in them.

The destruction of any kind of heritage in Europe rests at the feet of the Xians, and possibly some other forces prior to that, if you believe the myths of Atlantis and whatever may have some credence. there sure is a lot of anomalous archaeology out there, and things like this:

I agree with the sentiment behind this, if a person finds the “God” within, whatever form their culture tells them it takes, and especially if they have total faith that a miracle can occur (which IMO is the real source of initiatory traditions, you see someone else do a miracle to break the blocks in your own mind) then they could have performed the same as devotees of Mithras, or Thor. :thinking:


What?!?! You just caused an object to appear from nothing??? How???

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Yeah but I can’t exactly describe it in terms of first you do this then that. I wasn’t “myself” when it’s happened, I don’t have conscious control over it yet.


Are you on the brink of Apotheosis/Theogenesis then? or are you already past that stage? That is really impressive. All Hail @Lady_Eva

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STAHP!! It was finding that kind of thing was possible that woke up my childhood “wanna be a goddess pls” thing, then one way and another i found this website and stuff. :thinking:

I blogged the start of it in this thread, I’ve done stuff since and also with my old man (I as single back then) as well.

You should buy E.A.'s book Ipsissimus if you like accounts of this kind of thing, he’s more open about sharing his experiences, highly recommended! :thumbsup:

If you view skills as a pyramid, things I got directly from BALG videos, this forum, and E.A.'s work have deepened the foundations and given the middle a nice boost as well, whereas before I was all either erratic crazy-level stuff or low-magick style spells and evocations, so it’s been useful.

And I keep working on the goal of being able to completely alter reality like I would the events in a daydream, of course!

If I could just manifest gold bricks from thin air, I would probably do so, but I have more success (and to be honest, slightly more interest in) working on things that affect the direction the world was going in, as I’ve posted in several lengthy threads by now… I am not living in “their” world - “they” are living in MINE. :sunglasses: