About the author doreen virtue

What is your opinion of doreen virtue?
She has been called fraud after she has denounced tarot.

What do you think?

Personally I have never been into her works, she does not seen sincere to me.

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I used to really like her. I’ve read at least one of her books called “The Lightworker’s Way.”

I don’t believe in the New Age or RHP path anymore. I personally think they’re a manipulative and hypocritical control system that suppresses our true development, controls us and probably feeds off us. Does that mean the archangels people evoke have sinister intentions towards us? Well no, I don’t think so. But I believe there are definitely sinister beings out there impersonating archangels as well as re-labeling angelic energies and angels. I don’t and can’t work with angels right now.

Anyway… I personally trust Doreen Virtue as a person, but I believe she is ensnared in a malignant and deceiving spiritual path that is a control system. In her book “The Lightworker’s Way” she described her spiritual journey and at one - truly sad and telling - point, she described a moment when she fiercely rejected God out of pure stubbornness, only to later submit and surrender. That ‘fierce rebellion’ of hers I believe was a deep instinct that recognized we as consciousness are limitless beings, limitless like demons and not constricted to a ‘higher service’ and rules of conduct like “angels” are. But of course, since she couldn’t see this urge of hers in its true revelatory light, in the end she knew no other option but to go back to submitting to the forces controlling her.


It’s rarely the case that just because you have a different opinion on one thing a person thinks that everything they say is also disagreeable.

That’s called “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” and it’s usually an unfortunate mistake.

I can’t think of a single author I don’t have some fundamental disagreement with. It’s sometimes a 50/50 thing. Sometimes it’s a semantics thing and I’ve misunderstood.

It’s definitely a good idea to use your discernment and not automatically believe everything you read… but read it all with an open mind. Then just keep what works for you, and don’t worry about the rest.

Try to stay out of personal judgement - that’s a child’s attitude, to equate disagreement with ‘that person is bad/fake/etc’ - and hold off on making opinions about content you didn’t personally read until you’ve done so and thought about it, each bit for it’s own merits.
If you read sources that do that - make personal judgements out of mere difference of opinion - it tells you more about that source than it does about the subject - proceed with caution, you are reading emotional material, not thought though, logical data.

Personally, I’m reading her 'The Magical Battle of Britain" about the historical use of magik during the 2nd world war, and it’s fascinating. I’m not having any problems so far, but I won’t make a firm decision until I’ve finished it :slight_smile:

As an example that I’m having issues with right now, I’m also reading Julius Evola ‘Eros and the Mysteries of Love’, and had to turn a blind eye to what I saw as a lot of long-winded whining in the first chapter about how he hated the culture he lived in, he made sweeping statements that made no sense and concocted straw-man arguments to back them up. Huge turn off and I wanted to walk away before the actual subject even started. Now I’m into it he might turn out to be a 50/50 dude, I’m having to actually work on maintaining equanimity until I’ve heard him out.