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Was watching a video and this magician referred to Angels as raw force. Representations of raw force and they are like functions they perform specified tasks. If they become self aware and act on their own they fall. It’s quite interesting to me, any thoughts on this? By this logic what if they were to become self aware but not act upon it, kept fulfilling their function so to speak.


Lucifer uses the word “eminations” to me to refer to representations from source. As in strength, wisdom, logos etc. I wonder about the word “fall” because if these eminations become aware wouldn’t they be ascending and not falling? Is it just perceived as falling by the judeo- christian lense that things anything that isn’t allied with YWH is evil?

Was thinking about this today. Thinking about how the “fallen” angels that mated with humans. The sexual act was described with the hebrew word meaning as “folly”.


Angels” or the fact that these are categories for alien filths, is evident in the fact that every name ends with “EL”. Raphael, Gabriel and the list goes onThis shows they are nothing but programs, based upon “EL”, which is stolen from the name of the Ancient Egyptian for the Sun, EL.This is to show that these thoughtforms are supposed to have light” in them, or to be directed “light” at, for a specific purpose that is represented by their name.
Thoughtforms are just energies that are given a specific purpose. This is why, most of the time, the people who contact Angels never hear anything intelligent, or outright dumb things, or they are just harassed and told to kill others and the list goes. These are just thoughtforms and beings without any serious substance, or concrete existence.

Your stance is taken from the Joy of Satan’s worldview, is it not?

I don’t disagree with all their points, but my experience of angels has differed somewhat.

Absolutely agree. My experience differs as well.

Most of the time, when contacted by people with huge preconceived notions and beliefs, that fuck the whole process up?

Seriously, I don’t get where you people get this idea that angels want to kill you.

From all the time I’ve worked with angels before, not ONCE have I felt a desire to kill from them, or do anything to harm me.

But who knows, I called them with no preconceived notions and let them be themselves, and I didn’t force them into some paradigm of genocide… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Same here.

I had beliefs like you, until I actually met an angel (which was very recently, actually). I’ve learned that they’re not servants of YHWH (arguably, they’re “servants” of another god), and they’re not like what you describe them as. They simply act in accordance to their nature. The one I spoke to is indifferent to humans, he/they just IS.

With the help of a fellow forum member, I managed to identify who this particular angel (Michael) is outside of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

It’s not the entity’s fault if people and religions butcher them.


That’s not necessarily true, many have the suffix -iah: Shekinah, Acheliah, Asaliah, and many others. And many other angels fall into neither of those suffix categories: Eistibus, Metatron, Ak, and many others.

This statement is wrong.

While, yes, the El suffix was stolen from a previous god, it was not Egyptian, nor was he a God of the Sun.

El is the Patriarch of the Canaanite pantheon who over time was syncretized into the form of Yahweh.


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It depends on what you define as “major angels”. Shekinah and Metatron are both the ruling angels of Malkuth depending on who you ask. And Sandalphon is the ruling angel of Keter.

El may be Saturnian, I haven’t studied him enough to have an educated answer on his planetary affinity. I would definitely say that Yahweh is Saturnian, but I would never call either of them “Gods of Saturn”, because that’s disingenuous.

El is the Patriarch of the Canaanite pantheon. This is well recorded in archaeology.

You seem pretty confident that El is also the name of an Egyptian deity, prove it. I can’t find any references to such a deity on Google.

I like the angels of the Kaballah

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