About the Chakras

The chakras are the powerful energy centers of the soul. Each one has a separate function along with certain specific powers. The health of our chakras affects both our physical, emotional, and mental health. There are different parts of the soul, the chakras are the most important and major part.

There are seven major chakras located along the spine that are the most powerful. Each of these chakras vibrates to the frequency of the light spectrum. Satanism strongly supports science, as all of the spiritual and the occult can be scientifically explained. Both science and spirituality complement each other, and work together. Because of the incessant attacks and suppression of scientific inquiry and knowledge by the Christian Churches, science has been held back dangerously and has not reached a level to where all of the occult can be fully explained, but it will in time. The soul is made of light.
“Light is Power”

Six smaller, but equally powerful chakras are located on each side of the hips, shoulders, and the temples on the sides of the head. The chakras function to empower the soul with energy. These thirteen chakras are essential to life. No one can live without them. Because so much ancient knowledge has been systematically destroyed and much of what remains has been corrupted, most of what is openly available concerning the chakras, unfortunately is flawed. Satan and the Powers of Hell reveal spiritual knowledge as we advance ourselves through meditation.

Given the experiences of many, it appears that the three granthis [knots where the chakra concerned has a powerful energy block that prevents the serpent from ascending] are not at the base, heart, and sixth chakras as popularly taught, but are at the second [sacral] chakra, the throat chakra, and the crown chakra. There have been many accounts of one’s heart chakra feeling a burning sensation; as the serpent cannot ascend any further due to a blocked throat chakra.

Now, if the heart chakra were blocked and contained one of the three granthis, the burning sensation would manifest in the solar chakra, not the heart. Going further, the sensation of the crawlies near the crown chakra strongly indicates that chakra is blocked. If it were the 6th chakra as most sources of information available inform us, the sensation would be at the throat or BENEATH the 6th chakra. From direct experience, it appears that seventh is the most difficult chakra to fully open. The sensation of the crawlies, compared by some to ants crawling, indicates that the serpentine energy is going around the seventh chakra and not through it as it should when this chakra has been fully opened. Other symptoms include pain and discomfort, especially when one’s serpentine energy is fully activated.

The crown must be fully opened for the serpent to correctly ascend. Orgasms can also be extremely painful, as sexual orgasm opens the chakras and activates the serpent. When one is meditating regularly, one’s energy is much more powerful and this is why these symptoms are very noticeable.

In many grimoires and ancient texts, the code word for “chakra/s” is “God/s.” For example, references to certain “words of power” that “command the gods” as seen in Ancient Egyptian spiritual writings. “God” is also a code-word for one’s self.


Here is a powerful meditation to open your third eye

  1. Sit with your back straight.

  2. Place your hands in the position as shown in the photo (at the bottom). Your for people who are right handed, your right hand should make a fist around your left index finger; for people who are left-handed, your left hand should make a fist around your right index finger. The thumbnail should press on the side of the finger as shown, at the spot where the cuticle ends.
    When you feel a very faint electrical shock, you will know you have the correct spot. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot find it. It should be apparent in those who have naturally stronger auras. What this does is redirect the flow of energy to the third eye.

This mudra can be used at any time during regular meditation on the third eye. Keep this position throughout the meditation.

  1. Breathe in through your nose and on the exhale vibrate “Thoth.” Thoth is the Moon God and the ruler of the 6th chakra and third eye is the moon. Release your breath slowly through your mouth and vibrate:
    TH-TH-TH-TH-OH-OH-OH-TH-TH-TH in one long exhale (vibrate the sound one time per exhale, as with the Yogic “humming breath”).
    Now this is important. Keep the TH and OH sounding at the same time. You should be making the TH sound all throughout the exhale.
    Your tongue will be vibrating between your teeth. It may take a few seconds to adjust this to where you feel it in the middle of your forehead (3rd eye), don’t worry, just keep on going.
    Try to get it to the correct vibration where you can feel it in your forehead. This can take some experimenting. Just do the best you can. You may have to try as many as ten to fifteen times or more to get it right.

  2. Do the above 4 times in a row and then relax.

    1. Now, align your third eye correctly by visualizing it point end facing inside as illustrated at left. The color of the third eye is brilliant white, like a miniature sun.
  3. It is very important the above exercise be done for FOUR consecutive days, preferably 24 hours apart. Then it is a done deal and you will have performed the initial step of opening and activating your third eye.

  4. After you are finished, it is important to meditate on your third eye to get the energy flowing, this way it will fully open.

Just close your eyes and “look” at the 3rd eye in the middle of your forehead. It is important to relax and not to strain your eye muscles, even though your eyes are closed. At first, there is usually just blackness depending on how active your 3rd eye is, then possibly swirling colors and shapes like a kaleidoscope. Like scrying into a mirror, the colors and shapes will give way to images when you do the meditation long enough and regularly. Remember to keep your gaze soft and relaxed. Feeling pressure here or a knot is normal after the above exercise is completed. This usually diminishes in time.


  1. One of the first experiences is a headache or pressure in the center of the forehead. This sensation may also feel like it is originating from within, usually an inch or more beneath the surface of the forehead as it affects the sixth chakra. This is a positive indication the pineal gland is awakening and beginning to function in a healthy manner.
    You may also find you can feel this ache or pressure whenever you focus your attention on your third eye or meditate on your third eye. This is perfectly normal and eases with time.

