Abaddon and Sobek the Same?

Hello! I’m back. I think I know who my incubus is.
I believe it’s Sobek. I’m drawn to reptillians and magic to stop his ‘assaults’ doesn’t work.
I’m Christian now, and when I pray, he goes away. Most of the time I get crocodile imagery. I’m not trying attack any of you by saying I’m Christian. I want help.

Do any of you think that Abaddon is the same as Sobek?

No? Why, what happened that made you think that it’s either Sobek or Abaddon or that these two are related?

They’re very different and come from different cultures, and Abaddon isn’t reptilian as far as I know. None of his drawings have reptilian inspiration, he’s one of the more human looking ones.

Update: oh, I remember, he’s associated by some, though not me, with Apollyon, or Apollo. Which is a sun entity. I don’t agree they feel the same but I don’t remember why people think this either.
Sobek is the Crocodile of the Nile, so not seeing anything that could conceptually link them.


Hi Cynder, to try to help you I would need some context. How long has that incubus been by your side? Are you sure it’s an incubus?

Don’t worry about being a Christian, there’s nothing wrong with it. You will see people of different faiths around here.
On the other hand I work with incubi who are used to Kabbalah readings and angels, and they have no problem with all that. It’s strange that yours fades away when you pray.

Not sure if you mean help by advice or help by magick here, but just as a reminder, we have a rule on the forum that a new member needs to be active for 90 days before actually doing magick for others.

You’ll be able to offer free magickal work for people from April 5th onwards. :slight_smile:

I mean help by advice. But thanks for the info, I’ll keep that in mind for magic work as well :blush:.

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