A wolf in my dream?


I dreamed of a pack of dogs chasing me to attack, but above all a wolf, but I managed to escape. I woke up with the Abbadon name in my head. Does it have any meaning?


Perhaps. So many ways to interpret it from a personal stance but it may bring nothing of substantial value to you and might only lead your mind astray. Find your toolbox, pick the shovel and dig a little deeper. Look for answers within and then valuate them with already established one’s outside of yourself. On a personal note, an experience like this led me to Fenrisúlfr. Goodluck :smile:


evoke Abaddon and ask.


Sounds like someone is trying to get your attention and Abaddon is your main lead on who right now, so talk to him.


thank you all for the answers guys! :blush::two_hearts: