About for uncommunicative friends

I want to make a petition with a demon for a friend I haven’t spoken to call me, but I don’t know which demon would be suitable for this. do you have an idea? and I see the petition ritual as ritual 1 of the gordon winterfield dom book.

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If you look at the info in the thread’s I linked you before…

there’s a list of entities and what they do in there and it also includes contact me spells.

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No, I’m not asking for love. I’m talking about normal friendship. For the demon, I thought dantalion or sallos, but I can’t be sure.

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You didn’t read the thread then, you stopped at the title… “Relationship” doesn’t just mean lovers, it means any kind of relationship, and the entire Love, Sex Magick & Relationships category also talks about business, friend and family relationships.

There’s info in there for just friends too, and just “contact me” without any requirement for that to be about romance. All those entities will work for all kinds of relationships, including friends relationships.


yes, you’re right and I looked, but I didn’t pay attention then that the meaning you’re talking about also means friendship. I understand better now, thanks.


Agares! It doesn’t have to be about love with him. He ‘bringeth back runaways’ sooo he can put people back into contact!


honey, that’s a great idea. you are genius, thank you

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Hey no problems, you’re very welcome. I’m trying to get into contact with a friend as well, and spreading the word about Agares is one of the things I promised him (he seemed to like that) :slight_smile:
Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Have you considered if they are really your friend if they are no longer in communication? Sometimes life gets in the way, and then, sometimes “Life” is a convenient excuse for those no longer in contact and is a round about way of getting out of a friendship. I have had this happen where people stopped talking to me. I was desperate for friendship at the time though and should have taken a hint. I kept pushing into their lives and I really should not have done that.