About a Dream

I had a question about my dream and wanted to share it with you.

I filed a petition with Moloch the other day. In my wish, I wanted to ask if he really wants to work with me. Because ever since I heard the name Moloch, it really appealed to me, and frankly, it really grabs my attention. That’s why I wanted to petition. In part of the petition, I asked him to answer in my dream.

I don’t remember my dreams when I put the sigil under my pillow and go to sleep. But today, all I remember in my dream is when I was walking somewhere, there was a bull-headed man standing on a throne-like place to my left, and his head was green. In short, I would say it looks like this:

His head looked like this, though not the same.

Later, the moment I saw that bull-headed person, the picture of Furfur came to life in my eyes:

It looked just like this.

This is the part of the dream I remember. I remember having dreams about moloch before, but I don’t remember the contents of the dream.

I decided to divination today to confirm whether Moloch has approved my petition. Furfur has appeared on my 9th card, which means receiving/aiming for good news in the future.

Could this be a sign that you approve of me?

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It’s most likely your subconscious mulling over the workings you did. That’s one of the main purposes of dreams, after all, problem solving, planning and wish fulfillment. Dreams aren’t very reliable and are hard to interpret without inserting imagination over all the images, unless you are lucid in your dream and asking conscious questions.

Yes, I think this is an excellent sign :slight_smile:

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This seems like a bad thing

then dreams should be interpreted easily, now I understand. but normally a dream doesn’t catch my attention but i had dreams about moloch before

woww. I will burn an incense for him today

It’s not bad, it helps you retain the information and brings inspiration to take it further.

The gotcha here, is that the interpretation being accurate depends on you understanding yourself and your inner symbolism very well, and not everyone is that introspective to have that kind of information. This is why dream books that catalog meanings are only semi useful, e.g., dreaming about “falling leaves” doesn’t mean “money windfall incoming” for everyone under all circumstances.

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Now I totally understand. Thanks for the info, I took notes.

I want to ask an unrelated question, now that I got an answer from Moloch, can I call him? I bought a new pendulum and I intend to contact it tonight.

Yeah, go for it! I don’t see why not :slight_smile:

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Thankkkk you very much for your help and answers

I will write here after contacting Moloch