*Some people can experience a migraine lasting several hours. The severity of the side effects will depend on how atrophied your pineal gland is to begin with.


Take a deep breath; hold as in the other exercises for opening the soul, and then vibrate: “HAUM” until your breath is fully released.
The important thing is to feel it strongly in your throat, above the hollow. Do this 5-7 times. Remember- getting the correct tone can take some practice. The chant should vibrate your throat area. This exercise can be done once a week or more as needed.


Opening the Heart Chakra 666

Azazel explained the crossing of the arms completes a circuit that directly affects the heart chakra.

  1. Sit comfortabley, relax and go into a meditative state.

  2. Cross your arms as in the example at the bottom of the page. Your hands should be touching your shoulders near your arm pits.

  3. Position your hands so your thumb connects with your ring and little finger, leaving your index and middle fingers pointed straight.

  4. Take a deep breath and nod your head so your chin is gently pressed into your chest. Keep your chin firmly against your chest during each exhale, only raising your head to inhale.

  5. Focus your attention on your heart chakra. Exhale and vibrate “YAUM”

  6. Focus your attention on your heart chakra.

  7. Extend the M-M-M-M-M until you have completely exhaled. Try to adjust the tone so you feel it in the middle of your chest where your heart chakra is located.

  8. Repeat eight times.

  9. Visualize the image at left, where your heart chakra is and yourself engulfed in a vibrant green aura and focus your attention on feeling your heart chakra for several minutes.
    Try to adjust the tone so you feel it in the middle of your chest where your heart chakra is located.

The Heart Symbol

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight.

  2. Relax and go into a meditative state.

  3. Place your hands in the solar mudra illustrated at left. [This step is optional]

  4. Inhale fully and drop your chin to your chest. Keep your chin gently, but firmly pressed against your chest throughout the entire exhale, only raising your head during the inhale.

    1. Vibrate "RAUM"
      until you are out of breath, concentrating on your solar plexus chakra. Adjust the vibration of the chant so you can feel it in your solar plexus chakra.
  5. Repeat 5 times.

  6. Now, align your solar chakra point facing down as illustrated at left, by visualizing it. The color of the solar chakra is bright gold.

  1. Fold your hands. DO NOT fold your thumbs, place them side by side and keep your palms together.

  2. Inhale and fill your lungs.

  3. Drop your chin to your chest.

  4. Contract your anus.

  5. Exhale and chant V-V-V-A-A-A-U-U-U-M-M-M-M and concentrate on your second sacral chakra.

  6. Align your chakra point facing upwards as illustrated at left.

Repeat the above eight times. When you are finished, visualize yourself in an orange aura for a few minutes while focusing on feeling your sacral chakra.


Meditating on Your Clairvoyance Points

Meditating on your psychic eyes will empower your astral vision. It is easy. Just close your eyes and “look” at the 3rd eye in the middle of your forehead. It is important to relax and not to strain your eye muscles, even though your eyes are closed.

At first, there is usually just blackness depending on how active your 3rd eye is, then possibly swirling colors and shapes. Like scrying into a mirror, the colors and shapes will give way to images when you do the meditation long enough and regularly. Remember to keep your focus soft and relaxed.

After meditating on your 3rd eye, visualize your 3rd eye brightening and shining outward like the sun and direct this energy to each of your psychic eyes, beginning with your 1st and 2nd psychic eyes and back to your third eye and up through your 4th, 5th and 6th eye points. You can then circulate the energy up and down as a stream of brilliant light.

Another technique which is somewhat advanced is to perform the chakra breathing through each of the centers. Draw energy into either one specific center at a time or do all simultaneously with each inhale. Visualize each center lighting up and upon each exhale, expand each center slightly, like a brilliant star. If you are working on all simultaneously, it is important to visualize all of them at the same time.


I saw your posts on the Crown and 3rd eye chakra, but per chance, do have any tips on the root chakra and others?

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How to activate the root chakra:
Visualize a bright shining red ball of light in between your legs. Visualize it popping out and shining in between the genitals and the rectum. Focus only on this area as focusing alone can help to awaken it. The root chakra is red so visualise a bright shining red ball of light spinning simply slowly but getting faster the more you think about it in between your legs.

Now inhale this light in between your rectum and genitals. Keep repeating in the morning and in the night, before you go to bed.

Really you should be doing this with each chakra when you come to activate it.


How open crown i get full on spikes and itchy crawling. . So what exercise can i do to fully open crown. I had been focusing on 33rd eye top head base of skull like a diamond. The throbbing of third eye gets intense


Take a look at my personal journal. I am practicing chakra meditations for the third eye and crown chakra specifically. Special mediations with word chanting which vibrates the third eye, pineal gland and hypothalamus in order to activate them.

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I feel it too some like ants worms walking on my skin why you need to open crown may I ask?is the crawling kind of related to crown?

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Wait until you have them removed
It’s such a relief like total relase; as if released from isolation prison

How to remove it then?why he ask for a crown chakra it is related to it?