A weird and scary experience

Hello all! So, 2 days ago as I was doing my daily meditation and open my 3rd eye, an item in my room moved and I was able to sense a scary presence in the room with me, at that moment, after hearing that item moving, I opened my eyes for some seconds to see what happened and then I closed them back. I fell again in the meditative state, but that presence was building as I was meditating. After some minutes I done my energy work with the 3rd eye and the first thing that I looked at was an icon with the virgin mary and her son( I live in a christian family and my mother has a lot of stupid christian icons in the house), as I looked at it, it had dark hypnotic eyes, those eyes became so fcking real, those eyes were haunting me with the look, in fact the entire face began to morph in something very hidous and scary, I was feeling a very scary presence coming from that shit, it felt like it was alive! After 30 mins or something I performed LBRP to feel more safe and banish the energies.

This is the thing that scared the shit out of me. Am I stupid or crazy?


As magickal practitioners we often try to make systemic, natural processes so we can control our own reality. However, in trying to control things we lose the natural balance. Unfamiliarity itself is something which invokes fear, particularly unfamiliar paranormal phenomena. I myself have been working with the dark energies and low frequencies for some time. Yet, I am still trying to understand many things myself.

In the moment, it sounds like that peice you shown became a medium for some dark energy. Perhaps the object itself is connected to dark energy or perhaps the event was a unique instance. I think you’ve made associations with religion and cast dark energy on the concept of christianity, then the object simply reflected back to you your own energy.

Objects can often act like mirrors reflecting gateways within our own self. Many dark forms I’ve encountered are associated with mundane tasks or strong emotional associations. When the energy powering the emotion and subsequent paradigm is put to rest, you won’t feel dark energy reflecting back to you from the object.

Emotional associations are seeds of illegitimate paradigm. Those false paradigmic constructs can disrupt our own natural perspective and often lead to ignorance. When we remove emotional associations our vision becomes clear and false paradigms are not seeded.

I think you should look inside yourself and be honest about how you feel about your family and your faith. At a certain age we all take for granted the things given to us. Then we lose those things and later understand how valuable they were. But just like how pride can cause us to miss out on the abundance which is already at hand, fear can cause us to fail to pass through that shroud of unfamiliarity. I feel fear often but I try to not let it affect how I feel about my family and the time honored traditions I’ve known throughout my entire life.

I think perhaps it’s time to be truly stripped of your dwindling faith and gain a vision of a world without grace and a divine hope. Christianity teaches us to have faith in God’s love. But now it’s time to sacrifice that faith so you can see the truth of reality. Oh and believe me… the truth is not pretty. Are you ready to go without the grace of God as an unforgiven? Are you ready to face the world alone without fellowship of other faithful believers? Are you ready to burn in the fires of toil to forge your own unique path without the aid of your Christian family? Are you ready to join The Left Hand Path?


I passed that phase that you are talking about some time ago, I am not attached anymore to christianity or other stupid religion for apes that controls masses of people around the world, blah, blah, blah, or a stupid vampiric egregoric shit entity created over time by the collective imagination of humankind. Idk really what happened, I consider myself that what happened was something like a flashback of my “past life” . In the past(somewhere around 2 years ago or something) I have done some blasphemy rituals to eliberate myself from my opression that christianity gave me in the past, the impact on my mind it was intense, at first it was how you described, feeling damned, it was like a trauma that lasted a little time, but over time that made me feel more powerful, made me feel more confident. I don’t know, maybe what I experienced 2 days ago was caused by that, by a deep part of my mind that feels guilty, feels to be punished, feels like a traitor. Now, in these days I am feeling completely grounded, completely confident about what I do, I am not stuck anymore in a web of lies, in an infinite labyrinth filled with traps which all lead to delusions about the reality around me. Maybe what I experienced was just an example of my weaknesses which need to be destroyed in order to acces the true power, to clear myself in order to become a vessel of true power, as Azazel and Belial told me (they didn’t told me these exact words but they lead me more to other sources of informations to find myself what they really wanted to say, they also led me to other interesting things) . I thought for some hours about all the things you said. So, screw every body, I don’t care about others, inclusive my family, what I do really care is me and my evolution.

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It very well could have been a wandering spirit that wanted to mess with you. Not everything that you’ll come across is going to have your best interest in mind and I have had encounters with shadow figures that seemed to feed on fear. I say that because they would always run at me to scare me and then disappear.

If you’ve done a Banishing you should be fine but something to sheild yourself from beings that aren’t friendly is in order.


Kinda what I do now. Every time I see a cross :church: I can’t help it but to show :fu::fu:and tell Christian God to stay fk away from me. it just happens sometimes without realizing can i be possessed? I was afraid I might turn back to religion but @Jake did tarot reading card for me yesterday and told me that I will practice more magic in the future. I felt relieved :blush::grin:

well, i was raised christian…but when i saw your picture i literraly jumped on my couch of fear!? what the fuck is this frame?
i still have picture of mary and jesus whatever in my house, but why!!!
i watched it again and still the same energy , it’s fucked up sorry! damnit!
my heart is still racing wtf!

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this is not the christian stuff this is the picture , the energy coming out of it, maybe it’s posessed?
and watching sur a picture we feel “safe” a good place to hide for a certain entity or what…

Idk if it was a wandering spirit this time but I can say for sure in the past I encountered wandering spirits or voices or presences in the room that were solidyfing and even once a shadow thing that was glowing with a strange white color in the darkness next to me. But most of the times, after performing LBRP the strange phenomenon was diminishing.

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Yeah, it had an evil vibe, a very weird and scary look that was haunting me, very dark hypnotic eyes and the face was morphing in something monstrous.

yes!!! wtf!!! why did i look :rofl::rofl::rofl:
trust me my heart is still racing i hate you right now

u trolling? :confused:

not at all! i cant’t lie! it really scared the shit out of me
i don’t know what it is and i don’t like it, get rid of that

If I do this, my mother will beat me. :))

well…dunno what to say then

Here is a different perspective. In the Eastern Orthodox Christian view Icons are not merely paintings. While the Icon is painted certain meditations are done to create a “window in to heaven”. So the Icon itself is a portal that is always somewhat open.

I wouldn’t do any magical meditations around the Icons unless you want to get in touch with the Saint/Spirit represented in the Icon. Can you strip it of it’s power? Since you don’t own the Icon and it belongs to your mother then out of respect for your mother I’d leave it alone.

Icons are a portal and they have an ancient powerful type of magik. Although Christians would call it grace not magik.

Also Icons are sometimes used like protective amulets for the home in which they are placed. If there is anyway you an get your own apartment so you can do you own thing that would be the way to go. As long as you’re around Icons any magik you do will be affected by the spirits represented in the Icon trying to protect the home and your magik will get skewed in unpredictable possibly harmful to yourself ways.


No, I can’t get my own apartment, I live with my parents and I’m a kid… Fuck this…


I’m not getting much off this. Nothing that makes me uncomfortable anyway. Does your family venerate these icons? If so it could be an open portal or have some energy attachment.

I agree with @ebdr to some extent. There is somethin funky going on with that icon. There’s a lot of hidden geometry in there. Maybe a gateway?

When black magicians encounter icons